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10 Wedding Party Favor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Meta Description: These fun ideas for wedding party favors are affordable enough to fit any budget.

Part of the fun of putting together a wedding is deciding what to give guests as wedding favors. If you’re aching to hand out memorable favors but your budget has no room for extravagance, keep these affordable-but-impressive wedding party favor ideas in mind.

Drink Mixes


Whether it’s lemonade mix for your summer wedding or hot chocolate mix for a winter affair, personalized drink mixes not only make fun wedding party favors, they’re functional as well. Guests will remember your big day as they sip on these sweet beverages at home.

drink mixes


Picture frames are perfect for displaying cherished memories of your day. A chalkboard frame will let your guests personalize the gift however they choose. As an added bonus, if you include a photo booth in your celebration, guests can display those pictures in their new frame.



Who doesn’t love a good lollipop? Remind your guests of their childhood with a fun selection of swirl lollipops or chocolate lollipops. You can embellish your personalized treats with beads and bows, or use them to create an amusing centerpiece.

Cookie Tins

Whether you create an entire cookie table or stick cookie tins at each seat, guests will love this personalized wedding favor. You can fill your tins with your own favorite recipe, or pick up some unique cookies from your local bakery.


Candy is a timeless classic as a wedding favor, but there’s no reason you can’t spice up your presentation with your own unique flair. Personalized favor boxes come in a variety of colors and styles, while small candy jars make a fun keepsake for guests after they’re emptied. Or, surprise your guests with a sweet treat in the form of a chocolate bar. Personalized wrappers make a fun keepsake and everyone will enjoy the favor that’s inside.


Water Bottles

If your wedding is planned for summer, chances are it will be a warm day. Keep your guests happy and comfortable with water bottles as wedding favors. You can put personalized water bottle labels on any bottle of water and set them out to keep guests hydrated and ready to party.

Travel Mugs

These days, it seems like everyone is constantly on the move. Help them enjoy their coffee or tea on-the-go with personalized travel mugs. As they refill their mugs time and time again, guests will be reminded of what a great time they had at your wedding.


Another idea that’s incredibly useful is a personalized coaster. You can put one out at each table setting, or package up a box with some ribbon so guests can take home an entire set.


You can scatter notepads at all the tables so guests can write their thoughts and well wishes. Then, at the end of the party, guests can also take a notepad home for their own lists and ideas.

Playing Cards

playing cards


Whether your guests love a good game of poker or Go Fish, personalized playing cards will be a hit with everyone. Kids and adults will be dying to play.

These wedding party favor ideas won’t break the bank and offer unique ways to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate with you.


Shindigz Supports #ShopSmall by American Express

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, which takes place on November 29, 2014, is a day dedicated to strengthening the community by supporting local small businesses.  This is a great way to create a small campaign and get more people through your doors.  Get creative and make your event memorable.

1.  Incorporate Your SBS Promotion Into a Bigger Campaign

We all know the Holidays are coming, so why not utilize your campaign to solve two problems at one time?  Keep a goal in mind, such as growing your email lists or increasing the awareness of your business in your community.  Once you have your goal, you can begin to work on your overall strategy.  Take your time in creating your strategy.  American Express offers some marketing materials for your small business to get started or you can create your own personalized promotional products from Shindigz!


2.  Offer a Discount or Give Something Away

Offering a discount may drive more people into your store and these people could turn into repeat customers.  If you want to give something away, make sure it’s something that  you are recognized for.  Do you offer a service or product that nobody else does?  Promote your discount or giveaway with a personalized banner to get the word out.


3.  Market Your Business

Get people into your door with some decorations!  Draw attention to your business with some colorful balloons or lighted decor.  Once they are inside, give them a small personalized gift for coming in and taking the time to get to know your business.


3.  Get Your Whole Neighborhood Involved

Created unity in your neighborhood small businesses.  Gather behind one another to make Small Business Saturday a successful event for everyone.  To kick it off, you could offer a promotional item at each shop for the first customers in the door.  Make it fun, like a business scavenger hunt!


