Betty White Gets WAXED

The Party News Update from Shindigz:

Today Betty White is moving to Washington D.C. Actually the wax version of Betty. Actress and animal lover Betty White will join the collection of wax figures at the Madame Tussauds Museum in Washington D.C.  The museum is well known and has featured many other notable celebrities over the years, in addition to the many U.S. presidents.

More Karadashian related news as Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner have separated. The couple of more than two decades say they will always have respect for each other even though they’ve separated and family will remain their top priority.

Congratulations are in order for Tammin Sursok and Seth McEwan. The Pretty Little Liars actress and her actor husband welcomed a daughter yesterday. Phoenix Emmanuel was born weighing in at 9 pounds, 12 ounces. This is the first child for the pair.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians – CANCELLED ?

The Party News Blast for Tuesday:


If you enjoy keeping up with the Kardashians, your hobby may be a bit more difficult soon. E! is reportedly considering canceling the once-hot reality series, Keeping up with the Kardashians. The show’s ratings have dipped to an all-time low although producers remind fans if it were to be canceled the Kardashian family can be followed everywhere through social media.


Two-time mirror ball champ Julianne Hough made her return as guest judge on Dancing with the Stars. And she had a hand in sending fan favorite actress Valerie Harper  home. 74-year-old, Harper delivered a message of hope by savoring life after she was diagnosed with brain cancer and given three months to live earlier this year.


Actress Halle Berry and hubby Olivier Martinez have decided on a name for their newborn baby son. The couple, who married in France in July, have named him Maceo Robert Martinez, giving a nod to Olivier’s Spanish roots. Maceo is a popular medieval Spanish name which means Gift of God.

Bieber’s Heartbreaker & Berry’s Baby


The Party News Blast for Monday:

Good news to pass along from actress Halle Berry and husband, Olivier Martinez. The couple welcomed their first son over the weekend.  Although few details are being released, we do know she had a boy and this is the couple’s first child together. We told you they were married just a few months ago in France.  Berry has a five year old daughter from a different relationship.


Is there another royal wedding in the future? 29-year-old Prince Harry is reportedly ready to follow his brother’s recent footsteps, and is going to marry Cressida Bonas. Harry was introduced to the British socialite in May 2012 by his cousin, and is said to be smitten. Friends of Prince Harry say “he never stops talking about marriage and children, and Cressida is starting to get used to the idea.” They believe the wedding is likely to take place next year.


Justin Beiber has been teasing new music for a while, and he finally released his latest track, “Hearbreaker.” He has started a Music Monday promotion in which he will release a new song every week for 10 weeks.

Man Plans Wedding Based on Girlfriend’s Pinterest Board


Weekend Party News Blast:

We know what Rob Lowe’s next move will be. Tennis! Lowe is leaving  the hit NBC series “Parks and Recreation” this season. But he won’t be off the tube long. Rob Lowe will be playing a former tennis champion in a show called “The Pro”.


So what is the status of Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to Lamar Odom?  It’s hard to tell however Kardashian just finished a huge photo shoot wearing her huge wedding ring.

And on the Karashian’s reality show, all eyes are on her left hand that still displays her $850,000, 12.5-carat wedding ring.


We love Pinterest and weddings at Shindigz and we found this great story involving.  It involves a 25-year-old Dallas woman who used Pinterest to pin elements she wanted to include in her dream wedding. She pinned everything, including the shade of lipstick to wear, her thank you notes, flowers and her dress.  But she wasn’t even engaged.  She did have a boyfriend, and she pinned a ring too. One weekend her boyfriend had a surprise for her, instead of celebrating an anniversary, he proposed! To celebrate they went to a hotel where he surprised her with all of the elements of her dream wedding she’d been secretly planning and organizing for years, based largely on her Pinterest pins.


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Let’s Throw an Awesome Shark Party!

Shindigz has made it so easy to create an awesome personalized party and Wendy and Mary demonstrate exactly how you can use the camera on your phone to include pictures as they introduce our Shark Splash Birthday Party!


That was amazing! Now let’s take a look at some of the cool Shark Splash Party items they mentioned.

With any party, you start by sending out personalized photo invitations and to you can include a sharks tooth from Shindigz too!

Create a giant personalized photo birthday card that all the guests can sign and be sure to add a photo from your phone to a personalized banner, like the vertical Shark Party banner that was featured in the video.

You can also set the scene with a personalized archway and background that you create online with Shindigz.

The lifelike inflatable shark is sure to be a hit for years to come!

Here’s a few links to the table decor including the blue netting and Shark Splash tableware.


For a fun DIY project, you can order personalized Shark themed bottle labels and add a color coordinated straw to each drink.


