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10 Creative & Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Think outside the box this holiday season with 10 creative and unique Christmas gift ideas for friends, family and those special people who make a difference in your life.

1. Customized Gel Candle

Often PTA’s and PTO’s struggle to find something unique to give to their school’s teachers during the holiday season. Customize a beautiful gel candle with your school’s name and the year and give to your teacher’s as part of their holiday gift.


2. Personalized Glass Mugs

Surprise dad with a set of personalized glass mugs for his Man Cave. No more tacky plastic cups or drinking from the can, dad can serve his buddies in style with these sturdy mugs.


3. Chef’s Basket

Ideal for any home cook, a customized chef’s basket is a creative way to acknowledge their love for culinary creations. Instead of an actual basket, select a large colander or mixing bowl and fill it with kitchen goodies: garlic press, spatula, large mixing spoon, gourmet spices and oils, recipe for an exotic dish and a chic apron.


4. Baker’s Mitt

Ideal for a Secret Santa gift or that coworker who always brings in tasty treats to share, fill an oven mitt with a whisk, rubber spatula and wooden mixing spoons. Tie a ribbon around its center and attach a set of measuring spoons and a jingle bell for a festive touch.

5. DIY Hot Cocoa Mix

Fill a glass jar with your favorite hot cocoa dry mix ingredients and seal tightly. Add a colorful Christmas ribbon, bow and tag with mix instructions for a creative gift that can be customized easily. Decorate the jar lid with glittering rhinestones or hand-paint a snowman, holly leaves or snowflake on the front of the jar.


6. Custom Lighted Photo Snow Globe

Create a keepsake gift with a photo snow globe that not only lights up but changes colors as well. Standing 4.5-inches tall, this elegant snow globe is the perfect way to showcase a child’s picture or your family’s annual Christmas picture. Present it as a thoughtful gift to someone special.


7. Then & Now Photo

For a truly unique gift for parents or grandparents, consider creating a Then & Now photo with your siblings. Pick out a family photo of just the kids from when everyone was young. Recreate that original photo: the pose, the setting and even the outfits as close as possible. Have the picture shot and then transformed into a keepsake photo canvas print.

8. Themed Wreath

For the person who lives for holiday decorating, add to his/her collection with a creative theme wreath. An evergreen wreath is a blank canvas just waiting to be decorated. A kitchen wreath complete with miniature rolling pins, cookie cutters, utensils and red-checkered bows works great for a holiday baker. Other themes to consider are Disney, a favorite sports team or something for the pet lover.

9. Surprise vacation

Definitely the most extravagant gift of this list, a surprise vacation for a sweetheart or for the whole family is one Christmas gift they won’t forget. Instead of just announcing the vacation, make it fun with props and accessories. For a vacation booked somewhere tropical, box and wrap a flower lei for each person. Have everyone open their gifts at the same time and announce the surprise vacation.


10. Mother’s Ornaments

Give mom or grandma a special gift this year. Order one ornament per child/grandchild to be customized with the child’s name and birth date. Choose a different ink color for the name and dates for each child.


Fun-filled Christmas Eve Party Ideas from Shindigz

Add to the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning with a fabulous Christmas Eve party to kick off the joyous holiday. We’re sharing 4 fun-filled Christmas Eve party ideas perfect for family, friends and neighbors.

Caroling Party

Invite family and friends to go Christmas caroling in your neighborhood, at a local hospital children’s ward or nursing home. This is a party that needs advance planning, including arrangements made with the homeowner’s association, hospital or nursing home. Choose several classic Christmas songs both upbeat (Frosty the Snowman) and serious (Silent Night.) Print copies of all the song lyrics for the carolers and encourage each caroler to dress in holiday sweaters and accessories. After caroling, open your home for hot chocolate and treats. Arrange a hot cocoa bar, complete with different flavored marshmallows and other cocoa toppers.

International Pot Luck Party

When it’s your turn to host the annual Christmas Eve pot luck, kick it up a notch with an international theme. offers some great ideas on Christmas food traditions from countries around the world. Ask each guest to pick a Christmas treat (savory or sweet) from another country and share it at the Christmas Eve party. From Peruvian spiced hot chocolate to Yorkshire pudding from England and roast pork from Romania, the possibilities are diverse and delectable. After the food is on the buffet table, place a corresponding country flag with each dish along with a place card that has the name of the dish.


