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Custom Chapstick as Party Favors

People love party favors, for obvious reasons. You don't go to a party, wedding, graduation or other social gathering to receive a gift, but you certainly won't complain if someone hands you something as you go out the door. The party favor is a common way to thank guests for their presence, and Shindigz has a way for you to show your gratitude in a much more personal way. Personalized lip balm is a great party favor because it is compact, practical and still artistic. Put your name, favorite phrase or commemorative statement about the event on the side. This way, guests will have lip balm they can use, but they will also have a reminder of the good time that was had by all. Different colors, styles and flavors are available, so get a favor that truly reflects your taste and personality.


Personalized Chapstick for Your Next Party

Party favors are always appreciated, and they come in all shapes and sizes. It isn't required that you give out party favors, but gifts are a nice way to express thanks to your guests for coming. If you are going to give party favors at your next birthday, anniversary, or Halloween party, why not go with something that is artistic but also practical? Personalized lip balm is a fun gift that is compact and will be memorable because it is the type of party favor that people will get out and use in the future. Shindigz has an extensive inventory of flavors, colors and styles to choose from, which makes this a giveaway that can be truly customized to your party. Lots of people use lip balm, so when you go shopping for party favors, think about this unique gift from Shindigz.