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Tag Archives: Fall Party

4th Quarter Business Party Ideas

If you are scheduling a business party in the coming months, follow a process that quickly narrows your focus to facilitate planning. First, establish the overall goal and budget. Is this a celebration of success, an opportunity to entertain clients, or essentially a team-building exercise? Once you’ve spelled out the main objectives of the event […]

Add Fun to Fall Functions with Photo Props & Stand-Ins

From the first of the harvest festivals to Oktoberfest and beyond, you can add both to décor and to event activities with a fun fall Photo Stand In from ShindigZ Party. Here’s the scoop on our photo stand-ins. Colorful and theme-perfect, they have cutouts for attendees to place their faces for hilarious photo keepsakes. Some […]

Host a Haunted House Party

Old scary movies are full of haunted houses and even haunted house parties (see House on Haunted Hill). Create your own haunted house party this Halloween! With these Halloween decorations and some creativity, you’ll have your guests screaming with the fun! Haunted houses are also great fundraisers. Charge a small admission price to cover costs […]

Decorate Patriotic Tables for Election Events and Banquets

If you’re having an debate watch party, election results party, candidate support dinner or any other political event this election season, you’ll need a festive table to bring all your decorations together and create an area for guests to eat and talk the issues. Here’s our tips for creating a fantastic patriotic party table! Start […]

Festive Activities for a Fall Harvest Party

Rake up all those leaves that have fallen in your front yard and play Leaf Pile Hunt. Hide lots of wrapped candy in the leaf pile and let the kids hunt in the pile for the surprises. Try your hand at bowling on grass; use a pumpkin as a ball and 2-liter pop containers as […]

Ein Prosit! Oktoberfest Invitations

Oktoberfest is a popular German tradition that has become an increasingly more popular fall party theme all over the world. The real Oktoberfest is held each year in the beginning of October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It lasts for two weeks and hosts around six million people each year. You can host your own Oktoberfest […]

Oktoberfest Decorations for a Festive Fall Festival

Oktoberfest is known for its festive tents and atmosphere. When you create your own Oktoberfest party, you’ll want to have plenty of decorations to set the scene. Create vibrant backdrops with gossamer swags and curtains in fall colors or the traditional blue and white. Add some Oktoberfest spirit all over with our cutouts. Place Oktoberfest […]

Get in the German Spirit with Oktoberfest Activities

You don’t have to have many activities at your Oktoberfest party. Enjoying the festive German food and good beer is enough, but if you want to have some entertainment check out our ideas. Dress up in traditional Oktoberfest clothing. Men wear lederhosen–short leather pants with suspenders. Women wear dirndls with elaborate embroidery and a white […]

Wonderbar! Oktoberfest Party Favors

The traditional Oktoberfest favor is a stein printed with the Oktoberfest logo for that year. You can create your own version of this favor with personalized Oktoberfest steins. Choose from an assortment of styles—frosted, glass, ceramic—and add your own wording and logo. It’s a favor your guests will love. You might also be interested in […]

Traditional Food for Oktoberfest Celebrations

Be sure to tell the cook “That really Schmecks!” (pronounced phonetically). In other words, that tastes great! Oktoberfest is a great time to indulge in some traditional foods. The best of Oktoberfest includes: • Sausage • Hendl (chicken) • Käsespätzle (cheese noodles) • Sauerkraut • Apfelstrudel • Schnitzel with noodles • Soups • Beef, pork […]