How about those Shark hats and plush shark toys?  Shindigz has big ones and smaller plush sharks too.

The Shark Pinata will be a hit, (pun intended), along with the Shark Bite toy and other Shark Splash favors.


Shindigz cupcake stands and personalized cupcake wrappers and toppers (picks) are always popular at every party.



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YouTube Launches a New Music Awards Show


The Party News Blast for October 1st:

YouTube is launching its own music awards and Lady Gaga will perform at the first-time event. The YouTube Music Awards will be on November 3rd. The awards will be presented at Pier 36 in New York City and will stream live online. Nominees will be announced October 17th.

In round 2 of Dancing with the Stars it was a  fan favorite, Bill Nye the Science Guy sent home.

Several celebrities celebrating birthdays:

Julie Andrews is 78, Zach Galifianakis is 44 and Former President Jimmy Carter is 89.

How to Decorate A Cupcake Theme Birthday Party


First, let’s watch Shindigz Party Planning Pro Wendy and Mary as they show us how easy it is to transform your kitchen into a Cupcakery!

There were a lot of sweet ideas in that quick video!

Start with a Cupcakery that you’ve personalized at Shindigz website.

Cupcakery Bakery Prop
Cupcakery Bakery Prop

Add a cupcake backdrop and a couple giant cupcake standees to complete the transformation.

Of course you need to send out the personalized cupcake invitations and how about adding a sweet personalized lollipop to each one!

Be sure to include a personalized cupcake banner to welcome your little bakers to the Cupcake party.

As your young Cupcake party guests arrive, have them decorate their own cupcakes and be sure to include a bakers hat and adorn it with a pink tiara!

Cupcake themed personalized water bottles!
Cupcake themed personalized water bottles!

A few more ideas that Wendy and Mary mentioned include the Personalized Cupcake Themed Water Bottles, that you can decorate with these straws and ribbon from Shindigz.    Cupcake wrappers can also be personalized to match your theme and the cupcake stands are awesome way to display and serve your sweet treats.

Personalized Cupcake wrappers and Cupcake stand from Shindigz
Personalized Cupcake wrappers and Cupcake stand from Shindigz

We’ve created a Cupcake Party Store filled with nearly everything mentioned here and in the video.  Be sure to bookmark it, save it in your favorites, add to your Pinterest party board or simply start shopping today with Shindigz!


Another DWTS Celebrity OUT?

Wednesday’s Shindiz Party News Blast:


If you’re a Michael J. Fox fan, you’ll be thrilled to learn he’s returning to TV on a regular basis this week. Fox, doesn’t want to call it an official comeback because he says he never really went anywhere.  Fox was diagnosed when had early symptoms in 1991.  He has starred in “Family Ties” and three “Back to the Future” movies. He worked another 10 years on “SpinCity” in 2000. The new “The Michael J. Fox Show” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC.


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is also the injured guy. “Dancing With the Stars” producers say the 57-year-old is receiving medical attention after getting hurt during his most recent performance. He has a partially torn ligament.  We’ll have to see if he’s fit to dance next week.


And I bet you’ve never given any thought about what you wear when you take a trip to the zoo, unless it’s to dress with comfortable walking shoes, right?

But now you may want to add, no animal prints to that list.  One safari park in England has banned all animal prints.  Even animal print bouncers have been hired to enforce the new dress code. Why you ask?  Apparently zookeepers have noticed that the animals were becoming puzzled when they saw guests who were dressed in animal-print fabric.

If someone wears the same pattern to the animal’s coat, they can become over friendly, afraid or aggressive.

Secrets of Powerball Winner Revealed

Shindigz Tuesday Party News Blast:

This was definitely a good year for the Emmy Awards television ratings. Viewership was up an estimated 30 percent over last year. Experts say football helped. About 16 million people watched the Emmy Awrds. Sunday Night Football usually attracts over 18 million but last weekend only 6 million were watching the game

An update on the Powerball Million Dollar Lottery winner out of South Carolina. He’s choosing to stay anonymous after winning 399 million dollars. But we do know a bit more about him. It was only the second time he’d ever played the lottery. He went into a gas station to buy buns for his wife and they didn’t have nay so he bought several Powerball tickets instead.

And here’s a great story out of Atlanta. When Willie and Carol Fowler’s only daughter cancelled her wedding 40 days before she was set to walk down the aisle, her parents were faced with a venue, food and entertainment that had all been paid for. But instead of cancelling everything and losing their deposits, they decided to change the guest list to 200 homeless people. The event was titled ‘The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love,’ and the family says it plans on hosting another charity dinner next year.