4.  Get Social With Your Promotion

When people come in your door, ask them to share it by checking-in on social networks.  When they do that, other people on the social network will see that you have something going on.  Don’t forget to ask them to rate your business while they are on there!


5.  #MakeLifeMoreFun with a Theme

Maybe it’s snowing outside and the weather is just miserable.  In this case, warm them up with a luau party at your business.  Or maybe your town is near the sea and you want to do a nautical theme?  In any case, get creative with your promotional theme and just have fun with it.



How to Have the Best Wedding Party on a Budget

Having your family and friends gather around you for your special day is the best part of any wedding party, but you still want your reception to look gorgeous, of course. Thankfully, you can throw a great party without racking up the five-digit price tags modern weddings have been known to accumulate. With a little bit of DIY craftiness and a savvy eye for smart shopping, you can create a lovely reception and save most of your money for your honeymoon!

DIY Table Decorations


You can save a lot of money by employing your DIY skills when it comes to creating a beautiful table and surrounding decorations. Use festive place card holders, like beautiful silver fleur de lis shapes or cute little wedding bells, to add some flair to each place setting. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, consider making your own centerpieces out of mason jars and wildflowers. Each table will be tied together with the same theme while assorted wildflowers provide a unique touch.

DIY Table Decorations

Create an Elegant Ambience


Don’t be afraid to go bold when decorating your reception location. White tissue paper pom poms can look very elegant hanging amongst strings of lights or ornate chandeliers. You don’t have to use many to create a pretty reception ambience. Hang them all at different heights and mix them with flowers and rose topiaries to create a soft garden effect. The guests can also help with the ambience. If you’re buying bubbles for the guests to blow when the ceremony is over, consider saving some of the bottles for an outdoor reception.

create ambiance

Change Up The Traditional Cake


The traditional white wedding cake is a thing of the past. Brides and grooms are opting for unique dessert options that showcase their personalities. One of the most fun cake substitutions is a table full of cupcakes and cookies. Don’t worry, you can still order a smaller cake for the traditional cake cutting, but cupcakes and cookies can be arranged in beautiful displays on tiered servers. The best part is you get to have so many more flavors than you would with a layer cake. This option is especially budget-friendly if someone in your family has a talent for baking and is willing to help you out!

change up traditional cake

Mason Jars Make Adorable Party Favors


You can leave your guests with a memorable keepsake to take home with them all while staying in budget. A little bit of crafting will take you a long way. Consider sending home something edible. A mason jar, some dry hot chocolate mix, and a ribbon will make an adorable favor. Similarly, you can make a charming favor jar covered with fabric and tied with twine. Fill it with something special or let the container itself be the favor. If you would like guests to go home with dessert, set these out near your cake and cookies and encourage people to take a few sweet treats home.

Decorations, dessert, and favors don’t have to throw your budget off. Take some of the planning into your own hands and get your family and close friends to help you out with some of these awesome projects. The best part  is your wedding party will have your personality as a couple all over it because the details came down to you.

mason jars make

Bridgette’s Outdoor Movie Party

I recently hosted an outdoor movie party for my son’s 12th birthday.  I knew that I wanted to create a movie theater vibe and shindigz had so many great props to choose from.  Below you can see the big cardboard ticket cutouts that we put at the entrance and again at the condiment table.  These come in a set of 6 and are super strong and sturdy. They are a great product for the price. I can tell I will be able to use them for years to come!  Also at the condiment table is a 6’ cardboard popcorn standee that we decided to hang above the table. This too was very good quality!

Entrance 1

Condiments-Popcorn stand up

These photos of the entrance show a couple more of the cardboard ticket cutouts as well as a personalized banner with my son’s name on it.  Shindigz will put these on sale from time to time and I always take advantage when that happens!  I put some string lights around the poster board frame to make it resemble a movie marquee.

Entrance 2

Entrance 3

These cute little movie night cutouts from Shindigz were my inspiration for this entire party!  They have a retro feel to them and are so cute and I knew they would be perfect for the concession stand.  I added retro sodas to give it something extra. The water bottles looked extra special with the Now Showing personalized drink labels I got from Shindigz.  I don’t think any drinks were left over!  Thank goodness my good friend who volunteered to be the “concession guy”.   The soda jerk hats from Shindigz made him look official.

