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Awesome Baby Shower Ideas Everyone Will Love

Take the baby shower to the next level with three awesome baby shower ideas for themes that capture the imagination and are sure to thrill the expecting mom and her guests.
Hungry Caterpillar
More than 30 years ago, author Eric Carle released his children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar about the charming little caterpillar who eats his way through a variety of foods before venturing into his cocoon and waking up as a beautiful butterfly. The book’s artwork is distinctive and unforgettable, making it the ideal inspiration for a baby shower theme.
Start with a cute caterpillar hanging decoration created from paper ball lanterns. You’ll need three yellow, two lime green and one red for the head. Alternate the yellow and green for the body and add a face to resemble Carle’s original caterpillar using cutouts from craft paper. These colors then become your palette for the rest of the shower décor and tableware color scheme.
For the food table, be sure to include several of the goodies the hungry caterpillar ate. Create a fruit salad with strawberries, plum pieces, mandarin orange slices and watermelon. If serving pinwheels or mini sandwiches, be sure to create one version with salami and Swiss cheese and offer a small dish of pickles. On the sweets table include a display of colorful lollipops, mini cherry tarts (to represent the cherry pie), cupcakes and a chocolate cake to complete the theme.

‘B’ is for Baby
Go over-the-top with a boy’s baby shower and the theme “B is for Baby” (as well as “boy” and “blue”). A blue block centerpiece that spells “baby” is a good place to start with this theme. Use at least two different shades of blue, a lighter and darker hue, to create an attractive look and accent the blues with white, cream or even silver. Blue twisting danglers or blue poms make pretty hanging decorations, while table décor can include decorative jars filled with blue candies, blue floral blooms and tea lights floating in blue tinted water.

For the food table, keep the theme going by serving menu items that start with the letter “b” such as:

  • Broccoli salad
  • Bite-size chicken salad puffs
  • Balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts
  • Bite-size bacon quiches
  • Biscotti
  • Berry fruit cup (include blueberries)
  • Brownie bites

Cirque du Bebe
Create a completely amazing and awesome baby shower for someone special with a “Cirque du Bebe” theme. Hostess With the Mostess features a two-part blog post that is filled with hundreds of ideas for you to recreate your version of this theme that is sure to wow the mommy-to-be and her guests.
To create a DIY “Cirque du Bebe” theme, choose your color scheme: orange with hot pink, orange with Bermuda blue or orange with Bermuda blue and mimosa yellow. Add patterns such as zebra stripes or giraffe or cheetah prints for an exotic cirque/circus aspect.
When deciding which baby shower theme to go with, remember that the most awesome baby shower ideas are the ones that reflect the expecting mom’s personality and give her a special party she’ll treasure forever.

3 Tasty and Affordable Baby Shower Food Ideas on a Budget

A party isn’t a party without some great food or treats. When planning a baby shower, the meal and dessert can be a huge expense, especially if the guest list is long. If you’re watching your costs, check out these three inexpensive but delicious budget baby shower food ideas that are sure to please every guest as well as the mom-to-be.


Quiche, a versatile and savory dish, has been the star of many baby shower buffet tables. Caterers and restaurants serve it, and any home cook can make quiche and stick to a budget. A basic quiche is simply a custard made from eggs and milk and then poured into a pie crust. Because eggs and milk are a fantastic blank canvas, you can create a variety of flavor combinations that include cheddar, tomato and bacon, mushroom and asparagus, or even a rainbow quiche filled with colorful, nutritious vegetables.

Budget-friendly quiche requires only a few ingredients and a bottom-layer crust. If you’re a master of the homemade pastry crust, make your own or save time by purchasing refrigerated crusts. Tubes of crescent roll dough can be rolled flat and used as crust for quiche as well.
Bake the quiche(s) the day before and warm before serving. Instead of eight larger slices, cut each quiche into 16 slim slices and serve on a beautiful crystal cut tray for a gorgeous presentation.

Strawberry angel cake kabobs

It’s nice to offer an alternative to the decorated baby shower cake. A simple dessert kabob is easy to make, budget-friendly and tastes amazing when it features fresh strawberries and chunks of angel food. Simply slice strawberries lengthwise in half and alternate on a bamboo skewer with 1.5- to 2-inch pieces of the cake. Serve with individual cups of chocolate and/or vanilla dipping sauce.

