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Three Minnie Mouse Party Games the Kids Will Giggle Over

Parents can’t go wrong with a Disney character birthday themed party and Minnie Mouse is a classic for charming little girls. After all, what little girl doesn’t love Minnie’s signature polka dots and supersized bow?

All good parties have delicious goodies, tasty cakes and fun party favors—and presents, too, of course! But the real stars of any child’s birthday party are the giggle-inducing games all kids love to play. If you’re planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party for your little girl, here are three fun games sure to delight her and her friends.

Put the Bow on Minnie

minnie bow

This is a fun variation on the ever-popular Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You’ll need to make a large poster of Minnie Mouse using a full-sized piece of tag board. You may want to enlist an artistic friend if the thought of drawing Minnie makes you nervous.

Before the guests arrive, prepare a decoration station with markers, glue, glitter, stickers or any other age-appropriate materials your birthday girl likes. Cut out enough paper bows for each guest plus a few extra.

Let each child decorate his or her own bow and attach a piece of tape to the back of it. Line the guests up, blindfold them one at a time, and let each child put their bow on Minnie. The winner is the child whose bow is closest to the right spot.

Of course, if you’re pressed for time or don’t like cleaning up glitter, you could buy one of the adorable pre-made Minnie’s Bow-tique games to keep things simple.

The Pink Shoe Silly Shuffle

For this game, you’ll need a pink shoe—any shoe will do—and a container to hold slips of paper with a “silly shuffle” written on them. Stand the children in a circle and play some music. Have the children pass the pink shoe around the circle while the music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the shoe has to draw a “silly shuffle” and perform the action written on the paper. Examples of “silly shuffles” include:

  • Crabwalk across the room.
  • Sing “Happy Birthday” in your favorite Disney character’s voice.
  • Rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time.
  • Do three somersaults.

For a fun twist, you can get some inexpensive prizes like sticker sheets or glow sticks and let each child choose one if he or she successfully completes their “silly shuffle.”

Dance ‘Til You Drop

minnie toddler

Kids love to dance, and this game is full of action and excitement to help work off their birthday cake sugar rush. Start playing upbeat dance music and tell the kids to sing and show off their moves. Then suddenly stop the music and tell the kids they must drop to the floor and sit “quiet as a mouse.” The last person to sit quietly is out. Keep playing until only one person is left—that child gets the prize.

This game is especially fun for girls wearing dresses with full skirts or Minnie Mouse costumes. You may want to encourage girls to wear dance dresses on your party invitations.

No matter what games you choose for your daughter’s special day, she’ll love a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party. A polka dot birthday cake and Minnie Mouse swag bags stuffed with little girl bling will complete your party and send guests home with fabulous memories.

What Food Should You Serve at Your Minnie Mouse Party?

Minnie Mouse is arguably one of Disney’s most beloved characters. With her cute dresses and penchant for fun, she is the spokesperson for sweetness and cheer. What little girl wouldn’t love a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party filled with those iconic pink and black polka dots?

One of the best ways to ensure your Minnie Mouse themed party is a hit is to keep your guests happy with delicious Minnie Mouse treats. With just a few creative additions, you can turn bland and boring into fabulous and fun. The following is a list of some of the “must-have” edibles at your next pink and black Minnie soiree.

Minnie Mouse Bow Bites

This is a healthy snack that kids will love and that will infuse a little nutrition into the party proceedings. Not only is it delicious, but it is easy and fun to make. For each Bow Bite, use a small skewer or toothpick, two strawberries (stems removed) and a blueberry for the middle. Slide the skewer through one of the strawberries so that the smaller tip is pointing inward. Add the blueberry, then the second strawberry with its pointed end also facing inward. Easy, cute, and chock-full of vitamins!

Minnie Mouse Pudding/Yogurt Cups

Add some red food coloring (just enough to make pink) into vanilla pudding or yogurt. Spoon it into individual custard dishes and top it with mini chocolate chips for a polka dot effect. For an added personal touch, wrap each dish with a personalized cupcake wrapper.


