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Glamorous Prom Décor for an Unforgettable Night

Take your students to any iconic destination around the world. From Hollywood to Paris or Las Vegas and China, there’s at least one destination sure to get them excited. Buying plane tickets for the entire class may be out of the question, but you can easily bring the destination to them. Use reusable, inflatable or hanging decorations or background materials to transform your space into a whole new world. Your students will never think of it the same.

Fun Prom Decoration Ideas

Prom is a glamorous event that students look forward to all year long. Make sure it is extra special by putting care and attention into each corner of the event space. From the beginning, students can enter the party through a shimmering foil curtain for a grand entrance. The anticipation of discovering what lies behind the curtain is just an added benefit! Once they enter, students will be amazed by the impressive transformation from drab to fab. A combination of inflatable props, backdrops, and standees can create a 3-D experience. Try adding lighted trees or a fabric arch to complete the look and give your guests a festive prom environment they’ll remember for years to come.