16 Creative Party Food Ideas For Kids Birthdays


When you’re a kid, it’s easy to use your imagination and pretend your fish crackers are actually caught straight from the ocean or that your vanilla cookie is, in fact, an Olympic Gold Medal…that’s why we love what our bloggers have been doing with party foods.

Coming up with party foods that inspire imagination and laughter can seem intimidating, that’s why we’ve assembled some of our favorite ideas from our bloggers to spark your imagination and give you some food for thought as you plan your own party.

Summer Athlete Party Snacks

For her Summer Games Party, Brittany put together this awesome colorful spread! You can shop the whole look here.

Safari Delicacies

Brittany over at Grey Grey Designs proved that Snack Cakes can be classy when she put these ordinary Zebra Cakes onto sticks at her Safari Birthday Party.

Athlete Snacks

Sometimes it’s less about what you’re serving and more about how you serve it. At our Vintage Varsity Grad Party, we served popcorn in Cheerphones and it was a totally fun way to upgrade this classic party food.

Trail Mix Bar

Recently, Julie Verville planned this Happy Campers Birthday Party and proved that trail mix and be totally chic. Tin buckets and Candy Scoops paired perfectly in this snack station in the wilderness!

Snoopy Snacks

In her recent Peanuts Birthday Party, Jenny Dixon turned simple Yellow Rock Candy Sticks into a sweet little ode to our friend Woodstock. Plastic Grass Mats also made a great backdrop for her Snoopy cookies!

Kraft Party Treats

Heather Bauer threw an awesome Kraft Paper Birthday Party for her daughter’s birthday and set out some seriously sweet treats to match the theme.While all of her foods fit the Kraft paper brown color scheme, she added some Chalkboard Labels to all of her drinks, just to make sure every inch of the party was on theme.

Finding Dory Fish Food

Laura had so much fun at her Finding Dory party! We love what she did with the Ocean Friends Personalized Treat Bags. Plus, how cute were her cupcakes when paired with Dory in a Coffee pot?

Pineapple Candy Buffet

Sometimes we just can’t help but be impressed with our party stylists! Brittany made her Aloha Party candy buffet come to life with this pineapple construction, made from Yellow Gumballs and sour straws.

Summer Party "Popsicles"

Julie wanted a popsicle option that wouldn’t melt in the heat at her backyard party, so she found the perfect alternative – watermelon slices! Don’t they look awesome on our Green Floral Sheeting?

Superhero Oreo Cake

For the kid that’s not super cake (pun intended) this Oreo cake, styled by Jenny Dixon in her Superhero Birthday Party. The Superhero Cake Toppers brought the whole look together!

Pineapple Party Pops

Sometimes little details turn ordinary treats into delicacies. That was exactly the case for Laura at her Mother’s Day Brunch. These Yellow Rock Candy Sticks had a totally fresh feel once there were bows added to them. Plus, the "mom-osa bar" was a stroke of genius on Laura’s part!

Glamping Party Treats

Sometimes a clever name turns an ordinary food into an extraordinary meal. Choosing to name marshmallows and pretzels automatically makes the treat more exciting. We just love what Heather did for her entire food table in the Camp Glam Birthday Party. Plus serving food in Tin Buckets gives them an extra fun, rustic feel!

Pizza Birthday Cake

Just because you’re having a pizza themed birthday party, like Brittany, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have a birthday cake. Combine the birthday guy or gal two loves into one sweet treat!

Safari Party Adventure Snacks A Safari Party like Heather’s definitely called for turning snacks into an adventure! We love her creative names for seemingly ordinary snacks.

Woodland Fairy Treats

Heather went above and beyond with her treats at her Fairy Party. With her adorable styling, ordinary chocolate covered pretzels were mossy branches and trail mix became a delicious twig and berry snack for the little fairies. Plus, Preserved Moss Mats made everything come together perfectly.

Paw Patrol Chow

Lastly, Erin made her Paw Patrol Party pop with all of her dog-themed snacks! It just goes to show you don’t have to be a master chef to make great food for a kids birthday.

Now that you’ve gathered inspiration from our pros, get out there and plan your own party menu! Plus, share your ideas on social and help other moms and dads come up with party inspiration.