5 Minecraft Birthday Game Ideas


The good news: with its blocked shapes and vivid colors, Minecraft birthday decorations in green and black are super easy to pull off. The dangling appendages featured on many of the game characters make square paper plates, crepe paper streamers and paper lanterns are your friends, and these decorating supplies are super cheap.

A Minecraft birthday cake is easy, too, even for bakers with no experience. In fact, you might not even need to decorate at all. The cake in the game is nothing more than white frosting dripping down a vanilla square with a few red pixels on top. It just doesn’t get any easier than that.

The bad news: Though the theme is based on a game, it’s a game that exists only in pixels and there’s not much licensed merchandise out there. But if you use your imagination, you can create wonderful Minecraft birthday games for your party.

You might want to consult the kids, though. Chances are, they know more about Minecraft than you do. You will never live it down if you confuse a Creeper and an Enderman.

Crash the Creeper

Those block shapes do come in handy. Fashion a standing Creeper from florist foam and let kids roll balls at him to knock him down. Or build several for Creeper Bowling. Or put him on a stand and let kids fire suction arrows at him.

Ghastly Dodge Ball

Any white ball will do for the floating, ghastly Ghast. Use a Sharpie to add facial features. The same idea applies for Creeper dodge ball with a green ball or Enderman Dodge ball with a black ball.

Spider Jockey Race

This game is two activities in one: Give the kids broomsticks, streamers and paper bags from which to fashion heads and let them build their spiders. Then let them climb aboard and race. You’ll get Cool Mom points for even knowing about such a rare creature as a Spider Jockey.

Wolves vs Sheep

This variation of classics such as Sharks vs Minnows is great for a pool party. It can adapt to land, too, as an alternative to team tag.

Creeper Toss

This also can be Enderman Toss, Zombie Toss or whatever Minecraft creature is the guest of honor’s favorite. It’s amazingly easy to execute: Simply cut the face from colored poster paper. If you’d like a sturdier game, fashion the target from painted cardboard.