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How to Host a Kid-Friendly SpongeBob Birthday Party

Does your little SpongeBob fan have a birthday coming up? Throw him or her the party of their dreams with a SpongeBob-themed bash they’ll remember forever. Here are some great ideas for a birthday “underwater adventure” party for kids.

Go Bold With Color

Kids love bright colors, and SpongeBob’s signature colors, turquoise and yellow, are ideal for turning your party space into an underwater set. Purchase some yellow marine rope from a hardware store and use it as “rigging” along one wall; you can attach it with tape, adhesive hooks, or thumbtacks. Hang turquoise and white balloons and cardboard or plastic starfish, crabs, and colorful fish from the rope to create an underwater feeling. You could also purchase a pre-made backdrop for a wall in your party room. Keep the color theme going with your table coverings and party ware.


Plan at Least Three or Four Activities

Of course kids love birthday cake and party favors, but the main attraction at any birthday party is the games. Children love to play games and win prizes, so plan to spend at least 30-45 minutes on activities.

Balloon ping pong is a favorite with kids. Make paddles by gluing paper plates to popsicle sticks. Use an inflated balloon for the ball. Rules can be simple (keep the ball off the floor) or challenging (string a rope as a “net” the balloon has to go over) depending on the age of the children.

Make a variation of pin the tail on the donkey by having children pin a tie on a cardboard SpongeBob, or use a pre-made game set. Children love scavenger hunts, especially if the party is outdoors.

You can’t go wrong with a SpongeBob piñata, a perennial favorite for kids of all ages. Fill the piñata with colorful candies and SpongeBob trinkets like friendship bracelets and mini-bubbles. Save the piñata for the end of the party just before the children go home so you can contain the piñata mess for easier cleanup.


Continue the Theme with Party Food

No SpongeBob party would be complete without a pineapple. Make fruit skewers with pineapple chunks, berries, and mini marshmallows. Stand the skewers in a box of brown sugar “sand.” Serve “ocean water” to drink; the blue raspberry-flavored soft drink mix makes a pretty ocean-colored drink. You can also replace the labels on bottled water with a personalized label that reads “Bikini Bottom Ocean Water.”

Make a batch of “popcorn kelp” by adding some green food coloring to your favorite popcorn ball or caramel corn recipe. Serve it in individual plastic bags tied with colorful ribbons. Grill up some slider-sized hamburgers for Crabby Patties.

If a large cake isn’t your style, try trendy turquoise and yellow cake pops propped in a bucket of brown sugar sand. Individual cupcakes with fluffy icing in personalized wrappers make a tasty and attractive table centerpiece.



Don’t Forget the Party Favors

Send your guests home with goodies and favors to remind them of the fun event. Give each child a little plastic bucket of sand filled with wrapped candies and seashells. Individual packages of yellow and blue jellybeans, as well as packets of gummy fish, are a cute candy choice.

Throwing a SpongeBob party for your child is a piece of cake with a little planning and creativity. The kids will love an afternoon of underwater adventure.


Facebook Party of the Week Winner, John Figueroa, Shares How To Throw A Star Wars Party!

When John’s Twin Daughters Wanted A Star Wars Themed Birthday Party, He Got Right To Work.

When my twin daughters told me they wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party this year, I was more than excited to give them one!  I started off with the Star Wars Generations Invitations, inviting friends and family to celebrate their 8th birthday with us.  Guests were greeted at the front door by a Clonetrooper Life Size Standee with a speech bubble that read “This is the party you’re looking for…move along”.  The speech bubble is made from foamcore and attached to the Clonetrooper.

storm trooper

We used the Shindigz Hollywood Starry Night Room Roll as our backdrop, which was perfect for our Star Wars theme.  The balloon bouquets were put together using the Blue Star Mylar Balloons and the Black with White Stars Around Balloons we found at Shindigz.  The birthday girls wore Star Wars costumes and dressed as a Rebel Pilot and Darth Vader.  (Are those outfits adorable or what?!)

starry night room roll

We personalized a custom Happy Birthday banner using the Twinkle Stars Personalized Banner.  I placed Stars Wars movie scene 8X10 pictures around for added decoration.


