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Disco Decorations


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Authentic Lights The Key To Your Disco Theme Party

This is no jive talk. If you want to infect your guests with Saturday Night Fever, no matter what day of the week it is, turn to Shindigz for disco theme party decorations that will let them relive the era of thumping base, blasting horns, danceable music and way too much polyester. The key to any great disco theme party is fantastic dance club lighting. A revolving mirror ball is an absolute must, and after your party it will be a great conversation starter in your game room that even your jaded teenager’s friends will love. Nonprofits holding disco theme fund-raisers can auction this piece of decor at the end of the night, no doubt at a profit. Shindigz carries other disco lights, too, including police and strobes.


Set The Stage With Big Disco Theme Party Decorations

For a big event, you’ll need big disco theme decorations throughout the room. You’ll find a selection of disco theme props at Shindigz, everything from a personalized disco arch to silhouettes of dancers getting down while the DJ plays that funky music. If you’re crafty, try your hand at creating glow stick chandeliers to hang around the room. It’s even possible to make your refreshments glow under black light – combine tonic water and jello, then lightly dip a frosted cupcake into it for a mind-blowing treat. Adding tonic water to any drink will make the beverage glow, too. An LED votive under a colored neon cup will bring that special glow to your table, and so will glow-in-the-dark balloons when you dim the lights for a slow dance.