Petite hummus sandwiches

Recipes that offer versatility also allow for more budget-conscious ingredient selection. You can serve spectacular food at a baby shower and not bust the budget. Petite, crustless sandwiches look elegant when arranged on a silver tray covered with a pretty white paper doily.

Create the petite sandwiches by removing the crusts from slices of bread and cutting each piece into halves, lengthwise. Spread a thin layer of roasted red pepper hummus on each bread piece and top with fresh spinach leaves and thinly sliced cucumber. Place the piece of bread (already spread with hummus) on top of the cucumber to create a petite sandwich bursting with fresh flavor.
Baby shower food ideas on a budget can be as simple as a stunning vegetable platter display. The bright, colorful vegetables are healthy, delicious and look fabulous on any food table. To save money, skip pre-made trays from the grocery store and make your own by buying bulk veggies and arranging them on pretty serving trays.

5 Fun Couples Baby Shower Ideas

Modern baby showers are not just for the ladies. A couple’s baby shower includes the dad-to-be and other male guests to create a fun-filled, pre-baby party event. When coordinating this fun twist on the traditional baby shower, consider these five themes that go beyond the ordinary pink and blue decor.


Backyard barbecue

When hosting a co-ed baby shower, step outside the box and have a relaxing, backyard barbecue instead of a formal event at a restaurant. Grill favorite meats, as well as veggie kabobs, and offer an array of cold salads, fresh fruit, chips and dips. Cover the food table with a red gingham plastic table cover and use it as the inspiration for other decorations such as red and white balloons, natural burlap ribbons and a personalized banner that reads “David and Carrie’s Backyard Baby Shower.”
Famous couples costume party

A themed co-ed baby shower can be a lot of fun, especially when it’s a costume party. Invite guests to come dressed as famous couples from movies, literature, pop culture and history. The possibilities are endless and include fun duos such as Han and Leia, Homer and Marge or even Dwight and Angela from “The Office.” Be sure to specify on the invitations that it’s a costume party baby shower so everyone gets in on the fun. Include a traditional baby shower game but with a couples twist. Have the expecting mom and dad hug belly to belly and ask guests try and guess their combined girth.
Game night

A game night with friends is a great way to relax and have a few laughs. When hosting a co-ed baby shower, make it a Game Night theme and enjoy an evening of friends, games and fun. Depending on how many couples are invited, set up game stations with different board games at each, or plan to play team games like Loaded Questions, Say Anything, Balderdash and Battle of the Sexes. Keep the décor board-game themed with awesome cardboard game signs and a Just Visiting/Jail Monopoly board standee that can be used as a unique photo prop.


For the expecting couple with outgoing friends, plan a co-ed baby shower with a karaoke theme. Focus the décor around a musical theme with music note balloons, hanging decorations and even a piano keyboard table runner. Plan to play a few rounds of “Name that Song,” spotlighting titles that feature the word “baby.”
Casually co-ed

You don’t need a specific theme for a baby shower. For a couples baby shower, go with “casually co-ed” and plan a get-together for the expecting parents and several of their male and female friends. Decorations can still have a baby theme, but opt for something beyond pastel pinks and blues. Consider a fun baby animal print theme in giraffe or zebra accented by yellow, green or even red. Instead of quiche on the buffet table, offer hearty sandwiches, cold salads and pastas, plus a variety of chips and finger foods.

Great Co-ed Baby Shower Ideas Everyone Will Enjoy

Baby showers have evolved and no longer are they for women only. Celebrate both expecting parents with a fun co-ed baby shower, inviting both the ladies and the gents to this special event. Check out four great co-ed baby shower ideas sure to delight the mommy- and daddy-to-be and their guests.