Concession Stand- Movie Night Cutouts

Concession Drinks-Soda Jerk Hats


I used plastic burgundy tablecovers as curtains for the front of the concession stand and for the tables I used polyester tablecovers in burgundy, black and bermuda blue.  The polyester tablecovers are so durable and they really step up the decor a notch!  I have these in several colors and prefer them over the plastic ones.

Concession Stand- Tablecloths

Concession stand- Tablecloths 2

The blue, red and black striped paper straws added to the retro feel I was looking for.

Paper Straws

It looks like they are enjoying everything!  Thank you so much Shindigz for offering such great products that help us celebrate those special moments in our lives!

Group Photo

Thank you for sharing your Party Idea Bridgette!

5 of The Craziest Wedding Party Ideas You’ve Ever Seen

Wedding parties are a great time to come up with some unique ideas and show your personality. If you want to throw a party your guests will never forget, keep some of these ideas in mind during your planning.

Letting Everyone Get The Perfect Picture


We know everyone wants a picture with the bride and groom, but sometimes it’s just not possible with a large wedding party. Instead, add a life-size standee at your wedding party and guests can get that perfect picture with the happy couple throughout the evening. For some extra fun, you can even add your own voice-recorded message thanking your guests for celebrating with you.

Another great way to let everyone have some fun with pictures is to set up a wedding photo booth. You can stock it with fun props, great backdrops, and personalized signs. With such a fun display, it might be hard to keep guests out!

Letting Everyone get the perfect picture

Putting Together a Children’s Table

The adults have plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained at your wedding party, but don’t forget about keeping the children happy as well. While many people used to consider the children’s table a neglected afterthought, you can make it a place where everyone wants to hang out. By setting up a special table with coloring books, puzzles, and games, you can make sure that both children and adults have a good time.

Setting Up a Cookie Table


Whether it’s a lovely accompaniment to the cake table or a unique idea for wedding favors, a cookie table will keep all your guests happy (and full). You can stick with the basics, like butterballs and lady locks, or you can use wedding cookie cutters to add a little something extra to your sugar cookies. You can also stack personalized cookie tins at the end of the table so guests can load up on their favorite cookies and take home a wonderful reminder of your special day.

set up a cookie table

Stocking a Candy Buffet

Another sweet way to give everyone a good time and thank them for coming is to set up a candy buffet. Tie in the colors of your wedding to your table and then stock it with bags, candy jars, and tongs. To save some money filling up your candy buffet, use some jars that seem tall because of stems or stands. Also, stock your biggest jars with the least expensive candy, and your smallest jars with the most expensive candy.

Having a Themed Party


From a beach wedding to a romantic night in Paris, your guests will love a themed wedding party. You can communicate your theme ahead of time with the invitations. That way, if you want an easy dress code for your guests — such as black and white or beach casual —they’ll have plenty of time to find the perfect outfit. The roaring 20s is always a popular theme but you can also base your theme around the time of year you’re having your wedding. For example, winter weddings can have a Russian theme while autumn weddings are perfect for apple orchard themes.

If you want a wedding party that everyone will remember, then you should use some of these great ideas. Each is a perfect way to celebrate such a fun and love-filled event.

Having a themed party


The Silver Anniversary! Here Are Five 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas We Love

A couple’s 25th anniversary certainly means it’s time to celebrate! This silver anniversary year calls for gathering together family and friends to mark a couple’s love and commitment that’s spanned a quarter of a century. Check out these five 25th wedding anniversary party ideas that you’re sure to love.

1. Be Playful


Keeping a marriage strong for 25 years requires a lot of hard work. Remind guests that marriage also involves a lot of fun and play by incorporating games into your party. Make your own silver bean bag toss boards decorated with silhouettes of the couple. You can also play a game in which guests write down answers to as many questions about the couple as possible within a set time frame. Be sure to set aside fun prizes for the winners such as candy jars or a silver photo frame.