Minnie Sandwiches

Any sandwich is more fun when it’s shaped like a Disney character. Make a slew of PB&J, grilled cheese, or ham sandwiches and then cut them into Minnie Mouse shapes using a Minnie-shaped cookie cutter. These fun snacks will fill hungry tummies without a lot of sugar. Even kids who balk at boring sandwiches will gobble these up in no time.

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

For easy and cute Minnie-themed cupcakes, simply bake and frost a batch of regular chocolate cupcakes and then use mini Oreos for the ears. Secure the ears into the top of the cupcakes by sticking a toothpick into the cookie’s creamy center filling. Frost the cupcakes with pink icing before adding the ears and leave the ears black for a nice contrast.

If you want to turn this snack into a game, set out different candies and cookies, then let guests create hats or wigs for Minnie to wear. Kids can turn each sweet treat into a work of art all their own.

Pink Fizzy Minnie Mouse Punch

A mixture of lemon-lime soda or ginger ale and strawberry or raspberry sherbet ice cream will create a creamy, foamy punch that guests will love. Serve it in these adorable Minnie cups with a few raspberries floating on top for a delicious and refreshing drink.

Adding that special touch with food that matches your theme will make your party stand out and ensure that your guests are well-fed and energized for all of the fun activities and games that you have prepared. Not only will the guests love it, but your guest of honor will remember the party for years to come.

For more great ideas and Minnie Mouse party supplies, visit We have everything you need for the perfect party or event!

5 Things You Need to Make Your Minnie Mouse Party Marvelous

What little girl doesn’t love Minnie Mouse? Walt Disney’s polka-dot wearing character stands the test of time, especially as a birthday theme.

If you’re throwing a Minnie Mouse party, use these five ideas for a fabulous extravaganza your little one will never forget:

1. A Dessert Table Showstopper


Let’s not forget how much kids love to eat; keep the snack table the focal point of your party.

Include Minnie-themed table covers, a coordinating cupcake stand for mini-desserts, and themed back-hanging decorations like a curtain or danglers. Don’t forget utensils, napkins, plates, and cups.

Still, the cake needs to steal the stage. Polka dots, big ears, and a big bow come naturally with any Minnie cake.

Whether you’re doing the baking or you’re buying a special cake, little touches take things  above and beyond.

For a DIY sheet cake, add flair with a decoration set that includes edible icing or fun figurines so the birthday girl always has a keepsake to remember her special day.

If making cupcakes, let your crafty mind go wild. Consider inserting Minnie key rings into a red or pink polka dot frosting. Another fun project involves halving Oreos for ears and putting a little frosting bow in between them.

These cupcakes look great displayed on a Minnie-inspired bow-tique cupcake stand that doubles as a table centerpiece. Customize the cupcakes with personalized birthday wrappers.

2. A Mouse Ensemble for All

minnie costume

Give every guest the Minnie Mouse treatment. Make the birthday girl feel special with a full Minnie costume while the guests enjoy little touches of the first diva of Disneyland.

Accessories like mouse ear headbands  and polka dot bows transform everyone into a little mouse. Have guests enter through a “mouse-hole” and hand them the ears once through.

3. Photos with Minnie Mouse Balloons


It wouldn’t be a birthday party without balloons! Make a photo-op moment with a life-sized balloon and standee.

Greet party-goers with Minnie face-shaped balloons at the front door. Then, to get things started, cascade either red and black or pink and black balloons from a themed balloon drop kit.

4. Minnie Mouse Themed Games

minnie stickers

Keep your little mice entertained with Minnie Mouse themed activities and games. Face paint, glitter tattoos, or Minnie manicures bring squeaks of excitement!

Continue the mouse fun by including parents with a bow-making section, offering various polka dot ribbons from which to choose. Or, dress Minnie paper dolls with fun accessories.

Set the little mice scurrying with a revamp of the Easter egg hunt by placing blocks of “cheese” around a room. For a bit of competition, print numbers on polka dot paper and start a Bingo tournament.

Don’t forget the Minnie piñata! A safer alternative for toddlers, the little mice will love pulling the string-style piñata for the surprise goodies.  Plus, they can take the treats home in their favor bags.

5. Minnie-Approved Take-Home Favors

minnie swag

Don’t limit baggies to candy loot and Bingo winnings.