Food on a stick

There’s a reason so many great carnival treats are served on a stick — it’s simply a fun way to eat food. The food table at any baby shower is always an important element of the party. When hosting a co-ed baby shower the food table becomes even more important because the men typically gravitate toward the snacks. Feature a few different food-on-a-stick options, including candied bacon, fruit kabobs and mini meatball subs. Cookies & Cups has an easy recipe for meatball subs on a stick that can be served with fresh marinara dipping sauce.
Diaper games

Guests at a co-ed baby shower may feel most comfortable mingling and snacking on delicious treats. However, it can be fun to add a game or two to the festivities. Keep things simple and opt for the Diaper Game Kit. It includes three different baby shower games that can be played by an unlimited number of guests. This kit comes with everything you need for games that will leave everyone laughing and having a great time. With a co-ed baby shower, it’s best to avoid any female-focused games or crafts that may make the men feel left out.
Signature drink

If hosting a couple’s baby shower that includes alcoholic beverages, create a signature drink for the special event. You’ll need to create two versions, one with alcohol and one that is nonalcoholic for the mom-to-be and anyone else who prefers not to indulge. To create a signature drink, use one of your favorite drinks as a starting point and play around with ingredient substitutions. Another option is to personalize the bar offerings by adding customized labels to wine and beer bottles. Personalize this cute blue label, ideal if the couple knows the baby is a boy, with the words: Mike and Lisa’s Baby Shower Blast or New Baby Congrats Mike & Lisa.

Diaper raffle

Every expecting couple needs diapers— lots of diapers. Help out the guests of honor by holding a diaper raffle, an easy way to include every co-ed baby shower guest in on the fun. On the baby shower invitations announce that each guest who brings a bag of diapers to the party will be entered into a raffle to win a great prize. Typical diaper raffle prizes include gift certificates to local restaurants or movie theaters. Hold the raffle about midway through the shower and have the expecting parents pull the name of the winner from a bowl.

Modern Baby Shower Gift Ideas New Moms Love

The modern mom balances family, friends, work and more 24/7. Help her prepare for the arrival of her new baby with these great modern baby shower gift ideas she’s sure to love and appreciate.

Eco-friendly and organic items
Look for organic fabrics in hooded baby towels as well as soft nursing blankets, which any eco-conscious mom will love. Organic bubble bath, baby wash and lotions are another option. Ever better, you can create a cute gift basket by adding a set of 100 percent organic cotton washcloths.
Personalized keepsake
For the expecting mom who has plans to frame her baby’s ultrasound picture, help her out and take this idea to the next level with a keepsake photo canvas print. The ultrasound picture is professionally converted to a canvas print and finished with a wooden frame for an elegant, thoughtful gift.
Kid lid
Any expecting mom or dad with a laptop computer will be thrilled to receive a Kid Lid™, which helps protect both your laptop as well as your child. It’s a unique laptop cover that fits easily over the device’s keyboard to keep baby from banging on the keys when watching a video, and to protect it from other mishaps. And to be sure it’s safe for the little one, Kid Lids are BPA and phthalate-free.
Custom baby clothes
Wow your favorite expecting mom with a set of personalized onesies, bibs, hats or even socks. Several online retailers offer custom baby clothes personalized with a name or monogram initial. Cafe Press allows you to customize a variety of items, including gowns, diaper covers and baby blankets.
Nursery wall decals
If the sex and name of the baby is known, a custom wall decal for the nursery can be a wonderful baby shower gift. Be sure to talk with the expecting parents first and coordinate on color and style to match the nursery theme.


Bath thermometer
A floating baby bath thermometer helps keep you alert to the bath water’s temperature to ensure it’s never too warm or too cool for baby. An audible bath thermometer will sound an alert if the water’s temperature is too hot or cold. These floating thermometers are not only practical, they’re safe for baby to push through the water as a fun toy. It makes it even cuter if you can incorporate this into the baby shower theme. For example, if the shower theme is cute little turtles, opt for the bath thermometer that is turtle-shaped to coordinate with the theme.
Sleep Sheep
A Sleep Sheep attaches to the outside of a crib and provides soothing sounds to help baby relax, rest and fall asleep easier. Soothing sounds include the ocean’s surf and a human heartbeat. With volume control and timer features, this sweet little sheep will soon become a favorite of baby and her parents.
High-tech bottles
Choose from bottles that self-warm and bottles that feature a feeding system to reduce the risk of colic, gas buildup and even ear infections.

