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Party Calendar

Reasons to Celebrate

 Add these holiday, seasonal, and special event dates to your party calendar. It’s time to liven up life with reasons to celebrate!  Gather the

and banners you’ll need to make each party memorable!


National Hobby Month
National Soup Month
1- New Year’s Day
3- Festival of Sleep Day
3- Tolkein / Lord of the Rings Day
7- Old Rock Day (perfect for a 50s theme party)
8- Women’s Day
14- National Dress Up your Pet Day
16- Hot and Spicy Food International Day
16- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
17- Customer Service Day
18- Winnie the Pooh Day
20- Islamic New Year
22- Celebration of Life Day
23-Chinese New Year
25- Opposite Day
26- Australia Day
27- Thomas Crapper Day
28- Bald Eagle Day
31- National Popcorn Day
31- Inspire your Heart with Art Day
Black History Month
2- Groundhog Day
2- Wear Red Day
3- Elmo’s Birthday
5- Zee Cine Awards
7- Women (Girls) in Sports Day
11- World Marriage Day
12- The Grammys
12- Lincoln’s Birthday
12- Man Day
14- Valentine’s Day
16- Do a Grouch a Favor Day
17- Random Acts of Kindness Day
20- President’s Day
21- Mardi Gras
22- Washington’s Birthday
22- Ash Wednesday
24- National Tortilla Chip Day
26- The Oscars (Academy Awards 2012)
27- International Polar Bear Day
28- National Tooth Fairy’s Day
29- Leap Day
Women’s History Month
National Craft Month
1- World Book Day
2- World Day of Prayer
2- Dr. Suess’s Birthday
6- Dentist’s Day
8- International Working Women’s Day
9- Barbie’s Birthday
11- Johnny Appleseed Day
12- First Library Opened
13- Good Samaritan Day
14- National Potato Chip Day
14- Pi Day
15- Ides of March (Great day for a Toga Party!)
17- St. Patrick’s Day
20- Proposal Day
20- Big Bird’s Birthday
21- Children’s Poetry Day
21- World Down Syndrome Day
21- First Day of Spring
22- National Goof-off Day
22- World Day for Water
24- Yo-Yo Day
25- Greek and American Democracy Day
26- Make up Your Own Holiday Day
27- Diabetes Association Awareness Day
30- Doctors’ Day
31- Eiffel Tower Opened (1889) (Host an Eiffel Tower Party!)
1- April Fool’s Day
1- Palm Sunday
1- U.S. Air Force Day
1- School Principal’s Day
1- Mother Goose Day
1- Academy of Country Music Awards
4- Professional Appreciation Day
5- National Fun at Work Day
6- Good Friday
7- Passover
8- Easter
10- Golfer’s Day
10- Siblings Day
11- Eight-track Tape Day (Host a Retro Party!)
12- Look Up at the Sky Day
15- Husband Appreciation Day
19- High Five Day
10- Oklahoma City Bombing Remembrance Day
22- National Jelly Bean Day
22- Earth Day
23- National Picnic Day
25- Administrative Professional’s Day
25- Red Hat Society Day
26- Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day
27- Arbor Day
27- Tell a Story Day
28- Costume Day
29- National Dance Day
30- National Honesty Day
30- Hairstylists Appreciation Day
Kentucky Derby*
Indianapolis 500*
1- May Day
1- Stepmother’s Day
1- Lei Day (Great for a Luau Party)
3- National Day of Prayer
3- National Anxiety Disorder Screening Day
3- World Press Freedom Day
5- Cinco de Mayo
5- Pilates Day
5- Kentucky Derby
6- Nurses’ Day
7- Unity in Diversity Day
7- Melanoma Monday (Awareness Day)
8- World Red Cross Day
9- National School Nurse Day
9- Lost Sock Memorial Day
11- Child Care Provider Day
12- Native American Rights Day
13- Mother’s Day
13- Leprechaun Day
14- Receptionist’s Day
16- Wear Purple for Peace Day
16-27 Cannes Film Festival
18- National Pizza Party Day
19- Armed Forces Day
19- Preakness Stakes
21- National Waitress/Waitor Day
21- Victoria Day (Canada)
24- Brother’s Day
24- Tiara Day
28- National Hamburger Day
28- Memorial Day
29- International Jazz Music Day
31- World No Tobacco Day
3- Cheer Coach Day
3- Cancer Survivors Day
3- MTV Movie Awards
5- National Family Day
5- Hunger Awareness Day
5- World Environment Day
6- Teacher’s Day
6- D-Day
8- Banana Split Day
10- Tony Awards
11- Abused Women and Children Awareness Day
14- Flag Day
14- Family History Day
15- Dollars Against Diabetes Day
17- Father’s Day
21- Baby Boomers Recognition Day
23- National Pink Day
23- Great American Backyard Campout Day
23- Public Service Day
24- Celebration of the Senses
26- International Day against Drug Abuse and Trafficking
National Barbeque Month
Tour de France Month
1- Zoo Day
1- Canada Day
4- Independence Day
