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Vampire Party Decorations

Create an ambiance the creeps them out the second they enter the room with specialty lighting - candles dripped with blood and twig-bare black trees with LED lights. Just the lighting alone will have you well on your way to an unforgettable vampire party, but you can add a fog machine to wash the floors with an extra dollop of macabre. Mirrors are a must, but you also must douse them with view-obscuring spider web in case Count Dracula’s glance should stray. Or if you want to get rid of him, position wooden stakes and cloves of garlic around the room. Carry the ghoulish look to your tables by draping them in red velvet and topping them with black silk roses or a flaming table torch. It’s a look to die for, even if you don’t add a rotten coffin.


Vampire Party Decoration Ideas

If you’re expecting a crowd of bloodsuckers, go for big backdrops such as a 7 foot by 7 foot corex crypt prop or a 10-foot haunted house. Flame standees are great decorative elements, too, particularly if you’re designing a Twilight them. There are models both for the floor and to position atop columns. Foil curtains in black, red or gold tie the decor together and brighten the room lest the mood become too somber. Complete your decor with balloon bouquets in gold, red and black, with a vampire teeth Mylar model to lighten the mood. Tealights, LED candles or a mini streetlight are fantastically simple centerpieces, particular when positioned in the middle of a gossamer table covering. Drape black and silver bunting along the head or food tables for a finishing touch.