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Tag Archives: Star Party

Trek to the Stars for Graduation

The beauty of a stars theme for a graduation party is that there are so many directions you can take it. Trekkers, divas, science majors, and recruits headed for basic training are just a few of the young people’s current or upcoming roles for which a stars party might very well constitute a cosmic fit. […]

Dazzle Guests with Star Invitations

A star theme party can either be an elegant affair or a low-key get-together and works well for any season, so you can customize your star party pretty much anyway you want. The first step for hosting your star theme party is setting a budget and a guest list. Be sure to send out your […]

Create Intergalactic Glamour with Star Decorations

You have plenty of space for creativity when you decorate for a star themed party. You can create a stellar look in tons of different ways using different materials to suit the mood and scale of your event. Here are some of our favorite star decorating ideas. Let us know what you come up with! […]

Stellar Activities for your Star Theme Party

There are plenty of possibilities for activities at your star themed party! Here are some ideas we have for star activities. Let us know what ideas you come up with! Get together a demonstration at a local planetarium. Some offer light shows or special star shows. If this is not an option, go outside (on […]

Spectacular Star Themed Favors

Party favors are great ways to thank guests for coming to your star themed party. There are tons of personalized star themed favors for you to choose from to give your party an extra special touch your guests will love. Frosted Glassware makes a beautiful tabletop item. Serve beverages to your guests in the frosted […]

Celestial Snacks for a Star Themed Party

For finger food create star-shaped sandwiches and other snacks with a star shaped cookie cutter. First, cut bread with the cookie cutter, and then add the toppings such as cucumber and brie sandwiches (or another combination). As a fun side dish, try chicken and stars soup, dressed up with fancy garnishes. For an elegant and […]