5- Workaholics’ Day
7- Cherry Pit Spitting Day
8- Birthday of the Ice Cream Sundae
11- World Population Day
12- Hot Dog Day
14- Be a Geek Day
18- National Ice Cream Day
20- Robin Hood Day
23- Gorgeous Grandmas Day
26- Anniversary of the FBI
28- National Cowboy Day
28- System Administrator Appreciation Day
31- National Parent’s Day
Little League World Series
1- Friendship Day
1- Girlfriend’s Day
3- Watermelon Day
4- Twins Day Festival
5- Sister’s Day
8- Family Day
10- Lazy Day
10- Kool Aid Day
10- S’mores Day
11- National Garage Sale Day
11- Presidential Joke Day
12- Middle Child’s Day
12- Vinyl Records Day
12- Elvis Presley Day
13- International Lefthanders Day
14- VJ Day
15- Best Friends Day
22- Be an Angel Day
26- Women’s Suffrage Day
29- According to Hoyle Game Day
Hispanic Heritage Month
Southern Gospel Music Month
3- Labor Day
3- Bath Tub Race Day
6- Fight Procrastination Day
9- Grandparent’s Day
9- MTV Video Music Awards
10- Eid al Fitr (end of Ramadan)
11- Patriot Day
11- No News is Good News Day
15- Wife Appreciation Day
15- America’s Day for Kids
16- National Student Day
16- Trail of Tears Commemoration Day
19- National Talk Like a Pirate Day (Host a Pirate Party!)
19- Wool Day (Great for a knitter’s circle party!)
21- POW/MIA Remembrance Day
21- World Gratitude Day
23- Checkers Day
25- World Maritime Day
25- National One-Hit Wonder Day
26- Yom Kippur
26- Good Neighbor Day
26- National Pancake Day
28- Love Note Day
National Chili Month
National Roller Skating Month
1- World Vegetarian Day
2- Ghandi’s Birthday
4- National Golf Day
4- National Taco Day
6- German-American Day (Oktoberfest!)
6- Mad Hatter Day
8- Columbus Day Observed
8- Native Americans’ Day
8- Great Chicago Fire Day
11- It’s My Party Day
13- Take your Teddy Bear to Work Day
14- National Dessert Day
16- National Boss’s Day
16- Sweetest Day
21- Sunday School Appreciation Day
22- United Nations Day
23- National Nut Day
29- Bring your Jack-o-Lantern to Work Day
30- National Candy Corn Day
31- Halloween
31- National Magic Day
Aviation History Month
1- All Saint’s Day
3- National Housewife’s Day
3- National Sandwich Day
5- National Doughnut Day
6- Election Day (Try our patriotic party supplies)
9- Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Day
10- Sesame Street Anniversary
11- Veteran’s Day
12- National Pizza with the Works Day (Host a Pizza Party!)
14- OR Nurse Day
16- International Day for Tolerance
16- Eid al Adha (Feast of sacrifice)
17- Homemade Bread Day
19- Square Dance Day (Great for a Western Themed Party!)
20- Absurdity Day
22- Thanksgiving
30- Mark Twain’s Birthday
1- World AIDS Day
2- Special Education Day
4- National Dice Day
6- St. Nicholas Day
7- Pearl Harbor Day
9-Hanukkah Begins
9- National Pastry Day
12- Gingerbread House Day
15- National Firefighter’s Day
16- Boston Tea Party
16- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
18- Anniversary of the 13th Amendment Abolishing Slavery
22- World Peace Day
24- Christmas Eve
25- Christmas
26- Kwanzaa Begins
28- Card Playing Day
31- New Year’s Eve

Anytime Reasons to Celebrate!

Bridal Shower
Baby Shower


  • Ella
    Posted March 6, 2008 at 7:44 PM | Permalink

    I’m having a 40th b-day celebration this October and my theme is Diamonds/Pearls, can you create something that will accomodate that?

    • toccara
      Posted June 10, 2010 at 2:01 PM | Permalink

      yes i have the greasted ideal but am an event planner so if you need any help i will give you some ideals thru email just past on my work to others in return thanks.

  • Posted March 24, 2008 at 4:05 PM | Permalink

    Thanks so much for your post and your interest in ShindigZ. Diamonds and pearls, what a fun theme! Diamond ring Mylar balloons would make a great start for centerpieces – Choose a pastel shade of your favorite color for the tableware and an accessories so the white pearls and diamonds stand out more – . Have a great birthday celebration! We look forward to helping you bring it all together. Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-314-8736 or

    All the best, Jodie Batterton, Customer Service Manager

  • Posted September 17, 2010 at 12:41 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for your observations. We have updated our calendar accordingly.

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