From stickers to sunglasses and Minnie mini-games, choose either a pre-packaged kit or assorted girly favor items to assemble the perfect giveaways for your guests to remember the good time.

Impress your child and friends alike with your decorating and party-throwing skills. There are a million more ideas to consider, but with these five alone, expect a real crowd-pleaser.

Cocktails and Pirates – How to Make Ship-Wrecking Fun

9web0361Island parties and all-American cookouts were the norm all summer, but how about trying something different? Create some ship-wrecking fun with a “Cocktails and Pirates” party! This party will be so unique and fun that friends and family might make you their official party planner for all their upcoming events.

Make your invitations the old-fashioned way with some yellowed, vintage-looking paper. Burn the edges and then write the invites with a quill pen. To get your guests really excited, make the invites look like a treasure map, with the treasure being marked with an “X” at your residence. That way, the paper doubles as an invitation and a map to your cocktail party. It’ll be a great way to get people talking about your upcoming Cocktails and Pirates party!

Your pirate decorations will make or break the party. Pirate decorations are all about the skull and crossbones. Hang some pirate danglers from the ceiling and Jolly Roger pennant banners around the party venue. Use black and white pirate balloons with other colored latex balloons for some pops of color.

There are many creative, Pirate’s Cove decorations out there. Don’t forget pirate staples like buried treasure, palm trees, and of course, a ship. Use a personalized pirate photo stand-in as a decoration and an activity for guests. Take pictures of people with the stand-in and post them to a social media site the next day and people can relive the fun they had at your pirate cocktail party!

Can’t have a Cocktails and Pirates party without the cocktails. Get creative with your cocktail names. It might be a pina colada, but you can call it a Pirate’s Pina Colada. Other ideas: 12szinftrcTreasure Tequila Sunrise, Skull Screwdriver, High Seas Hairy Navel, Walk the Plank Gin & Tonic, and Booty Bloody Mary. Make a list of the drinks and what’s in them so your guests will know what to expect. Serve your delicious cocktails in pirate cups or pirate goblets.

Your cocktail party will probably also include some canned or bottled beverages. Keep them cold inside an inflatable treasure chest cooler. Be sure to also have non-alcoholic beverages available for people who will be driving home.

Many of your guests will probably just enjoy socializing, but it’s a good idea to have some games for people to play. Board games and card games are always popular party ideas. If your guests are really into games, have a “treasure hunt” that is set up like a scavenger hunt. Send the winners home with pirate mini pails filled with candy or baked goods.

Besides games, you might want to have a pirate movie playing on the television like Pirates of the Caribbean or Treasure Island.

Parting Gifts
Don’t send your party guests home empty-handed. Fill some Pirate Favor Bags with some “booty” like candy or popcorn for the ride home. And, of course, if they have been enjoying cocktails, make sure your guests have a designated driver.

Birthday Party Ideas for Spirited Girls

All girls have spirit but not for the same things.  Some have spirit for their teams or their sports, and these party ideas will let their spirit shine through.

Spirited Party Themes

If she likes cheering on her favorite sports team; give her a a party to cheer about. Decorate with the team’s colors and logo.  Give your guests spirited fan gear, just like they would get at the big game. Give them beads, pom pons, and even foam fingers all in team colors. That way even if they can’t make it to the stadium they can feel like they did.

If the birthday girl does not have a favorite team but she has a favorite sport; bring that sport to the party. Sports themed decorations and favors are bound to be a hit with any sporty girl.  If she is a rising soccer star then let her show off her skills with a party that reaches the goal.  Feature her favorite sports equipment on all the tableware.  You can even make a soccer ball cake that she and her friends will get a kick out of.

Activities for Spirited Girls

What real sports fan doesn’t paint her face before going to a game? Your party shouldn’t be any different.  With a little bit of face paint you can set up a face painting station so that your girls can show off their spirit.  Painting a simple “Go Team” in the team colors is a always a good option.  For the more artistically inclined girl stars and flowers make beautiful additions to a spirited face.  The video below will give you some ideas of options for you.