We fired up the grill and served “Han Burgers” and “Hoth Dogs” and ate “7 Leia Dip”, “Jar Jar Links” and “Wookie Cookies”.  I found the printable food and drink signs on Pinterest.  Our Star Wars themed food was served on the Star Wars Generations Dinner Plates and Dessert Plates and we used Shindigz Silver Cutlery.  Tables were covered with the Stars Wars Generations Table Cover and the True Blue Round Plastic Table Cover.



Our drinks had names too!  We labeled our “Yoda Soda” and “Luke SkyWATER” using the personalized Twinkle Star Water Bottle Labels.  Guests drank “Vaderade” from the Star Wars Generations Paper Cups.

drinks 2


The children at the party were presented with their very own Jedi Robe when they arrived.  I used the tutorial here for the basic design.

The kids participated in Jedi Training and were also presented with a light saber.  The kids were excited to take these home as party gifts.

light saber

We played “Pin the Bun on Princess Leia” and each kid had their turn at destroying the Darth Vader pinata.  I made a light saber pinata stick using a broom handle I covered with True Blue Crepe Streamers and silver and black Duct Tape.  I made the Star Wars masks using the free printables found here:

Princess Leia


Guests were reminded to “Wash their Hans” in the bathroom.  Sometimes its the little things that make the party!


Our Star Wars party was a huge hit and we had a lot of fun celebrating.  Everyone loved all the decorations I found at Shindigz that made our party really come together.


Thank you for sharing John.  We give you “Dad of the Year!”

Shindigz CEO Does #ALS #icebucketchallenge

Shindigz CEO Matt Wojewuczki Supports ALS Cause

**WATCH** as the Shindigz CEO Matt Wojewuczki does his #ALSicebucketchallenge and he’s calling out some Fort Wayne Peeps! Tim Ash of Ash Brokerage, Dwight Jewett of Auto Collision, Mike Nutter and Evan Ashton of the Fort Wayne TinCaps! You all have 24 HOURS…

Way to go Matt!

Gather Your Superhero Squad: Avengers Birthday Party Ideas

The Avengers movie brought all our favorite superheroes together into one awesome movie and now, with the help of the following ideas, you can bring all the fun and adventure of the hit movie into one unforgettable birthday party.

Assemble the Gang with Avengers Invitations


Get everyone in the mood for an action packed birthday party by assembling them for the big day with some special Avengers Themed Invitations. Your kid’s friends are certain to feel a tinge of excitement when they open the red envelope to find Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America on the front of an invitation that has the phrase “Join the team!” emboldened on the front.

On the reverse, you will have jotted down the vital mission information such as the place, date, and time that things will be kicking off.

Get Adventurous with the Decorations


Once you have sent the message out to the gang, it is time to ensure that the base is ready for a rip-roaring, superhero birthday party. With that in mind, the little superheroes will have no problem reminding you that it is important to get the décor just right. With something as simple as an Avengers Table Cover, you can turn a boring old table into an area that villains and heroes alike will be happy to replenish their energy.

Add to that an Avengers Centerpiece Kit, which includes 12 and 7 inch tall centerpieces along with confetti disks, and the table is suddenly transformed into an awesome superhero hangout. Don’t stop there! Set the scene further with some Avengers Danglers, a few strategically placed 64-inch character standees, and then give them something to focus their superhero energy on with a challenging Avengers Piñata.

Avenger Accessories


The small army of Avengers that will be descending on your newly established superhero base will be coming in search of action, adventure, and cool goodies. The latter can certainly be satisfied by providing them with some accessories such as Avengers Skateboard Keychains, blowouts, and stick-on tattoos.

You can also ramp up the awesomeness with some Avengers-shaped balloons, personalized action milk chocolate lollipops, and candy bars. There is nothing the little ones will love more than charging around your recreated fantasy world armed with a bunch of accessories marked with their favorite superhero.

Superhero Favors


All superhero adventures come to an end eventually, but before the gang heads back to their respective hideouts, they would probably appreciate some swag and adventure memorabilia. Avengers Favor sets contain all the little troopers need to keep themselves entertained long after the birthday party is over.