Be Playful

2. Wine, Not Whine


You don’t make it through 25 years without a little whine and wine. Offer guests wine samples in personalized five-ounce wine glasses. This is an excellent party idea for couples who enjoy wine tastings and want to share the experience with their guests. Complement the wine by serving different kinds of cheeses, nuts, and other hors d’oeuvres.

Be sure to use silver anniversary party supplies such as napkins, plates in different sizes, balloons, streamers, and plastic ware. These accessories and decorations reinforce the party’s theme. Extend the wine theme by using wine cork place card holders.

Wine Not Whine

3. A Stroll Down Memory Lane


Everyone loves reminiscing and making that a prominent focus of the party is a sure way to please the couple and guests. Honor the many memories the couple has created over the last 25 years by incorporating photos and personal memorabilia into the party decorations. Some bakeries can even put photographs on cakes; it would be a fun surprise for the couple to find one of their wedding photos on the cake at their anniversary party. Be sure to offer guests plates, plastic ware, and napkins from the ultimate silver wedding party pack.

Place a personalized card box or a tabletop standee at the center of each table. Offer elegant stationary on which guests can share a favorite memory about the couple. The couple of honor will enjoy reading these remembrances when the party is over.

A stroll down memory lane

4. Recreate the Wedding Day


Did the couple get married at the beach? Opt to decorate their 25th anniversary party with a beach theme using palm tree standees, colorful balloons, nautical place card holders, and plates from the beach love party pack.

recreate the wedding day

5. Record Messages for The Couple


Image via Flickr by soelin

Even if the party is relatively small, chances are that the couple won’t have the chance to spend a lot of time with each guest. To help them out, offer guests the opportunity to record a brief video message that you can share with the couple after the party. The couple will enjoy receiving the well wishes at a time when they can sit and watch the recordings together.

Use these 25thwedding anniversary party ideas to plan and execute a memorable party to honor the couple you love.

record messages for the couple


Kick it Up a Notch with These Fun Bridal Shower Party Games

What’s even more fun than attending a beautiful wedding? Partying with the bride-to-be at a shower with some of your closest friends — and no bridal shower is complete without “engaging” activities and fun games. Check out these bridal shower game ideas to celebrate the pending nuptials of your favorite bride-to-be.

It’s All Fun and Games


Use games at a bridal shower to amp up the fun and get everyone laughing. The Name That Cake game has 50 sheets per pack and offers a lighthearted look at the wedding’s culinary centerpiece. This fun question-and-answer activity shines a spotlight on different kinds of cakes.

If you love word puzzles, try your hand at bridal word search game sheets. Give guests a limited amount of time to find the words and offer a prize to whoever finds the most within the allotted time.

Then, bring out the How Well Do You Know the Bride Game. Complete with 12 scorecards, this game has topics such as the wedding, her family, her favorite things, and more. This game pack is versatile enough to work for a bridal shower, couple’s shower, or bachelorette party.

Its all fun and games

Keep The Fun Going With a Combo Game Pack


Can’t decide which games to play? Order a bridal shower game kit that includes five games for up to 12 players. Help guests get to know each other with icebreakers such as shower gift bingo, a bridal gown that requires guests to pin on a flower while blindfolded, the ring box surprise game, a word game focused on weddings, and a special bridal shower edition of charades. Play all these games or only select a couple and save the rest for another shower you host.

keep the fun going

Don’t Forget the Prizes


While you may have favor bags for all your guests, be sure to set aside some extra-special gifts for those who win the bridal shower party games. A personalized travel mug, hot chocolate drink mix, and candy jars are just a few premium prizes you can offer to the winners. If you want to really up the ante and urgeincentive your guests to play with gusto, throw a gift card to your favorite restaurant into the prize bag.

Dont forget the prizes

Create a Playful Atmosphere


It helps guests get in the mood for games if the venue is festively decorated. Mylar balloons featuring bridal imagery or shaped to reinforce the wedding theme add visual punch to any shower. Latex balloons also offer a splash of color. Create your own photo booth with a bride and groom photo stand-in. This is especially effective for a couple’s shower. Or, bring in another standee, such as a giant glass slipper, a diamond, or tiles that spell “I do.”

