Secret Zen Garden Theme Party

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Red Fence Prop

$38.10 EACH

Asian Reeds Vertical Thank You Cards


Secret Zen Garden Personalized Banner

$16.49 $252.99

Asian Reeds Personalized Banner

$16.49 $252.99

Japanese Lantern

$1.72 EACH

Secret Zen Garden Rainbow Swirl Lollipops


Secret Zen Garden Candy Bars

$2.30 each

Asian Reeds Personalized Candy Bars

$2.30 each

Secret Zen Garden White Swirl Lollipops


Asian Reeds Glass Bottle Labels


Asian Reeds Personalized Notepads


Bonsai Tree Standee

$46.19 each

Secret Zen Garden Theme Party

Shop with us for all your secret garden wedding decorations that will create an enchanted, romantic, and beautiful atmosphere.