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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas

Walt Disney introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in 1928. It’s hard to believe that the iconic character has been entertaining children and adults for so long. Since Mickey Mouse is still popular among boys and girls, parents may want to explore Mickey Mouse birthday cake ideas.

Make Your Own Cake Shaped Like Mickey Mouse

Guests attending a Mickey Mouse birthday party will expect desserts that look like the cartoon character. It’s possible to make a Mickey Mouse cake using regular pans, but it’s inconvenient. Using circular pans, you’ll need at least three to make the face and two ears.

Getting a cake pan shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head makes it easier for the average person to create a realistic Mickey Mouse cake. You don’t need any professional cake decorating experience when the pan includes details for the face, nose, mouth, and ears.


Make Cupcakes More Fun with Mickey and Minnie

Hosts who want to keep their parties as simple as possible can make cupcakes that require less preparation and cleanup than regular cakes. With cupcakes, guests can enjoy their desserts without even using forks.

Mickey and Minnie cupcake rings turn regular cupcakes into celebratory desserts that your guests will love. This is one of the easiest options because you just have to insert the rings into each cupcake. It doesn’t matter if you make the cupcakes yourself or buy them at the store.

Another advantage of using these Disney cupcake rings is that guests get to take keepsakes home with them.

You can also use Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fun pix that slide into cupcakes. The kids don’t get to take home Mickey and Minnie rings, but you can still decorate cupcakes to make them fit the birthday party’s theme.


Celebrate With a Mickey Mouse Molded Candle

A Mickey Mouse molded candle gives you another easy option. When you have a candle shaped like Mickey Mouse, you just have to put it in the cake like you would any other kind of candle. When you choose a Mickey Mouse candle, though, it’s almost like your child’s favorite Disney character joins the party.

Parents can make the Mickey Mouse theme even more fun by handing out Mickey Mouse ear headbands. Practically any child can wear these headbands comfortably. Adults willing to tolerate a tight fit can also wear the headbands. Now you have a whole party of fun-loving mice who can blow out candles and reenact scenes from their favorite Disney cartoons.


Have Mickey Deliver the Cake

All of these options are great Mickey Mouse birthday cake ideas but parents can add a lot of excitement to the party by dressing up as Mickey Mouse. You could even have Mickey deliver the cake. Get all of the parents in on the joke as you pretend that the cake has gone missing. When Mickey arrives to save the day, the kids will likely lose their minds!

Many kids and adults love Mickey Mouse. If you have a unique cake idea that involves Mickey, make it a part of your next party.


Beautiful Pink Tea Party Ideas for Birthdays or Bridal Showers

Tea parties are great themes for birthdays and bridal showers because they offer so much versatility. Do a chic, funky version, a princess-themed tea party for small kids, or an English style high tea if you want to get really fancy. With pink as your main color, your tea party is sure to be a hit.

Classy Decorations

The first thing your guests will see upon entering your home or venue are the decorations, so you want them to stand out and fill the party with just the right ambience. When going pink, it’s easy to overdo hot pink and glittery items. So keep most of your decor muted and use a few hot pink items as accents rather than going over the top. If you keep to one or two main pink items as decorations, you’ll keep your decor looking classy and not gaudy.

A pom pom garland will look very cute strung across the tops of windows or your ceiling. In lieu of a chandelier, try a floral topiary decorated with soft pink roses. This will look especially pretty if you go with a garden theme and add some pretty butterfly decorations. If you want to spruce up your tables a bit, consider some pink gossamer flourishes.


Teacups Filled with Cupcakes

A tea party isn’t complete without finger food, and no party is complete without cake. Use these adorable teacup-shaped cupcake holders to create an adorable, elegant snack your guests will love. Get creative with your cupcakes by dying the frosting pink. Or, make white cake and use food coloring to create pink batter as well. For some extra birthday flare, stick a pink striped candle into each cupcake to make the occasion especially festive. If you want to make your cupcakes the center focus of your table, use a pink cupcake stand to prettily arrange them.


Ceramic Tea Set Centerpiece

A cute little ceramic tea set is great for a tea party bridal shower or birthday party because you can use it in different ways. Coupled with some silk rose petals and a classy tablecloth, this tea set will make an adorable centerpiece for your tea party bridal shower. If you’re planning a birthday party, the kids will love drinking out of the tiny cups. Fill the teapot with water or sprite so if any spills occur, nothing gets stained.


Adorable Gift Bags for Each Guest

Nothing is better than leaving a great party with a little reminder of the fun time you had. Give your guests a wonderful final impression by handing out party favors that wrap up the day’s theme. Put small gifts inside these hot pink favor boxes. Go to your local candy shop and have fun picking out chocolate and pink candies. Throw a couple packets of your favorite tea inside. Finally, complete the set with lip gloss in the shape of cupcakes, sure to please any birthday party attendee, and make the guests of your bridal shower feel sunny and youthful.

While you’ll go in different decor directions depending on whether you’re planning a birthday party or a bridal shower, most of these ideas will work for either. As long as you remember not to overwhelm guests with too much of the same hot pink color, your party is going to be fabulous.


Kelly Jacob’s Roaring 20s Party is the Bees Knees!

Thank you Kelly for sharing your party with us!

When I was asked to throw a Roaring 20s Theme party for a friends birthday, I knew exactly where to start.  Shindigz “dark brown brick paper” was perfect as the backdrop for my speak easy. Easy to put up I quickly had every wall covered of my friends basement. The paper is so realistic that people actually thought his basement was brick.

