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Football Chocolate Lollipops

Give the Gift of Chocolate to your Football Fan Friends!

Football Milk Chocolate Lollipops make a great treat for your child's football-themed birthday party! Customize the message on the lollipop and give it to all the friends at your party!

Surprising someone with tickets to the Big Game? Make the announcement on one of our football chocolate lollipops! Make sure to have enough to share with everyone who will be going to the game!

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Football Chocolate Lollipops Make a Great Giveaway at Birthday and Tailgating Parties!

Celebrating the end of the football season? Share our football chocolate lollipops with guests at your tailgating party. Last weekend of junior league football? Congratulate the team on a great season with these lollies! You can also use Football Party Zone Milk Chocolate Lollipops as part of your goody bag.

Celebrating a Super Bowl party? Have a vase full of these on your buffet table for your guests to enjoy! There are so many ways to enjoy our football chocolate lollipops!