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Cinco de Mayo Balloons

Fun Cinco de Mayo Balloons for the Ultimate Fiesta

Elevate your fiesta to new heights with amusing Cinco de Mayo balloons. No matter the reason for your celebration, a few balloons will certainly boost the atmosphere. The fun shapes will bob up and down and sway in the wind like they are doing the cha-cha! Tie a few balloons down in areas throughout your party or as markers of important stations. Use the chili pepper balloon to show guests where the salsa bar is and the beer mug balloon to direct them to the cold cervezas.

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Our Top Picks: Cactus, Chili Pepper and Sombrero Balloon

You can’t go wrong with a few colorful balloons added to the mix of your party decorations. Whether you are hosting a small gathering or a mucho grande fiesta, a few balloons scattered throughout the venue will add a nice touch. Fill your favorite shapes with helium and watch them soar above the crowd. The shining and shimmering balloons will be as bright as the Mexican sun. Mix up all of the shapes and sizes for a festive look at your fiesta, and don’t forget to take a good whack at the piñata.