Find Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas Moms Love

How many baby showers have you been to? 10? 20? Lost count? After attending a shower or two, it’s easy to see a pattern of typical baby shower gifts. These gifts are great, and usually they’re essentials that all new moms need and appreciate. However, an expecting mom loves to receive an original baby shower gift just as much as you love to give it. If you’re looking for something new, consider one of these unique ideas.


DIY ‘cupcake’ onesies

Every baby needs several onesies, especially during the first year. But you can add some “wow” to a onesie gift package with this easy DIY present. You’ll need a bakery box, which usually can be found in the baking supplies area of any hobby store. In addition to four onesies, you’ll also need four cute cupcake papers/wraps. Remove the onesies from their packaging and roll like you would a cinnamon roll. Place the onesie “cupcake” roll into the cupcake wrap and top with a small red pom-pom to represent a cherry. Repeat for the other three onesies and place in the bakery box. This cute twist on a classic baby shower gift works best with newborn or 3-month sizes.

Photo canvas

It’s not uncommon for new parents to frame or scrapbook their baby’s ultrasound picture. Take this idea to the next level and have the ultrasound picture transformed into a keepsake photo canvas that will be treasured always. This is a truly unique gift and may be exceptionally special when gifted from baby’s aunt or godmother. If the baby shower is being held after the birth, consider a newborn picture on the photo canvas as a special gift.


Personalized novelty bath robe offers several adorable novelty bath robes for babies that can be personalized. From the terry shark robe (in blue or pink) with its toothy hood to the little owl and sweet hippo, there’s the perfect bath robe for every baby. A warm, snuggly robe is ideal for after bath time, and these cute little animal-styled robes are extra-special because they can be personalized with baby’s name.

Parent/child dance shoes

It’s a present Baby will need to grow into, but it’s likely you will be the only one at the shower with this gift. Parent/child dance shoes from Design Mom are unique and absolutely delightful. Mom or Dad slips into the main shoe and child slips into the “kid” shoe that is attached to the main shoe — genius! Ideal for hours of dancing, laughter and simple fun, this is one gift that is sure to rank among the most memorable.

If you’re still looking for unique baby shower gift ideas, remember to check out various personalized or engraved gifts such as picture frames, scrapbooks and even piggy banks.

Cheap Baby Shower Ideas Everyone Will Love

A great baby shower doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Look to fabulous yet cheap baby shower ideas that won’t break a budget and will create a memorable event everyone will love. The average baby shower can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, depending on the venue, menu, décor and take-home favor selection. Keep the cost down on the next baby shower you host with these budget-friendly ideas.
Host from a home

One of the biggest expenses when hosting a baby shower is the cost to rent a space or to have it professionally catered. Opt to host the baby shower from a private home to significantly reduce cost. You can create a spectacular event with a great theme, creative DIY decorations and a delicious menu.
Accept help

Shouldering the expense of a baby shower alone can be difficult. When friends and family of the expecting mother offer to help, accept it. A great way to divvy up the expense is to skip the formal, sit-down meal and have each of your helpers bring a tasty appetizer to create a mini-bite buffet table.
DIY food treats

You don’t have to hire someone to create fabulous sweet treats. There are several easy items you can make with just a few ingredients. DIY party treats like Princess Marshmallow Pops are easy to put together and look adorable on the food table. These are perfect for a girl baby shower but can be adapted for a boy by switching out the pink for blue. Other easy, budget-friendly treat ideas include dipped pretzel rods displayed in a glass vase and candy (in the colors to match your theme) placed in pretty dishes or apothecary jars.

Instead of ordering an expensive bakery cake, make and decorate cupcakes yourself (or enlist the help of a friend with a flair for cake decorating). Create a fantastic centerpiece by displaying the cupcakes on a tiered cupcake stand.


You don’t need to go out and buy everything new when hosting a baby shower. Repurpose your beautiful crystal vase and fill it with cut flowers from the local farmers market. Instead of investing in new serving platters, look to the elegant trays and serving ware in your china hutch or cabinets and use those as food trays on the shower buffet. Talk to the siblings, mother and mother-in-law of the expecting mom and ask if they have a vase or serving ware that they’d like to share for the shower.
Statement décor piece

When sifting through cheap baby shower ideas, note that a single, eye-catching decoration can become a statement piece, allowing you to use it as inspiration for the remaining décor. You may choose to spend part of your budget on an elaborate designer bakery cake or opt for a photo prop where each of the guests can have their picture taken with the mom-to-be.
A fun and inexpensive photo prop for a baby shower is a photo frame prop that the expecting mommy can hold over her belly so “baby” is spotlighted in the picture as well. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with the overall theme of the shower and is something to wow the expecting mom.