Pom poms made from tissue and accordion lanterns create a beautiful look when they hang from the ceiling. The pom poms even work well sitting on tables. Banners with sweet sayings will also help build the right ambiance. LED lighting and chandeliers create an upscale look that brings a feeling of sophistication to the shower. Help guests find their way to the party with a personalized yard sign.

With multiple party games, beautiful decorations, and enticing prizes, you’re sure to have a shower that honors the bride-to-be and provides loads of entertainment for her and her guests.

create a playful atmosphere

Incorporate Bachelorette Party Favors with These Game Ideas

Are you planning a bachelorette party? You’ll need lots of games to keep the night exciting and fun. Even if your plan is to go from one nightclub to the next, a few simple games up your sleeve will make the night more memorable. Take a look at these four bachelorette party game ideas to get you started. We’ll even help you throw in some bachelorette party favors along the way.

Play a Few Rounds of “Truth or Dare”


Truth or Dare is a classic game kids play growing up. Basically, a person has to reveal a secret or do something crazy that she doesn’t normally do. It is one of the best bachelorette party games around because it works no matter what setting you’re in — sitting around the kitchen table, sipping cocktails at a club, hanging out by the pool of a hotel, or anywhere else. The Bachelorette Game Pad will help you out but make sure to tell all of your guests you’ll be playing the game so they can come prepared with good truth questions and fun dares. Then, hand out trophy awards to the participants as party favors.

Play a few rounds

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt Competition


Another fun bachelorette party game idea is to go on a scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of items your guests have to find or a list of things they have to do and keep the fun going  all night. Make the items fun and memorable, such as a “man’s tie.” Then give all the girls scavenger hunt bags as party favors. Bulk candy is also a fun way to reward your guests for participating.

set up a scavenger hunt

Host an Eating Contest


A bachelorette party is the perfect place for girls to let go and have fun. There are no boys to worry about and nobody to impress. Hosting an eating contest can quickly become a favorite event of the night where the girls can get messy and stuffed. Choose something fun like cupcakes or chocolate. Then let your guests take home the extras as party favors.

host an eating contest

Hold an Auction for Scandalous Items


The most traditional gift that is given to the bride at her bachelorette party is lingerie. However, you can carry over the fun to your bachelorette party guests with an auction game. Get several scandalous items and have all of the guests try to win the ones they want. Then, they will instantly have a party favor to take home with them from the night. Make sure that guests know about the game in advance so that they come with some spending money. The bride can use the money from the auction for her honeymoon.

If you’re still having difficulty coming up with fun bachelorette party games, get the Bridal Shower Game Kit or the Bachelorette Party Pack. They’ll work in a pinch because they are filled with fun little games to amuse your guests. They’re also a bit more accommodating if your bachelorette party has a range of ages in attendance. Have fun coming up with bachelorette party games ideas and incorporating party favors.

hold an auction


Save The Date! Ensure Your Guests Don’t Forget With These Fun Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement parties typically occur shortly after the proposal and provide a fun way for you to introduce your soon-to-be spouse to all of your friends and family if they haven’t already met. Engagement parties also give people a formal place to congratulate you. However, many people don’t feel obligated to attend because the wedding and reception are a much bigger deal — so it takes a little more effort to get people to save this date. If you want to have a great turnout, take a look at these engagement party ideas to ensure guests won’t forget.

Create Memorable Engagement Party Invitations


People need an invitation to remind them that you’re having an engagement party. It doesn’t need to be as fancy as your wedding invitation but it should still be memorable. Engagement party invitations are your opportunity to show off some personality and get your guests excited to attend. Let them know if you’ll have gourmet food, dancing, games, or anything else that they won’t want to miss. People are more likely to attend if they have something to look forward to. Then, make sure to send a last-minute reminder through social media so it stays fresh in your guests’ minds.