Ugly Sweater Party

Since the weeks leading up to December 24 and 25 typically are the busiest of the year, it can be fun to have a relaxing get-together on Christmas Eve. An Ugly Sweater party eliminates the hassle of finding a dressy outfit and allows guests to have fun with their party apparel. Go all out and decorate for the theme with décor and props for photo ops. Include a basket filled with funky reindeer antler glasses, light-up jewelry and a sequined Santa hat for guests to pose with, creating unforgettable pictures. Have your guests vote by secret ballot for Ugliest Sweater and present the winner with a prize.


Family Movie & Game Night

For a small Christmas Eve party of family and close friends, opt for a simple movie and game night to entertain and delight all ages. Plan a showing of classic Christmas cartoons such as Santa is Coming to TownFrosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well as live-action favorites It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. Play family-friendly games with a Christmas twist, from charades to Name that Christmas carol.

Before the kids go to bed, be sure to set out a special plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa as well as some reindeer treats. Make your own magical reindeer food by combining 1/2 cup rolled oats, with 1/4 cup red and green sugar crystals. Mix in a baggie and sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve night.


Fun Christmas Party Game Ideas for All Ages

Add to the fun of any holiday gathering with several Christmas party game ideas that can be adapted for any theme or age group.

Finish the Christmas Carol Lyric

Create a list of holiday song favorites. Look up the lyrics to each online or borrow a songbook from the library. Write down a line in each song, leaving one word blank.

For example: “Oh, the weather outside is xxxxxxx.” The correct answer would be “frightful.”

Award a point for every correct answer and a second point if they can identify the name of the song. Play 3 rounds with give lyric lines challenges and the player with the most points at the end of round 3 wins a prize.

Peppermint Guessing Game

Fill a customized candy jar with peppermint candies. Place it on a table with slips of paper and a decorative bowl. Have guests write on the paper their guess of how many peppermints may be in the jar. All guesses are placed in the bowl. About an hour into the party, draw from the bowl to see who has the closest correct guess. The closest guess wins the candy jar and the peppermints.


Candy Cane Unwrap

Divide the guests into 2, 3 or 4 teams depending upon how many people are playing. Teams should have 3 to 5 players. Give each team a pair of mittens (any size) and 5 candy canes still in their wrappers. Challenge the teams to unwrap their candy canes while wearing the mittens. This is a great game to coordinate with a red-and-white theme or sugar plum décor theme.

Stylish Santa Game

Ideal for a kid’s party and fun to play with adults as well; Stylish Santa only requires a few supplies and a lot of imagination. Divide guests into teams of 3 or 4 and give each team a roll of crepe streamers in red, white and black. Teams also will need a bag of cotton balls and a roll of masking tape.

One person from each team becomes the model and the others create a stylish Santa outfit for the model to wear. Set a time limit and have a mini-fashion show with the completed outfits. This is a fantastic game to capture several fun photos of your guests and its simple enough any age can play.


Stocking Mystery Game

Fill a large Christmas stocking with holiday-theme items, clipping the top of the stocking closed with clothespins or chip clips. Fill it with items such as:

  • Christmas cookie cutter
  • Candy cane
  • Ornament hook
  • Mitten
  • Jingle bell

Pass the stocking around and have the guests try and figure out what’s in the stocking simply by feeling the items through the material. Everyone writes down as many as they can and the person with the most correct guesses wins a new Christmas stocking filled with treats.

Whatever Christmas party game ideas you choose for the festivities, be sure to include a variety of games suited for all ages as well as games that will encourage even the shyest guest to join in the fun.

Spruce up your Christmas Décor with these Christmas Decoration Ideas

When decking the halls becomes more of a chore than a joyous occasion, it’s time to consider a few new Christmas décor ideas. It’s easy after multiple years of use for Christmas decorations to become tired, tattered and worn. Breathe new life into your home holiday décor by adding new pieces and refreshing old favorites.

First, take inventory

Before the onset of the holiday rush, pull out your Christmas decorations and take an inventory. Group decorations by room, which saves time and frustration when sorting them out later. Often the greenery swag that fits the stairway banister is too long for the fireplace mantle. Inspect each of the decorations. If it’s worn and lifeless, it’s time to get rid of it.

