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Patriotic Wearable Favors

Looking Good Any Day

Put on your Patriotic Wearables and light up any Patriotic Theme or 4th of July party. With wearables like these, you can make any parade look good. So shop today and get ready to look fancy at any Memorial Day, Labor Day, or 4th of July parade. Heck, when you look this good, you can just parade down the street any ol' day!

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Patriotic Wearable Ideas

Give your students a patriotic pen necklace for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. Teach your students about our American History and the dedicated service that our countrymen and women provide for us each day. After teaching them about their contributions and selfless service, let your students write a letter to a service-member thanking them for their protection. Collect the letters and give them to local Veterans on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day, or mail them overseas to soliders. And if your school holds a Veteran's Day program for local Veterans, use that time to let your students introduce themselves, listen to stories, and give their letter to a program attendee. After the honorary program, hold a small coffee and cake reception for the Veterans. Shop our patriotic tableware and patriotic centerpieces for magnificent pieces to coordinate your reception.