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6 Fun Ideas for a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

Summertime marks the ideal time for beach-themed parties, including bridal showers. Whether you are hosting an event beachside, or want to bring some of the beach to your event, we have some great ideas for you below!

Set the Stage

Beyond the invitation, which often sets the stage for an event, there are other small gestures that you can take to set the party stage. For an indoor event, consider displaying a personalized banner to greet guests. For an outdoor event, or even to greet guests as they arrive, set out a personalized yard sign.

Make a Statement with Large Scale Decor

One of the best ways to decorate a large space for an event, particularly when on a budget, is through the use of cardboard standees. This stunning living room space was begging for beach décor, so we set-up this amazing sand castle standee in the corner of the room near the fireplace. Standees are not only wonderful décor options, they can often double as a photo backdrop or prop.

Add a Personalized Touch

Bring in personalization to your beach theme in subtle ways to add an element of warmth to your event. When choosing items to personalize, I like to find 2-4 key places to add it into my event. I feel like this strategy is better and more impactful than personalizing everything. For our event, we personalized the welcome sign, wine bottle labels and small mints. But, the sky is the limit when it comes to items that you can personalize; plates, cups, napkins, favor bags, signage, banners, labels and more!

Coconut Votives 3 Ways

These coconut votives are super versatile, so we decided to share three different uses within the same beach bridal shower with you!

First, they are an ideal vessel for small floral arrangements or even these miniature potted orchids. While we used these florals as part of our coffee table centerpiece, they would be amazing as a tablescape grouping, in the powder room to dress up that space for guests, or sitting on the beverage or food buffets.

Second, they are a great holder for smaller items such as these personalized mints. We filled a coconut votive to the brim with mints and set them on our beverage table for guests to enjoy throughout the party. Candy with personalized wrappers would also be a great option for these holders.

And yet, another simple way to use these coconuts is as a simple votive candle. When shopping for beach bridal shower décor, search for affordable, versatile pieces like these coconut votives.

Create a Dedicated Beverage Station

Use existing furniture pieces within your party space when possible for a food and beverage display. This stunning buffet piece made an ideal beverage station. Guests were served both a signature Caribbean punch in coconut glasses, and a variety of wine.

In addition to a signature drink and cocktails (or wine), offer guests non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade or tea, as well as chilled or bottled water. Your beverage station should include not only beverages, but glassware and cocktail napkins and straws.

Thoughtful Party Favors

When it comes to party favors, I am of the opinion that less is more. I am always on the look out for meaningful keepsakes, small edible items such as cookies or a practical item that fits within the overall party theme. For a beach party, one of my favorite party favor ideas is a large seashell with personalization (i.e. vinyl letter or monogram). Place your chosen party favor inside a themed bag, and attach a personalized tag for the perfect take home item.

We hope that our six creative ideas for beach parties and bridal showers have inspired your upcoming event!