Once your guests are all set to show off their spirit have a cheer-off. Each girl can write her own cheer and perform it for everyone.  The cheers can be specific to a favorite team or sport.  “Run! Kick! Goal!” would be a great cheer for a soccer player. Maybe they will come up with new ideas to use at the next, big game.

If your guests prefer playing to cheering then let them play. A small backyard soccer game is always a big hit with your soccer stars.  Or let the spirited girls show off their talents by making trick shots on the goal.  If kicking the soccer ball around isn’t enough then why not take a swing at a soccer ball pinata.

With all these spirited ideas there is no way for you to miss the goal of throwing a spirited party for your birthday girl.  All your guests will leave cheering for you, “Hip Hip Hooray!”

3 Dora the Explorer Party Games They’ll Really Dig

You can’t go wrong by making Dora the Explorer the theme of your child’s next birthday party. After all, Dora is basically the Indiana Jones of the pre-K set, and who could forget her charming, anthropomorphic monkey sidekick, Boots, and her talking accessory, Map?

A birthday featuring this cast of characters is sure to delight, especially if it’s filled with theme-related activities. Here are three fun, interactive Dora birthday party ideas that will ensure your guests have the time of their lives.

1. Dora Obstacle Course


Image via Flickr by David Goehring

A hybrid between an obstacle course and a treasure hunt, the Dora obstacle course is a great starter game. As your guests arrive, have a family member or friend dress up as Swiper the Fox (a simple black mask should complete the disguise). Then Swiper can “swipe” guests’ presents into his black sack (or a Dora’s Flower Adventure Loot Bag), and run away. You can then hand out mini soccer balls to the guests and give them instructions on the obstacles they’ll need to overcome to reach their goal, just like Dora does on TV.

For example, you might tell them, “Kick the ball around slippery rock (possibly a big rock in your yard), through the icky-sticky sand (maybe a sandbox), under the leaves of the forest (an oak tree will suffice), and into the goal.” The guests can then keep their soccer ball as a prize for completing the course, and once the game is done, Swiper will return with the gifts.

2. Dora’s Flower Adventure


Image courtesy of

This is Dora’s twist on the classic game, pin the tail on the donkey. With Dora’s Flower Adventure game set, you’ll get a large game poster, eight Map stickers, and a blindfold. After being blindfolded, each guest spins around and gets a turn at trying to stick Map back where he belongs.

3. Dora Barnyard Dance Party


Image courtesy of

To play this game, you’ll need to print out the Dora barnyard dance spinner on sticker paper and gather a cereal box or heavy paper, scissors, a straw, and a fastener. Stick the spinner on a circular cut-out from the cereal box and poke a hole just big enough for the straw in the center of the circle. Cut the straw so that it fits the hole.

Attach the spinner to the board with the fastener, allowing enough room for the spinner to move freely. Put on your favorite barnyard tunes, and let each guest take a spin. Whatever character the spinner lands on is the dance the guests do (e.g. gallop for the horse) until the music stops.

Your little Dora fan is sure to be thrilled at these three party ideas. These activities put a fun twist on classic party games that toddlers will love. Your birthday boy or girl and his/her guests will be so happy with the party, you just might be tempted to serenade yourself with a chorus of Dora’s famous “We Did It” song once it’s over!

Raise Your Swords: Pirate Birthday Party Ideas are Here!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate party for me! Pirates are a popular birthday theme, thanks to hit films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the children’s cartoon, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates.” Whether your party is inspired by these lovable characters or you’re hitting the high seas under your own original pirate flag, these party ideas will help you plan an unforgettable event.

Set the Stage for Adventure

Image via Flickr by David Matos


The right decorations will give your party an air of adventure. Coordinate your party banners, table covers, and backdrops to highlight your pirate theme. In the decor, feature the signature skull and crossbones insignia or a pair of pirate swords. Create a nautical or tropical atmosphere so your guests feel like they’re onboard a pirate ship or docked at a treasure-filled island.

A standing pirate ship made from cardboard will instantly engage your guests, and it will provide the perfect spot for unforgettable photos. Treasure chests can hold everything from your goodie bags to treats. An inflatable treasure chest cooler is the perfect solution for icy beverages at an outdoor event.