Refresh favorite décor

Evergreen garlands, swags and wreaths easily can be refreshed by adding lights, ornaments and ribbon. Intertwine a length of berry garland with an evergreen garland for a pop of color. Add a strand of white LED lights and bows made from burlap ribbon to create a charming country-chic garland for a stair banister, kitchen cabinet topper or to accent any doorway. Instantly change the swag’s style by switching out the burlap ribbon bows for bows made from silvery tulle to create a light, ethereal look.


Consider adding a focal piece

Christmas decoration ideas often focus primarily on the tree. However, in the rooms without a Christmas tree, a focal piece creates visual excitement for the space. The entryway regardless of its size typically is a guest’s first impression of your interior holiday décor. You’ve wowed them outside with lights, an eye-catching display as well as a decorated front door and well-lit porch. Keep the excitement going in the entryway.

A lighted topiary, archway decorated with a glittering snowflake cascade or a free-standing decoration can become an entryway focal piece helping to create a enchanting, welcoming space.


Carry the theme throughout the home

Holiday decorations don’t have to be limited to the main living room, entrance, front porch and yard. Decorate the whole house with festive flair. Spruce up the kitchen by draping garlands across the top of upper cabinetry and switching out your regular kitchen linens for linens to match your Christmas décor theme. Hang a length of red ribbon down the front of the cabinets (attached along the inside with a non-stick hanger) and display Christmas cards from friends and family by clipping them to the ribbon with a clothespin.

Don’t forget to add whimsical but practical decorations like Christmas-themed cookie jars, serving trays and a set of mugs for hot cocoa after an afternoon of sledding and snowman building.

In the dining area, create a designer’s masterpiece with a few simple Christmas decoration ideas. Accent each dining chair with a length of ribbon that ties into a bow at the back of the chair. Match the ribbon color to your décor color palette. Add a beaded, crystal spray to the bow for an elegant touch. Don’t forget a great centerpiece and personalized place card holders for each dinner guest.



Top 10 Office Christmas Party Games

When it’s your turn to plan the office Christmas party games there are several great ideas that can be adapted regardless of party size, venue or theme. The top 10 office Christmas party games include icebreaker games, games for teams and games that will have the whole room laughing and enjoying the holiday spirit.

1. Ornament Guessing Game

Include a tree decorated with several dozen ornaments as one of the focal piece decorations for the party. When guests enter, give each a slip of paper to record their guess for how many ornaments are on the tree – no fair counting! Have them sign their name and collect the slips of paper. Determine who had the closest guess and award a customized ornament with your company’s name and the year printed on it.

customized -shatterproof-ornament

2. Christmas Who?

Icebreakers are great games, especially if it’s a larger party. This game is like a scavenger hunt to find out which guest has done the things on the list. Guests mingle, ask questions and have fun. Use a online printable and have enough copies for all guests. Have guests exchange completed sheets for a small wrapped prize.

3. Who am I? Famous couples

Write the name of one half of a famous couple or duo on a sticky note. Show the guest their name and then stick it on their back. Everyone moves about the room asking other guests only yes or no questions to try and find their match. Sample matches:

  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus
  • The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who
  • Homer and Marge Simpson

4. Famous Lines

Construct a list of well-known movie quotes. offers several great lists with movies by decade and popularity. Choose a broad range of quotes, place each quote in a bowl and the first guest to raise correctly guess wins a point for that round. Play 3 rounds with 5 quotes each and the player with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

5. 1-Minute Movie Charades

In teams of two, the guests have 1-minute to act out a famous movie title. If their partner gets it correct, the team receives a point and moves on to next round. Play 3 rounds and team(s) with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

6. Opening Lyrics

Similar to the Famous Lines game, construct a list of Christmas songs. Write down the first line of each, place in a bowl and play 3 rounds with 5 opening lyrics and the player with most points at end of round 3 wins a prize.

7. Christmas Mad-libs

At some point in life, most everyone has played a version of Mad-Libs the game that requires you to fill in words to a story to create a funny, new story. Using online printables, create Christmas mad-libs to place on each table at the party. Have guests work together to fill it out to create a funny (but not offensive) story that can be read later in the party.

8. Memory Game: Christmas theme

Place about two dozen Christmas items on a serving tray and bring it around to each table while guests are nibbling on dessert. Everyone at the table has one minute to memorize the items on the tray. Take the tray away and the guests have to use their memories to write down what they saw. The guest(s) with the most correct answers wins a prize.