This includes things like spinning tops, siren whistles, and flying disks, all of which are of course adorned with various characters and symbols of the superheroes from the Avengers movie. Make it a truly special ending to a fitting superhero party with Avengers thank you notes.

An Avengers-themed birthday party will supercharge the kids’ imaginations and inspire hours of fun. Assembling a mini gang of Avengers can be a tough mission but with a little creativity, a few accessories, and plenty of candy, you will be able to create a fantasy birthday party like no other. The little superheroes will most certainly appreciate your efforts in creating an unforgettable adventure.

Thick Eyebrows Required: Find Lots of Angry Birds Party Favor Ideas

Furrow your thick eyebrows and get ready for a party with some of the angriest birds alive. Thanks to the popularity of Angry Birds video games, cartoons, and toys, there are plenty of fun party favors that will help make your party a hit.

Get Into the Spirit of the Game with a Slingshot Foam Shooter


Anyone can turn on a video game system and let guests play Angry Birds. Braver hosts can offer each guest a slingshot foam shooter to play the game in real life. The Slingshot comes with foam balls that are just heavy enough to knock over empty cans, stuffed animals, and other lightweight items.

Hosts can get the party started by setting up stacked obstacles like in the game. Guests can then take turns shooting their foam balls at the obstacles. Whoever takes the fewest shots to knock down the stack wins the game. Of course, everyone wins since they get to take the slingshots and foam balls home with them.

The Slingshot is easily one of the most fun Angry Birds party favor ideas.

Let Guests Look Tough with Angry Birds Temporary Tattoos


Angry Birds temporary tattoos are inexpensive and fun. There are plenty of options, including a variety of birds and Bad Piggies, so guests can choose their favorite characters. Adult hosts can help young guests apply the temporary tattoos during the party. The kids will love wearing and showing off their silly body art.

Get Decorative with Angry Birds Stickers


Any fan of the video game will enjoy Angry Birds stickers to put on folders and video game systems. You can also encourage guests to use their stickers to play games. For instance, have everyone decorate a large sheet of paper with stickers and drawings, or try a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Put it All Together with Angry Birds Loot Bags


Angry Birds loot bags give you a fun way to organize party favors for your guests. The Angry Birds bags have blank spaces where you can write guests’ names. You can fill each bag with the same favors or customize the loot bags to match the interests of your individual guests.

Save Time with Angry Birds Favor Packs


If you don’t feel inspired by these Angry Birds party favors ideas, then you might want to get pre-made Angry Birds favor packs. Each favor pack comes with:

  • a slingshot foam shooter
  • an Angry Birds stadium cup
  • Angry Birds stickers
  • a prism squawker blowout for making noise
  • packs of Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • a mesh bag so guests can keep their favors organized

This is a quick and easy option and it gives your guests a lot of loot to take home. Whether you shop for your own party favors or purchase ready-made favor packs, kids will have fun with their brightly-colored loot bags.

With so many Angry Birds-themed games and goodies to choose from, your young guests are sure to be aflutter with excitement at the party, beginning to end.

Get Angry: Fun Angry Birds Birthday Ideas for Kids

Does your child love Angry Birds? Why not make his or her next birthday party an Angry Birds theme? With so many imaginative activities, games, food and decorations, an Angry Birds party is easy and fun to put on. Plus, your child and all of your party guests will have a blast!



Cute and simple pre-made invitations for your Angry Birds party will save you time and hassle. Or, if you are feeling crafty, you can make your own with the many printable templates available on the internet. Another idea is to create a more 3-D effect using cardstock or construction paper.



These fun tissue poms set the perfect scene for your Angry Birds party. Add some great Mylar balloons and a red and yellow tablecloth and your party is ready to go.

Games and Activities

Egg Painting Activity

Hard boil some eggs in advance and then set them out in the cartons with a variety of craft paints. Let the kids paint their very own Angry Birds to take home at the end of the party. Or they can eat them as a party snack! Have some pre-painted eggs sitting out so that the kids will have a sample to look at or provide a template so that their eggs will come out looking great.

