Swag Bags

Send your guests home with incredible party favors in these swag bags! We have swag bags to match virtually any party theme and you can even create a personalized swag bag.

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Paris Deluxe Swag Bag

$6.59 each
Masked Elegance Swag Bag
17.54% off

Masked Elegance Swag Bag

$3.99 $3.29 each
Catch a Dream Swag Bag 2016
32.62% off

Catch a Dream Swag Bag 2016

$6.99 $4.71 each

Swag Bags

Sometimes you can't settle on just one favor; with swag bags, you don't have to! Get a swag bag that matches your event theme and we'll send you everything you need to delight your guests and make the evening more memorable. Each swag bag comes with a themed gift bag as well as some fun favors that go with the theme.