9. Cookie Walk Game

Like an old-fashioned cake walk, have several plates or tins of Christmas cookies and other sweet treats to give away. Use sheets of cardboard numbered 1 through 20 to create the walking circle. Play Christmas music and have the 20 guests walk the circle. Prepare slips of paper numbered 1 through 20. When the music stops pull out a numbered slip and the person standing on the number wins a treat.

10. Office Raffle Game

This is the easiest way to ensure every guest goes home with a present. As each guest comes in, give them a raffle ticket. Throughout the party, randomly draw raffle numbers. The guests pick a prize from a table of wrapped gifts. Include a range of small and large items as well as gift cards. This is a great opportunity to gift customized items with the company’s logo on it, including key tags and travel mugs.



Top Five Wedding Party Games to Ensure Laughter All Night Long

You’ve been planning your wedding for months and you want everything to be perfect on the big day. Take it to a whole new level of fun by planning some wedding party games for your reception. The right activities before and after dinner will make guests feel more comfortable around people they may not know and will keep the energy level of your party high.

Wedding I Spy


A fun way to get your tables interacting with each other is by printing out wedding-themed I Spy games and leaving them at each table. List items like “something blue” or “someone kissing” as easy options, then make them more difficult as the list goes on. This is a fun way for people to interact with each other and it’s a game that can continue even after the dancing has started; kidswill also love playing I Spy. You can even get cute by putting the game on wedding invitations and “inviting” your guests to play!

Wedding I Spy



Another fun way to get your tables laughing is to leave an icebreaker game on every table. Get a cute jar and put pieces of paper with different icebreakers inside it. You can do anything you please, from requiring people to tell funny stories, share an interesting fact about themselves, or do something silly like get up and dance for five seconds. Rules on the front of the jar instruct everyone how to play: one person draws a slip of paper then it goes around the table with everyone participating in answering.

Ice Breakers

Decorate Your Own Dessert


While not strictly a game, letting your guests decorate their own cupcakes or cookies will be lots of fun for everyone. You can, of course, offer pre-decorated options for those who would rather spend their time dancing, but others in the crowd (especially kids and teens) will like sprinkling dessert with candy and choosing their own flavors. Keep it classy by staying within a color scheme; the table will look lovely if almost every decoration is white or silver, for example. Put the toppings in pretty jars or even martini glasses to pull the table together in a cohesive look.

Decorate Your Own Dessert

Coloring for Kids


Anyone who’s ever been a kid at an adult event (which is basically everyone) knows that children tend to get restless long before the grown-ups are ready to leave. So give them something special to do while their parents dance and chat with relatives and friends. A table with crayons, markers, and paper will provide lots of fun for the kids. Give them a wedding coloring kit, which includes games and pictures to color in, and they’ll make their own fun.

Coloring for kids

Make a Game Table


Not everyone is going to want to dance all night long. Offer them fun alternatives by creating a table full of board games, playing cards, and even a puzzle or two. This is a great place for guests to get some rest from the Macarena, as well as another place where kids can mingle. Certain games, like Pictionary or Guestures, become more and more hilarious as the alcohol starts flowing, so don’t be surprised if you hear and uproar of laughter coming from this corner of your party.

Make the night fun for everyone by choosing one or more of these wedding party game ideas. Your guests will love the extra entertainment and laughter and everyone will leave happy.

Make a Game Table

Top 5 Wedding Party Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Remember Forever

A wedding wouldn’t come together without all the help and support of the wedding party, so it’s important to thank them in a way that recognizes their contributions to your special day. Finding the perfect thank you gift can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking for gifts for the people in your wedding party, here are five wedding party gift ideas to inspire you.

Bottle of Cheer


A bottle of fine wine or spirits is always a welcome gift, one that friends will appreciate long after the wedding celebration is over. Why not order personalized wine glasses, snifters, or tumblers engraved with a special message and pair them with bottles of your friends’ favorite alcoholic beverages? If the groom’s party prefers beer, there are many upscale brews in 750 mL bottles that make a classy and unique gift. Pair it with a personalized pilsner glass for a gift they’ll love.

Bottle of Cheer

Sweet Temptations


Sweet treats are always welcome, especially for the bridesmaids and mothers in the party. Purchase personalized favor boxes and fill them with delectable handcrafted truffles from your local chocolatier. You can also include a few sample-sized bags of your favorite gourmet coffee. To add a little charm, tuck a personalized chocolate bar in the box. If the budget allows, give each guest a bottle of champagne to accompany their chocolates.