Angry Birds in Real Life

What could be more fun and exciting than a life-sized Angry Birds game? Use a variety of boxes and boards stacked in crazy ways with pigs (balloons or balls painted green) scattered throughout. Make a giant slingshot and paint some balls as the different birds. Or, if the giant slingshot is more work than you bargained for, simply purchase some surgical bands at a hospital supply store and have two strong adults hold each end while the kids pull back and fire. Your party guests will be lining up for hours to try to knock down those dastardly pigs.

Perfect Piñata

A piñata is always a hit at any party.  Try this King Pig or red bird piñata filled with delicious red, yellow and green candies for a delightful activity that the kids will love.


There are a variety of different options for your Angry Birds birthday cake. One creative way to carry out the theme is to create a cake that looks like the real thing. Or, a round cake decorated like one of the birds or King Pig is a nice touch.

Along with the cake and other treats, it is a good idea to add some healthy snacks to fill hungry tummies and counteract all the sugar. Angry Bird Bagels are a fun lunch idea. Add to that some healthy fruit with the Watermelon King Pig.

Party Favors


Don’t forget to send your guests home with some fun party favors. Some simple favor bags filled with candy and some stickers or other fun prizes will give your child’s friends a nice reminder of the party.

With a few simple and creative ideas, your Angry Birds party will be a huge success. For more easy and inexpensive Angry Bird party ideas, visit We have everything you need to throw your child the Angriest Bird party of all time!

Yummy & Pirate-Friendly Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Food Ideas

If your son or daughter is a fan of Disney Junior’s show “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”, a pirate-themed birthday party may be perfect for your little swashbuckler. Simple pirate decorations, eyepatches for guests and lots of loot will make your party a fun-filled adventure on the high seas. With all of their plundering, pirates can get awfully hungry, so here are some ideas to keep your guests fed and satisfied while they battle Captain Hook for the best treasure and most glorious adventures!

Treasure Chest Cake


Image via Flickr by aalphotos

No pirate party is complete without treasure and what better way to load up on loot than with a charming treasure chest cake? A sheet cake mix, chocolate frosting, and plenty of candy spilling out from the inside is all you need for your party guests to say,”Yo ho! More cake, please!”

If you opt to make cupcakes for your guests rather than a cake, save yourself some time and energy with these skull and crossbones pirate cupcake pics. Simply frost your cupcakes, add the flags, and voila! These make for the perfect pirate confection for each and every guest.

Pirate Grog

When is root beer not really root beer? When it’s pirate grog, of course! A plain, store-bought bottle of root beer transforms into a refreshing and fanciful treat with just a few tweaks. Add pirate stickers or a skull decal to each bottle or wrap them in burlap or strings of rope for a seafaring feel.

Pirate Loot


You can turn many ordinary foods into pirate loot with a little imagination and some thoughtful labeling. Put out the following snacks labeled with pirate names:

  • Cheddar Goldfish crackers: Shark Bait
  • Pretzel sticks: Pirate Peg Legs
  • Malted milk balls: Cannon Balls
  • Chocolate gold coins: Pirate Booty

As an alternative, make a snack mix containing goodies such as Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, mini pretzels, and gummy candies in a variety of shapes. Place it in a large bowl and label it “Pirate Loot.” Your party guests will eat it up!

Fruit Fancy Pirate Ship

Provide some much-needed vitamins to your scurvy-ridden crew with a tasty and decorative watermelon pirate ship. Slice the watermelon in half lengthwise. Then, use a melon baller to remove the insides of the watermelon and set aside.

Cut the sides of the hollowed-out watermelon to look like the sides of a pirate ship.  Replace the watermelon balls in the ship along with a mix of other cut-up fruit such as cantaloupe, blackberries, and strawberries for a colorful and healthy treat. Add a skewer with a skull pirate flag for a dastardly touch.

Pirate Booty Bags


Send your guests home with some memorable treats and party favors. Pack a mini treasure chest or a Jake and the Neverland Pirates loot bag with chocolate gold coins, pirate tattoos, and other fun and memorable prizes or food items.

Don’t forget to serve your pirates delicacies on Jake and the Neverland Pirates place settings with a themed tablecloth and centerpieces. You can pull it all together with some skull and crossbow flags hanging around the room and balloons to match. With just a little planning and a few creative ideas, your little pirates will remember this party as aaargh-uably the best pirate party ever.


