6 Creative Summer Party Favors

Summer has officially arrived! The kiddos are home from school and everyone has switched to a relaxed summer schedule. That means there’s plenty of time to throw a summer bash. So, whether you’re hosting a pool party, family day by the lake or a waterpark birthday party, you and your guests are sure to love these six favor ideas for any summer party!

#1 Personalized Sunglasses

If you’re spending the day outside, you’re sure to need some sunglasses to keep the rays off your face. Why not give everyone a personalized pair? Add a cutesy phrase like "The Jones Family, Don’t Be Blinded By Our Love" or "Brittany’s Sweet Sixteen, Blocking Out Haters since 2000." Also pictured: Burlap Table Runner with Ruffles

As you can see, these sunglasses look adorable on just about anyone! Add a handwritten personal message to all of our guests. Our littlest guest, Aiden, certainly found the glasses to be an awesome treat!

#2 Hawaiin Leis

An oldie but a goodie, Island Oasis Leis are an absolute staple at any summer party! We displayed them in a blue ice bucket and let our guests take them as they pleased. Everyone thought it was so fun to get into the theme and dress up in the leis.

#3 Beach Day Fun Kit

A Beach Day Fun Kit is absolutely a necessity for your next party! We filled simple Beach Pail Set with all of our favorite goodies.

Each Pail contained:

Just for appearance, we also added some Metallic Shred to the bottom of the bucket as well.

#4 Quirky Floaties

If you’re having a small party with just family or only a few friends, quirky floaties would be a huge hit! Your friends and family will have a blast just floating around the water in their funny food or animal shaped floaties!

If you’re looking for a smaller option to give to more guests, you can also grab Mini Sizes for your drinks!

#5 Color Changing Tumblers

Color Change Mason Jars are a great favor option too! You can serve your beverages out of them and let guests take them home at the end of the party. Worried about guests mixing them up? You can add personalized stickers to every glass with your friend’s and family’s names on them!

#6 Fla-Vor-Ices

Think back to your childhood…did you love eating Fla-Vor-Ice Bars on warm summer days? Give your kids the same treat! We served our popsicles in a Blue Ice Bucket to keep them cold.

Hosting your own summer bash? Share your ideas with us! We would love to hear them!