Create Memorable Engagement party invitations

Make it a Themed Engagement Party


Parties are always more fun when they’re themed. Your wedding and reception are supposed to be more formal, so your engagement party is the perfect place to have a more relaxed time. Some great engagement party theme ideas include a beach luau, a Hollywood red carpet event, mystery dinner, or something from around the world. Make the theme fun and exciting so that people won’t want to miss your bash.

Make it a themed

Host a Destination Engagement Party


Destination weddings are all the rage, so why not host your engagement party away from home, too? This helps you get people to commit to coming because they have to plan in advance. Choose someplace fun and help offset your guests’ costs so that more people are able to attend. You can also remind your guests about the engagement party by sending out party favors for the trip, such as water bottles and travel-sized items.

Host a destination engagment party

Serve Dinner at Your Engagement Party


Free food is a great way to get people to save the date for your engagement party. Get them to commit to coming by asking for a meal decision. For instance, have them choose between chicken and shrimp, or even between meat and vegetarian sauces. Then, once your guests arrive, wow them with a stunning table setting. Get special plates, cups, and napkins for the occasion, and make sure your centerpiece is the feature of the room.

These are just a few engagement party ideas to get you started. If you plan something outstanding, you’re sure to get more people to come. Host a themed party, serve dinner, or go somewhere fun. An amazing turnout is all in the planning.

Serve Dinner at Your Engagment Party

5 Wacky Bachelorette Party Themes So Far This Year

If you’re lucky enough to be a maid of honor this year, you’re probably devoting lots of mental energy to planning the perfect bachelorette party. After all, that’s one of the MOH’s most sacred duties! If you’re having trouble thinking up a fabulous theme, take a look at five of this year’s most original—and fun—bachelorette party ideas.

Look Into The Future


Hire a tarot card reader, palm reader, or astrologer and take a look into the future. If your budget is limited, ask a friend to dress as a gypsy and create your own fortune telling booth. Set the scene with a fog machine, purple and black balloons, and lots of beads and bangles. As an extra bit of fun, give each guest a notebook in the bride’s wedding colors and ask her to write a prediction for the bride-to-be. Put the notebooks in a keepsake box for the bride to open on her first anniversary.

Look into the future

The Wine Tasting


If your bride-to-be is a wine lover, why not arrange a wine tasting event? Check the vineyards, wine stores, and wine bars in your area to arrange a tasting schedule. You’ll definitely want to hire a limo or van to get everyone around safely in case you catch a buzz. If you don’t have wineries in your area, consider hiring a bartender or wine specialist from a favorite restaurant for the evening and host a private tasting event at home. Give guests a personalized wine glass commemorating the party.

Wine Tasting

The Sexy Skill Night


Hire a pro to teach the bridal party a sexy skill like pole dancing, strip tease moves, or other hot moves to tempt the groom. Many dance studios have private rooms for bachelorette parties but if you’re uncomfortable in public, bring the instructor to your home. If the bride is less risqué, substitute something that suits her interests, like a class in cake decorating, painting, or line dancing. Take lots of pictures and present the bride with a personalized scrapbook or photo album of the evening.

Sexy Skill Night

The Cupcake Crawl


Cupcakes are always a hit, so why not turn the pub crawl into a cupcake crawl? Pick three or four of your favorite cupcake shops – or restaurant desserts if you don’t have cupcake cafes in your town – and go on a yummy sugar binge. Hire a driver and keep champagne and a few salty snacks in the limo to refresh the palate between tastings. Be sure to give guests a cute favor box to hold their leftovers or any goodies they buy to take home.

cupcake crawl

The Cocktails and Panties Party


Ask each guest to write her favorite cocktail recipe on a recipe card and buy a pair of sexy panties for the bride that best represents the cocktail. After enjoying a cocktail hour, ask the bride to open the panties one at a time and try to match the panties to the cocktail recipe it represents. If she gets it wrong, she has to take a drink. If she gets it right, the guests have to take a drink. Add a fun twist by asking the bride  to guess which guest chose the panties and cocktail.

These bachelorette party themes are sure to be a hit with the bride-to-be and her guests, and you’ll win the prize for best maid of honor.

cocktails and panties