Send Them Home with Some Treasure


Image courtesy of

Keep your little pirates busy with fun, themed activities. Pirate party ideas for your games may include a treasure hunt, walking a plank that’s balanced on two bricks, or sifting through a sandbox for coins and jewels. Place some gold coins into a chest and have guests guess how many are there. Mount some pirate hooks to a board and play “hook toss” with large plastic rings.

With the right accessories, your guests can dress up like brave seafarers. Offer eye patches, bandanas, and face paint. If you’re catering to crafty kids, you can set up a table for making spyglasses from paper towel tubes, or have them decorate paper pirate hats.

Serve Swashbuckling Treats


Image courtesy of

No party is complete without some special treats. You can find dozens of creative pirate birthday party ideas for your food. Stick a skewer mast with paper sails into a hot dog, pickle, or celery boat. Carve a watermelon into a boat and fill it with fruit salad. Pirate sword skewers add flair to cheese cubes or other soft snacks. For a healthy twist, carrots or bell pepper sticks can become pirate swords.

For a chilling treat, freeze red punch into “crocodile blood” ice cubes. Serve them in a clear soda or juice, and watch as they bleed into the water.

Organize Activities for Your Mates


Image courtesy of

Give each guest some special treasures to take home with pirate-themed goodie bags. Choose a skull and crossbones bag or mini treasure chest and fill it with little gifts like gold coins, plastic jewels, miniature spyglasses, and pirate flags. If your guests find treasures as part of the games and activities, give them drawstring bags for their booty so that they can collect fun gifts throughout the event.

With a well-planned party, your guests can enter the adventurous world of pirate lore for a few fun hours and head home with great memories and sweet treats. Bring Jake, his mates, and all your other favorites to life for your special event.


Shindigz 3 Rivers Festival Parade Float

Building a Parade Float Can Be Easy with Help From Shindigz!

We had the opportunity to be in the 3 Rivers Festival Parade on July 12th, 2014. We partnered up with WOWO News/Talk 1190 AM & 92.3 FM here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The theme of the parade was “Reflecting on our Rivers” due to the 3 Rivers that cruise through the downtown area (St. Mary’s, St. Joseph and Maumee).  To make it more fun, we added a Mardi Gras theme to the boat.
group shot

The first step in building a float is coming up with a design. We are lucky to have such talented people here at Shindigz!  Here is the River Boat Design that Mick Ray came up with and then we made a giant checklist to keep on task.

photo 2 photo 1

After coming up with the design, we got to work right away! Here, Mick Ray (designer of the float) is putting up the center walls to house the inside of our River Boat.  Then, Kris Gilman (HR) and Kristen Baumert (Social Media) got to work painting the smoke stacks, made of PVC pipe.  The smoke stacks would be inserted with a tube to emit the “smoke” created by a few CO2 tanks to give it the “ooh and ahh” effect we wanted the boat to have.

mick center  paintThe center of the boat came together quite nicely.  We used a staple gun to add the corex walls to the wood.  Then we added the blue and white metallic fringe to the bottom of the trailer to make it look like it was on water.

center pieces  fringeThe front of the trailer had a tool box.  We wanted our mascot, Shindigity, to sit on the box.  So, we covered that with purple floral sheeting.  Then our summer social media interns added gold streamer to the inside posts of the cabin with a staple gun.

floral sheeting  haylie streamer

Megan Keebler, Haylie Hendrickson and Paige Norton (social media interns) used the purple floral sheeting on the floor of the float, as well as on the polls that we used to hold up our Shindigz flags and Mardi Gras pennants.

sheeting and staple gun

After we got all the pieces of the float on that were travel-safe, a group of us drove the float to the downtown area to get in line for the parade!   The finishing touches would then be put on after we were in line.  It was 6 am, so we made sure we got our coffee first!  So, the float now consisted of the corex printed pieces for the walls, backdrop and railings, metalic fringe for the water effects and the inside of the cabin, 4″ metallic streamer for covering all of the wooden posts, gold foil curtains to cover the doorways, and feather boas to cover the corners and create flowing movement on the float.

