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Tag Archives: Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance and lovers. Spread the love with a Valentine’s Day celebration in your classroom. Give the students Valentine invitations that let them know you’re going to devote an entire day to Valentine’s themed activities. Begin by decorating your room with Valentine’s Day decorations and hanging a personalized Valentine’s Day banner […]

Invitations for a Fun Valentine’s Day Kids Party

If you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for your kid’s friends, or inviting several families over, or would just love to celebrate in a special way with your own kids, we have just the right ideas and products to make the celebration sweet and adorable! The excitement begins long before the event when you […]

Decorations for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

Because children love candy and they all agree that “sweeter is better,” we have a whole product line that is sure to have their mouths watering and their spirits flying high! The traditional candy conversation hearts are always a favorite, and we have the following suggestions to make sure your children have a blast during […]

Crafts and Activities for a Fab Valentine’s Day Party

Kids absolutely love games and crafts that relate to love, hearts, and candy! Here are a few ideas that could be done either in a classroom setting or at home with your own kids! Remember, half of the fun is the time spent together during this celebration of love! St. Valentine Says This game is […]

Favors for a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

Half of the fun of a party for kids is the anticipation of what kind of treats they will get to take home! Make them smile by presenting them with one of the following: Really wow all of your little sweethearts with a Valentine’s Day favor pack. Create a favor pack by filling a heart-shaped […]

Snacks for a Valentine’s Day Heart Party

The key to a successful menu for a Valentine heart party is to be sure that everything you serve is very kid-friendly! Usually this means that food should stay on the simple side, nothing too gourmet! It is always fun, however, to add a bit of festive spirit into the food that you serve and […]