Glittering Glamour Prom Party Ideas

What a great four years!

Commemorate your high school experience, especially 2015, with our 2015 Glittering Glamour Theme Kit. Use the Glittering Diamond Arch with the personalized sign as the main focal point of the event for beautiful photo ops. Despite its glamour, the arch will not take away from the elegance of the three tiered silver chandelier that can hang above the dance floor. To cover walls and decorate tables, use our Metallic Black Background Material made from the same lustrous material as our streamers. Keeping the theme, recognize your schools’ prom royalty with our silver regal celebrity combo for the king and queen.


Make your Prom shine bright with this 2015 Glittering Glamour Theme Kit!

This 2015 Glittering Glamour Theme Kit is a great way to commemorate your upcoming Prom. Use the Black Glitter Arch with the personalized sign as the main focal point of the event for beautiful photo ops.

The metallic black background material is made with the same lustrous material as our streamers – only in large rolls! Each roll of Black Metallic Background Material measures 48 inches wide x 75 feet long. Create beautiful backgrounds or decorate tables with this shiny material.


Use glitter silver taffeta to add a bold splash of color to walls, tables, photo backdrops, and more! This high-quality, silver material has a fabulous reflective finish and measures 58 inches wide x 20 yards long. Upgrade your Prom decor in an instant with Silver Taffeta.

Have a fantastic photo prop with our Black Photo Frame Prop.

The black photo frame prop features a detailed frame with a black touch. Each Black Photo Frame Prop measures 6 feet 8 inches high x 4 feet 8 inches wide and is printed on one side of cardboard. The Black Photo Frame Prop will make a fun way to take photos at your event. Easy assembly.

Amaze your party guests with this Silver Three Tier Chandelier!

Hang the silver three tier chandelier for an ultra elegant look on a budget! Our silver tier chandelier is made of thousands of carefully detailed metallic mylar strands with chrome hanging chains. The Silver Three Tier Chandelier is pre-assembled and ready to hang above dance floor elegant focal point of the room.


The Shindigz Top 10 Places to Party on St. Patrick’s Day!

Learn where to spend St. Paddy’s Day in one of the greatest Irish-loving cities in the US.

Whether Irish or not, there is some serious preparation to be done before March 17th gets here. It’s a day to wear witty green T-Shirts, become an Ireland native for the day and for some, drink green beer. So, where would one celebrate St. Patty’s day? Take a look at the Shindigz’s top 10 list:


10. Hot Springs, Ark. This is the “World’s First Ever 12th Annual World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.” Say that three times. These festivities actually kick off on March 17th with a Blarney Stone Kissing Contest and ends with a free concert by The Swon Brothers from the television show “The Voice.” They will also be the official starters of the 98-foot parade on the famous Bridge Street, which is the shortest street in the world, according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. This year’s grand marshal is NASCAR legend Mark Martin.

9. Syracuse, NY. This city has over 2 million Irish-American’s. This celebration starts on February 22nd with Green Beer Day, a Shamrock Run on March 7th, the Painting of the Green Line on Salina Street on March 13th and ends with the parade on March 14th.

8. Philadelphia, PA. The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Philly is older than the nation itself. This parade started 5 years before the Declaration of Independence was even signed. This year marks the 245th St. Patrick’s Day parade. Get the party started with the Irish Pub crawl.

7. San Francisco, CA. Every year, the United Irish Societies of San Francisco hosts a large parade and festival. This year, the festivities are on March 14. The highlight of the event is the annual parade, but do not forget the Irish Festival at the Joe Alioto Performing Arts Plaza. This includes Irish music, dancing and, of course, beer.

6. Scranton, PA. Fans of the TV show “The Office” may have heard of Scranton, PA, but what about the St. Patrick’s celebration? The parade is on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. It kicks off with a mass at St. Peter’s Cathedral and the parade starts at noon. Scranton is home to the 2nd largest parade in the country. Enjoy the musical sounds of this iconic parade on March 15th.

