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Shindigz Product Safety

February 2010

Dear friends,

We wanted to provide you with another update regarding our ongoing product safety efforts. Our continuing work to meet and exceed product safety standards is guided by our “child first” policy. With this in mind we are:

  1. Conducting product safety refresher training sessions for our personnel to ensure our team members are knowledgeable concerning product safety standards and the latest product safety developments. In these sessions we are covering a wide range of safety subjects including product testing and certification requirements, tracking labels, and advertising cautionary statements.
  2. We have reviewed the product safety documentation our suppliers submit when we consider offering new products to you. We are making changes to this documentation so that we have the best product safety information possible when deciding whether to offer this product for sale to you.
  3. We are going back to our suppliers and working with them to ensure that we are up to date on all safety compliance certificate documentation.
  4. We have worked with suppliers to ensure that we are following all tracking label requirements for children’s products. These tracking labels provide information on the products or attached to the products identifying the product seller, location of manufacturer, date of manufacture, product item number, and factory run number.
  5. We continually monitor our cautionary statements to ensure that our web site advertising and catalog advertising is up to date. The cautionary statements provide a warning to parents in regard to children’s products or products we offer that children may use such as balloons and other party products that are small in size. These warnings focus on the possible choking hazards associated with small products and small parts of products, with uninflated latex balloons, and with small balls or products containing small balls. These are warnings also state that these products are not intended for use by children under 3 years, and in the case of uninflated latex balloons are not intended for children under 8 years.
  6. We have gone beyond the required cautionary statements in two product areas. You will see in our web site and catalog advertising that we include cautionary statements where party candles and mylar balloons are offered. In the case of party candles our warning states that to prevent fires keep the candles out of the reach of children and small pets. Our mylar balloon warning alerts you to the fact that these balloons may conduct electricity. Again, the advertising cautionary statements are not required, but in the case of party candles and mylar balloons we feel reminding you of these possible hazards as you consider these products is the right thing to do.

We continue to work to ensure that we meet and exceed the new product safety standards contained in the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. If you have any questions or concerns or if you identify an issue we should be aware, please let us know at 1-800-314-8736 or csr@shindigz.com.

Our thanks for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve you.