Five Great Toy Story Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The three Toy Story movies provide a lot of fantastic material for a themed birthday party. From the great characters to the memorable settings of Andy’s Room, Pizza Planet, and beyond, you can really go all out when throwing a Toy Story birthday party. Here are five ideas for creating a Toy Story themed party your kids will love!

Create Andy’s Room

andys room

The first step in throwing the greatest Toy Story party is having rocking decorations. To make your living room look and feel like Andy’s bedroom, try a scene setter kit. It comes with a Happy Birthday banner as well as two panels of all the characters hanging in Andy’s room. Then use Toy Story streamers and danglers to spice up the walls and the ceilings. For a final step, gather up your kids’ toys and spread them around the party space! If you’re into bargain hunting, see if any thrift shops have plastic dinosaurs or old Potato Heads to enhance the theme.

Let Your Table Tell a (Toy) Story


Pull out all the stops to decorate your table. Start with a themed table cloth and deck it out by setting up some Woody, Buzz, and Rex centerpieces. Toy Story plates, cups, and napkins pull everything together. If you want to send home a reusable party favor, opt for dishwasher-safe stadium cups. Finally, stick a personalized candy jar in the center of the table and fill it with fun stuff like stickers and temporary tattoos.

Eat at Pizza Planet


What better food to have at a Toy Story birthday party than pizza from Pizza Planet, Andy’s favorite pizza place? Save some old pizza boxes (those that don’t have too much grease inside!) so the kids can redecorate their tops with Pizza Planet logos. Then serve your birthday star’s favorite pizza out of them. Then decorate the perfect Toy Story cake with edible cake decorations. Or, display a Toy Story cupcake stand at the center of the table with tiers of tasty cupcakes.

Play Potato Head Games

potato head

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head need help putting their faces on! Instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, play pin the face on the Potato Heads. The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head standees are life-size and come with cut-out facial accessories that attach with Velcro. Perfect for blindfolding kids and seeing what kind of face they come up with! If the kids would rather keep their eyes open, Mr. Potato Head Wall Decals give kids dozens of creative options for giving Mr. P a face.

Do Crafts for Cowboys and Astronauts


Let the kids pick whether they’re from the Wild West or “infinity and beyond” and be like Woody and Buzz. Start with space helmets and sheriff’s badges so they can dress the part. Then have a craft session. Those interested in outer space can make cute little toilet paper roll rockets. Kids on the Woody train will love making cowboy puppets out of paper bags. For the birthday boy or girl, go all out by getting a Woody or Buzz costume!

Make your house Andy’s Room and Pizza Planet and fill it with games, crafts, and decorations kids will love. With a Toy Story theme, the next birthday party you throw will go “to infinity and beyond!”

Ready. Set. Create the Perfect Table for a Dora the Explorer Party

Dora the Explorer has been inspiring young people to learn, explore, and play since she first showed up on TV in 2000. So throw the coolest birthday party for your youngsters by giving it a Dora theme and filling the house with great decorations and, of course, the perfect table. Every guest will love going on an adventure amongst these colorful, vibrant decorations.

Ceiling Danglers


To create the perfect Dora the Explorer party and themed table, you don’t just have to focus on the table settings and the centerpiece! Decorate the entire room to achieve the perfect ambience and immerse the kids in a full Dora experience. Kids will love looking up and seeing festive curlicue decorations hanging from the ceiling featuring Dora and Boots. Mix and match them with hanging pink, green, and yellow fluffy tissue balls to create an exciting, artistic effect.

Great Gift Bags


Make each table setting exciting by placing little gift bags for each person. You can buy ready-made Dora-themed bags including hats, Fun Dip, and stadium cups, or you can make your own with cool keychains, charm bracelets, sunglasses, and stickers. Items like sunglasses are great because the kids can play with them right away. Stickers and keychains are great for taking home and decorating backpacks and notebooks.

Spanish Language Fun


One of the great parts about Dora the Explorer is the opportunity to learn Spanish words while watching an engaging show. Make little cards for each place setting with a party-themed word in English alongside its Spanish equivalent. Place a different one at each table setting and encourage the kids to locate the objects and name them in Spanish. Once the kids get the hang of the words, make it into a game of Spanish I-spy.