5. Kansas City, MO. Known for it’s 19th century Irish population, don’t count this city out when planning on going green. This is the biggest KC event all year long. There is Irish step dancing, the 43rd annual giant parade, the Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run and the 30th annual Go for the Green Food Drive! Enjoy a Gaelic Mass at the Redemptorist Catholic Church, where they don’t care if you’re Catholic or not. Members of the Driscoll School of Irish Dance lead the aisle followed by bagpipes and Presidents of local Irish organizations.

4. Savannah, GA. Celebrate Savannah’s favorite holiday. There’s a weekend-long celebration which includes a parade, the greening of the fountain in Forsyth Park, a Miss St. Patrick’s Day Pageant and a giant festival in the Savannah squares. Go big this year and make Savannah your destination.

3. Boston, MA. The annual “Southie Parade,” known as the oldest city parade in America, first started in 1737 and stayed in it’s current form since 1901. The parade is located in South Boston, hence the name. Enjoy Celtic music, visit the 2015 Harpoon St. Patrick’s Day Festival and drink some beer, eat some corned beef and cabbage or go to the Irish Film Festival.

2. Chicago, IL. This year marks the 60th annual dyeing of the Chicago River. On Saturday, March 14th, at 9:30 am, green vegetable dye colors the river and marks the start of the Irish celebration. This is a closely guarded secret recipe for dyeing the river, first appearing orange and then a beautiful green. Truly a sight to see. A parade down Chicago Avenue follows at noon with over 400,000 green-loving spectators.

1. New York, NY. At 11 am a parade starts on 44th street, down 5th Avenue and marches past the St. Patrick Cathedral on 50th, down 79th Street and ends on 80th at the American Irish Historical Society. This parade lasts until 4:30-5pm. The Irish Arts Center has fun activities for families. Visit the Merchant’s House Museum’s grand opening of the fourth-floor servant’s quarters, which employed Irish immigrants in the mid-19th century. Families can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the Brooklyn Children’s museum where kids will learn the story of St. Patrick and meet a live snake.


So, what do you do?

You have set your 2015 St. Patrick’s Day destination, so start planning your outfit! If you’re looking for a witty St. Patrick’s Day tshirt, try Zazzle, but you’ll need some other stuff too such as Shamrock Party Boppers, StacheTats, green eyelashes, or green foil wigs. See our complete selection of St. Patrick’s Day celebration party supplies.

This year, Shindigz is giving away a $250 St. Patrick’s Day party for one small business. Enter your small business here Shindigz has been providing party supplies since 1926 and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. Paint the town green with Irish wearables. A family-owned company, Shindigz specializes in personalized party supplies that ship from South Whitley, Indiana.

St pats Day

Erin go bragh!

1920s Chicago Prom & Party Ideas

Go back in time to the roaring twenties where gangsters ruled the city with our 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit. Guests will transport to this era by first walking on our Red Aisle Runner lined with Mini Street Lights. The space can be brightened with Black City Street Lights. Your guests will have a ball posing in front of the Mugshot Background and admiring the City Lights Skyline (included in the kit).

Take a step back in time with our 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit.

Our fabulous 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit will take you back in time to the roaring twenties where gangsters ruled the city. Customize the marquee arch to make your event stand out.

1920s Chicago


Light up the streets or walkway with Black City Street Lights!

This Black City Street Light will illuminate your enchanted evening with flair!  Each Black Street Light is made of plastic and measures 6 feet high x 1 feet wide and features a candle bulb that plugs into a standard outlet.

black street light


Show your best side in this Mugshot Background.

Spice up your 1920’s event with the addition of this Mugshot Background that features a tall standee and two signs. Each Mugshot Prop Set includes a one-sided 4 feet 7 inch wide x 8 feet tall cardboard standee and two personalized signs to hold. Easy assembly



Add a decorative touch to your party with Mini City Street Lights! 

Capture the city streets with this Mini City Street Light. This electric lamp post is 1 feet 10 inches high and holds a small light bulb. This Mini Street Lamp will match any city theme and can be reused next year.