Sweet Temptations

Framed Memories


Remind your friends that even though you’re married now, you’ll always be close friends. Choose a photo of you with each member of your bridal party; look for pictures from a special event or a favorite memory you share. A photo with you and all the members of the bridal party, perhaps from a shower or engagement party, also works well. Put it in a personalized photo frame and include a hand-written note reminding your friend of some of your favorite times together.

Framed Memories

Something Sparkly


While jewelry and cufflinks are relatively common wedding party gifts, you can do something special and unique to make your jewelry gift stand out. Tie the jewelry to the theme of your wedding. Why not tuck some glass earrings into a pretty box decorated with raffia and starfish for a wedding on the water? A sparkling snowflake charm on a silver bracelet is a beautiful choice for a winter wedding. Sleek dice cufflinks are perfect for the men in a Vegas wedding party.

Something Sparkly

Picnic Packer


Image via Flickr by baby chau

A charming wicker picnic basket or monogrammed insulated tote is a great gift idea for both the men and women in your wedding party, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Order personalized can koozies or bottle coolers and put one in each basket. Add a bottle opener, corkscrew, and a jar of your favorite jam, tapenade, or pesto. You can also put a bottle of wine or beer in each basket. A gift card or certificate to a local sandwich shop or deli is another thoughtful touch.

Finding thoughtful gifts your bridal party will love doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. With a little creativity and inspiration, you’ll be amazed at the great gift ideas you can dream up for your wedding party.

Picnic Packer

10 Wedding Party Favor Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Meta Description: These fun ideas for wedding party favors are affordable enough to fit any budget.

Part of the fun of putting together a wedding is deciding what to give guests as wedding favors. If you’re aching to hand out memorable favors but your budget has no room for extravagance, keep these affordable-but-impressive wedding party favor ideas in mind.

Drink Mixes


Whether it’s lemonade mix for your summer wedding or hot chocolate mix for a winter affair, personalized drink mixes not only make fun wedding party favors, they’re functional as well. Guests will remember your big day as they sip on these sweet beverages at home.

drink mixes


Picture frames are perfect for displaying cherished memories of your day. A chalkboard frame will let your guests personalize the gift however they choose. As an added bonus, if you include a photo booth in your celebration, guests can display those pictures in their new frame.



Who doesn’t love a good lollipop? Remind your guests of their childhood with a fun selection of swirl lollipops or chocolate lollipops. You can embellish your personalized treats with beads and bows, or use them to create an amusing centerpiece.

Cookie Tins

Whether you create an entire cookie table or stick cookie tins at each seat, guests will love this personalized wedding favor. You can fill your tins with your own favorite recipe, or pick up some unique cookies from your local bakery.


Candy is a timeless classic as a wedding favor, but there’s no reason you can’t spice up your presentation with your own unique flair. Personalized favor boxes come in a variety of colors and styles, while small candy jars make a fun keepsake for guests after they’re emptied. Or, surprise your guests with a sweet treat in the form of a chocolate bar. Personalized wrappers make a fun keepsake and everyone will enjoy the favor that’s inside.


Water Bottles

If your wedding is planned for summer, chances are it will be a warm day. Keep your guests happy and comfortable with water bottles as wedding favors. You can put personalized water bottle labels on any bottle of water and set them out to keep guests hydrated and ready to party.

Travel Mugs

These days, it seems like everyone is constantly on the move. Help them enjoy their coffee or tea on-the-go with personalized travel mugs. As they refill their mugs time and time again, guests will be reminded of what a great time they had at your wedding.


Another idea that’s incredibly useful is a personalized coaster. You can put one out at each table setting, or package up a box with some ribbon so guests can take home an entire set.


You can scatter notepads at all the tables so guests can write their thoughts and well wishes. Then, at the end of the party, guests can also take a notepad home for their own lists and ideas.

Playing Cards

playing cards


Whether your guests love a good game of poker or Go Fish, personalized playing cards will be a hit with everyone. Kids and adults will be dying to play.

These wedding party favor ideas won’t break the bank and offer unique ways to thank your guests for coming out to celebrate with you.