parade float travel

Now we’re all lined up for the parade!  Time to put the finishing touches on and fix the small pieces that came undone on the way there.  We attached our wheels to make the boat seem like it was traveling down the river.  The insides of the wheel were able to spin by using some PVC pieces.  Also, we attached our Shindigz flags and the Mardi Gras pennant banners to the center of the float.

finishing touches

We’re all ready for the judges to come by and we are happy to find out we won an award.  Our hard work had paid off!  Christy Phend (eCommerce) and Shantel Sleighter (Online Content Mgr.) were happy to pose with the new plaque we received.  Plus, preceding our float was this banner saying what we had won (Best Use of Festival Theme)!



winning banner

Now that we got the award out of the way, we were ready to have some SHINDIGZ FUN!  After all, that is what we do:  #MakeLifeMoreFun

We even met a few new mascots!  Like Icey from the Fort Wayne Komets (posing with his Shindigz Big Head held by Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales), Charlie Cardinal from Ball State University (posing with some BSU grads), and everyone else who wore a costume





We wanted to include some of the famous people from Fort Wayne on our float, but they were all busy… so we created some really cool Big Heads to represent them.  These were just really fun and everyone enjoyed taking pictures with them.  They were easy to spot coming down through the parade as well!  We had Tyler Eifert (Bishop Dwenger graduate, Notre Dame Football Player and now tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals), Mayor of Fort Wayne, Tom Henry, The Mad Ants basketball mascot, Johnny TinCap from the Fort Wayne TinCaps baseball team and a few others not pictured were Icey (shown above) and Mike Nutter (President of the Fort Wayne TinCaps).

Big Heads

Craig Atterberry, who played our mascot Shindigity (available from Shindigz), had a fun time giving high fives to the crowd and posing with Little Miss Fort Wayne.

mascot crowd


Shop Shindigz for all your Parade items!  Getting involved in your community is important and can be FUN!

float corner

WATCH the VIDEO!  See how we #MakeLifeMoreFun!

Construction Zone Pin Party!

Plan the Ultimate Construction Party with Shindigz!

A construction zone celebration can be loads of fun. Here are some great Pin ideas for your party planning board. Just click on the links and hit the pin button beside the product! It’s just that easy… smallicon


Kristen’s Kentucky Derby Party

Facebook Party of the Week Winner, Kristen Cardona, tells us about her Kentucky Derby Party!

Derby Entrance

The Churchhill Downs Spire entrance” added extravagance to my party and was used as one of the main “photo ops” of the day. The spires were joined with my 3 foot red rose horseshoe made of over 500 red roses. My party invite said to dress as “anything” you would see at the Derby. Since I have creative family and friends I was joined by 3 jockeys, 3 horses, a bugle player and many fancy hats and well dressed guests.

All guests were greeted with Shindigz “lucky horseshoe rings” and surrounded by decor of red rose centerpieces, Shindigz “plastic jockey helmets“, “glitter horseshoe cutouts“, “derby day whirls“, and Kentucky Derby “Run for the Roses” yard signs. Guests voted on several categories and prizes were awarded for best dressed male/female, most creative male/female, best hat and most creative hat.
horse shoe

I served food downstairs and to keep the feel of the race I used the Shindigz “dirt racetrack backdrop“, “upper deck stadium room roll” and “race horse props“. I covered the walls giving a realistic feel of being at the race.
food table

For my dining room I chose to serve desserts in the “Infield”. I used as astro turf as the base, purchased at my local home improvement store, made a fence from lollipop sticks and created a realistic race track with graham cracker crumbs. I finalized the track with plastic racehorse cupcake toppers and made sure I had horse hoof prints in the dirt. The infield was completed with tiered dessert dishes and stands covered in red rose paper. I couldn’t forget the fans. I used Shindigz “upper deck stadium room roll” as the backdrop for the table, giving the look of a full grandstand of onlookers.
grand stands

Of course no Kentucky Derby is complete without a photo with the Derby Winning Horse. Shindigz “Kentucky Derby Winning Horse standee” is 7 feet tall and left my guests speechless.

My Kentucky Derby party decorated with Shindigz party supplies was one to remember and one that surely will not be outdone!
Churchill downs entrance