7 of the Best Couple Halloween Costumes This Year

Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Morticia and Gomez Addams. Princes Leia and Han Solo – or even Darth Vader. There are many adult costumes on the market that are perfect for couples who want to make their Halloween as perfectly coordinated as their relationship.

There also are many possibilities for quick and easy last-minute couples Halloween costumes. A tan T-shirt and a purple t-shirt paired to depict peanut butter and jelly. Red and yellow clothing create great ketchup and mustard costumes.

Here are seven others that require a little more time and a bit more money – but not a lot of either.


It’s easy to find medical scrubs these days, which means the only real work is creating the Operation Board on a T-shirt for the other party. Iron-on computer transfers should do the trick. Don’t forget a pair of kitchen tongs to serve as the tweezers used in the real game.

Football Player and Cheerleader

Switch the gender roles on this traditional pairing and go for laughs. Thrift stores are a great place to find cheap for football pads if you don’t have a pair handy. While you’re there, look for a short pleated skirt for his costume, too.


This one is as easy as affixing green or purple balloons to your clothing with tape or stringing them together and wrapping yourselves in the strands. For a twist, scowl throughout the party and call yourselves The Grapes of Wrath.

Lightning Strike

For the bolt, cut a zigzag from poster board. For the victim, create burn holes and singe marks in the clothing, use makeup to create an ashen face and gel the hair into total chaos. A dismantled umbrella is a nice touch, too.


Ladies, they do love you for your brains! And they’ll show it on Halloween night. Dress as either two zombies and hunt together or as a zombie and victim. Gray face paint, tattering clothing and fake blood are all you need. Can’t find fake blood? Mix your own from corn syrup and food coloring.

Homer and Marge

Ping-pong balls, peace sign glasses and an egg-crate mattress pads are among the inexpensive items you’ll need to make Marge and Homer Simpson costumes. Most of the work goes into Marge. Homer is really as simple as yellow face paint and a six pack.

Soap and Loofah

Here’s a couple’s Halloween costume that will make a clean sweep of contests. The soap part requires only a box, paint and lettering. Loofah needs a lot of tulle. Fortunately, tulle is cheap.


Author: Shindigz

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