Shindigz Supports #ShopSmall by American Express

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday, which takes place on November 29, 2014, is a day dedicated to strengthening the community by supporting local small businesses.  This is a great way to create a small campaign and get more people through your doors.  Get creative and make your event memorable.

1.  Incorporate Your SBS Promotion Into a Bigger Campaign

We all know the Holidays are coming, so why not utilize your campaign to solve two problems at one time?  Keep a goal in mind, such as growing your email lists or increasing the awareness of your business in your community.  Once you have your goal, you can begin to work on your overall strategy.  Take your time in creating your strategy.  American Express offers some marketing materials for your small business to get started or you can create your own personalized promotional products from Shindigz!


2.  Offer a Discount or Give Something Away

Offering a discount may drive more people into your store and these people could turn into repeat customers.  If you want to give something away, make sure it’s something that  you are recognized for.  Do you offer a service or product that nobody else does?  Promote your discount or giveaway with a personalized banner to get the word out.


3.  Market Your Business

Get people into your door with some decorations!  Draw attention to your business with some colorful balloons or lighted decor.  Once they are inside, give them a small personalized gift for coming in and taking the time to get to know your business.


3.  Get Your Whole Neighborhood Involved

Created unity in your neighborhood small businesses.  Gather behind one another to make Small Business Saturday a successful event for everyone.  To kick it off, you could offer a promotional item at each shop for the first customers in the door.  Make it fun, like a business scavenger hunt!


4.  Get Social With Your Promotion

When people come in your door, ask them to share it by checking-in on social networks.  When they do that, other people on the social network will see that you have something going on.  Don’t forget to ask them to rate your business while they are on there!


5.  #MakeLifeMoreFun with a Theme

Maybe it’s snowing outside and the weather is just miserable.  In this case, warm them up with a luau party at your business.  Or maybe your town is near the sea and you want to do a nautical theme?  In any case, get creative with your promotional theme and just have fun with it.



How to Have the Best Wedding Party on a Budget

Having your family and friends gather around you for your special day is the best part of any wedding party, but you still want your reception to look gorgeous, of course. Thankfully, you can throw a great party without racking up the five-digit price tags modern weddings have been known to accumulate. With a little bit of DIY craftiness and a savvy eye for smart shopping, you can create a lovely reception and save most of your money for your honeymoon!

DIY Table Decorations


You can save a lot of money by employing your DIY skills when it comes to creating a beautiful table and surrounding decorations. Use festive place card holders, like beautiful silver fleur de lis shapes or cute little wedding bells, to add some flair to each place setting. If you’re having a spring or summer wedding, consider making your own centerpieces out of mason jars and wildflowers. Each table will be tied together with the same theme while assorted wildflowers provide a unique touch.

DIY Table Decorations

Create an Elegant Ambience


Don’t be afraid to go bold when decorating your reception location. White tissue paper pom poms can look very elegant hanging amongst strings of lights or ornate chandeliers. You don’t have to use many to create a pretty reception ambience. Hang them all at different heights and mix them with flowers and rose topiaries to create a soft garden effect. The guests can also help with the ambience. If you’re buying bubbles for the guests to blow when the ceremony is over, consider saving some of the bottles for an outdoor reception.

create ambiance

Change Up The Traditional Cake


The traditional white wedding cake is a thing of the past. Brides and grooms are opting for unique dessert options that showcase their personalities. One of the most fun cake substitutions is a table full of cupcakes and cookies. Don’t worry, you can still order a smaller cake for the traditional cake cutting, but cupcakes and cookies can be arranged in beautiful displays on tiered servers. The best part is you get to have so many more flavors than you would with a layer cake. This option is especially budget-friendly if someone in your family has a talent for baking and is willing to help you out!

change up traditional cake

Mason Jars Make Adorable Party Favors


You can leave your guests with a memorable keepsake to take home with them all while staying in budget. A little bit of crafting will take you a long way. Consider sending home something edible. A mason jar, some dry hot chocolate mix, and a ribbon will make an adorable favor. Similarly, you can make a charming favor jar covered with fabric and tied with twine. Fill it with something special or let the container itself be the favor. If you would like guests to go home with dessert, set these out near your cake and cookies and encourage people to take a few sweet treats home.

Decorations, dessert, and favors don’t have to throw your budget off. Take some of the planning into your own hands and get your family and close friends to help you out with some of these awesome projects. The best part  is your wedding party will have your personality as a couple all over it because the details came down to you.

mason jars make