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20% Off Homecoming Supplies
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*20% Off all homecoming and spirit supplies EXCLUDES Mascots and Mascot Accessories. Use promotion code SZHC20 during checkout. Discount does not apply to shipping charges, duty charges and cannot be combined with any other offer or used on previous orders. Offer expires on 9/26/2016 AT 11:59PM EST.

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Bulk Party Supplies


Best Way to Buy Party Supplies in Bulk

If you are going to do things in life, do them the right way. Think big, and don't be afraid of large challenges. How does that translate to the extensive inventory of party products at Shindigz? When it comes to shopping for party supplies, buy in bulk. There are plenty of reasons to buy in bulk, including the simple practicality of getting things all at once. Why place multiple orders or make several trips to the store when you can acquire a large quantity of party supplies in one shot? Buying in bulk is also a necessity if you are planning a large event with a lot of people, such as a wedding reception. Because you can buy in bulk, you should expand the guest list and turn your party into a truly epic event.


Creative Ways to Use Bulk Party Products

When you plan a party, you don't want to run out of anything. That includes food, drinks, party favors, propane for the grill and tableware. Thanks to the convenience of Shindigz, you can order bulk party supplies so that you never have to worry about the embarrassment of being short on party products. Could you end up ordering too much? Perhaps, but look at it this way. Aren't you going to have a party in the future? Isn't it possible that something will spontaneously come up in your house and require some party supplies? Might you need to quickly help a friend decorate for an impromptu event such as a last-minute retirement party? The bottom line is that it is always good to have extra party supplies around the house. Therefore, buy in bulk and purchase a little piece of mind.