A Terrific Table


You can go all out with great Dora the Explorer table decorations. Get themed plates, napkins, and cups and pull it all together with the perfect Dora tablecloth. Have fun putting together a centerpiece kit with pictures of Dora that stand up and arrange pretty flowers around them.

Balloons Galore


Instead of going for standard party balloons in different colors, go all out with themed balloons. Get latex balloons with Dora and Boots printed on them and let them float about the room. Add Dora-shaped foil balloons to your decorative display. If you’re feeling really festive, get a giant Dora mylar balloon, which is 52 inches high and will be life-sized for all the kids at the party. That way, kids can enjoy hanging out with Dora while they eat cake.

The Tastiest Cake


Of course, the centerpiece of any birthday party is the cake. Deck yours out with fun Dora molded candles. Or, create a beautiful tiered centerpiece filled with cupcakes. Use the Dora candles as decorations on the cupcakes and light the top tier so the birthday girl or boy has something to blow out!

With so many Dora the Explorer party supplies to choose from, your party will have the perfectly outfitted table. Even eating and drinking will become an adventure with festive, colorful plates, napkins, and cups. Every young guest will love hanging out, adventuring, and eating cake with Dora and Boots!

Ready. Set. Explore Our Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Ideas

How do you thrill your little girl on her birthday? With a Dora the Explorer birthday party adventure to share with all her friends. Even if you’ve never planned a theme party before, with these great party ideas, your event will come off like you hired a pro.

Set the Stage for Fun with Your Invites


There are a lot of adorable Dora the Explorer invites, but if you want to really delight your guests, these handmade “backpacks” are just the ticket. Start by drawing a map to your house with text about the party details and make copies. Download the free “backpack face” template from the Nick Jr website and print a copy for each invitation. Buy purple-colored paper bags from a craft store and glue a face on each. Roll up the maps and drop one in each bag. Fold over the top to resemble a backpack and deliver to your invitees.

Set the Stage for Exploration and Fun


Build a sense of adventure for your guests with Dora the Explorer banners and tissue paper flowers strung from the ceilings. Make two signs, one in English and one in Spanish, for things in the party area such as “chair” and “silla.”

A piñata is always a hit at children’s birthday parties; a Dora piñata filled with candies and trinkets is a fun decoration that will excite the kids. Don’t forget balloons and streamers for a festive effect.

Serve Dora-Worthy Party Food


If you are planning to serve a meal, a taco bar is a great idea for a Dora the Explorer theme party. Keep it simple by prefilling the tacos with meat for the little ones to top.

If snacking is more your style, serve taco chips with a variety of dips like salsa, guacamole, nacho cheese, and bean dip. Make easy, cheesy quesadillas by putting shredded cheddar and jack cheese between two tortillas and microwaving it for a few seconds. Make fruit skewers with chunks of pineapple, banana, orange, and mango. Serve fruit juice or an exotic tropical fruit punch in Dora-decorated paper cups.

You can even do a fun twist on the traditional birthday cake by serving warm cinnamon churros with vanilla ice cream. Give the birthday girl a special cupcake with candles to blow out. Save time and mess by purchasing individual cups of ice cream.

Plan Some Fun Activities


Image via Flickr by Steven Depolo

A great activity to get the party started is making Dora’s yellow and blue friendship bracelets. Set out blue and yellow plastic beads (you can add some other charms or colors, if you want) and let the children string two or three strands. Help them tie them around their wrists.

If you are creative, you can plan a treasure hunt. Draw up a map and include some fun homemade obstacles like a “swamp” made from a plastic wading pool and a “jungle” made from potted plants and inflatable trees.

You can also make a version of pin the tail on the donkey by making a poster board Dora and letting children pin on a backpack. Don’t forget to plan time for whacking your Dora piñata; give each child a small goodie bag for collecting the candies that fall out.

Send your young guests home with some Dora-themed party swag like jars of bubbles, animal stickers, mini-magnifying glasses and compasses, friendship bracelets, and colorful candies. They’ll go home with happy memories of your Dora the Explorer party.