Brick wall

same brick wall

Adding to the allure of the brick wall was my “All that Jazz” Flapper Standee who comes with her own feather boa.

rum vodka wine

I used old wine crates and spray painted bottles to show that my speakeasy was well stocked.  Shindigz “Dollar Bags” added to the motif with fake money spilling out the tops of the bags.

buffet table

Dinner was served off a real wine barrel table and highlighted by Shindigz customized Speakeasy sign.

buffet 2

Candles, pearls and feather centerpieces added detail to the theme.


Guests were treated to a Champagne fountain.  The tiered Chandelier gave the champagne more elegance.


And personalized champagne bottles as favors.


An absolute “must have” and the crowd favorite was the “Mugshot Background with Personalized sign

group photo

group photo 2


The black foil curtain separated “reality” from  the 1920s as guests entered thru it to reach the speakeasy.


Guests were treated to handmade chocolate cigars and candy cigarettes.


cigarette box

Wanted” photos of the birthday boy decorated the walls of the speakeasy, as well as quotes popular to the era.




And there’s no Roaring 20s without gambling.  So a blackjack table was used as decor but later became an active part of the party.

blackjack table

Not pictured is “Jazz Trumpet Player” with his music box that belted out a continuos jazz tune that greeted guests at the door.
The party guests were also treated to signature drinks, prizes for best dressed and a quiz on “How well do you know the birthday boy?”
My Roaring 20s party was complete using the amazing and realistic decor from Shindigz and some personal touches of my own.



Great DIY Elmo Party Favor Ideas

If your little one giggles along to Elmo during Sesame Street, why not create a birthday full of laughter with the fuzzy red Muppet? Whether for baby’s first birthday or a ticklish toddler, guests will bring Elmo’s World memories home with these five do-it-yourself party favor ideas:

C is for Crayons. P is for Party Pails.

Ditch the conventional cellophane party favor bag and opt for a more permanent option. Kids get to reuse them for Halloween, Easter, or just hold onto them as a souvenir.

Make this a more educational take-home gift. After all, Elmo loves his crayons! Find coloring pages on the Sesame Street website, and add coloring books, crayon sets, rulers, stickers, and little story books to stick in your pails.

Plus, they  perfectly hold any piñata treats and traditional favors little ones love like blowouts and bubbles.


Dorothy Fish Bowls

Sure Ernie has his rubber duckies but in Elmo’s World, it’s all about his goldfish, Dorothy. Give party guests an adorable nod to Elmo’s goldy, Dorothy, by making little fish bowls.

Buy mini plastic fish bowls and fill them with goldfish. Put blue construction paper as the background and write your child’s name and birthday year.

For another Dorothy homage that’s toddler-sized, try marshmallow or cake pops. Just add blue-dye, melted chocolate, graham goldfish snacks, and lollipop sticks to your party supplies list.


Cookie Monster Approved Treats

Decorating Elmo cookies looks a lot harder than it seems. Simply bake round sugar cookies, add red frosting and white and black frosting for the eyes, an orange M&M or jellybean for a nose, and black licorice or half an Oreo cookie for a mouth (two cookies in one!) Display on an adorable Elmo cupcake stand.

Or, just bake some chocolate-chip cookies and place them on Sesame Street plates (featuring Cookie Monster, of course) and wrap the plates in cellophane. Add a milk carton or bottle for a cute effect and an after-dinner snack for mom, dad, and tyke’s enjoyment.

For the extra-mini Muppet fan, fill plastic baby bottles with mini chocolate chip cookies. Then decorate the bottles with cutouts. Or, melt some chocolates and adhere edible Elmo icing decorations to Oreos for delicious ElmOreos.



Elmo and Zoe’s Lemonade Stand

Make sure your creative party favors stand out. Instead of a boring table display, recreate Elmo and Zoe’s lemonade stand. Put your host, Elmo, to work at your drink stand with a life-sized balloon. Take pictures of the guests with the Elmo balloon and have a perfect addition to thank-you notes, as well.

Any table, wooden crate, or chest will work. Cover the surface with a tablecloth that shows Elmo and friends. Then use a banner or sign to mark it as the lemonade stand. How about: “[Insert birthday child’s name]’s La, La, La, La, La Lemonade.”

Serve lemonade in Elmo-themed cups, display matching drink napkins, and place your goodies next to each cup.

Toddlers love Elmo’s smiling face and bringing him home to your birthday baby’s friends keeps the celebration and laughter going. With your creative and colorful sweets and favors, your guests won’t need directions to Sesame Street.


Science Birthday Party by Sarah Sinkus

$100 Party of the Week winner Sarah shares her son’s love for Science at his birthday party.

My son loves science so i was trying to come up with a fun way to incorporate that in to a party I think I found it.  I love diy parties and out of the box of ordinary. So as i was searching for things for the party I realized I could reuse   a lot  of my Halloween decor that I already have.


I needed some decor so I decided to bring out my cricut machine.  I cut out scientists using a cartridge and i cut banner shapes and letters. I then just put it together with string.

science banner

science table

I decided on lots of bright neon colors. To go along with the theme, these fresh lime 9″ plates were used for food.  And I covered the table with a black plastic table cover from Shindigz.  I found these great light bulb jars and i put water in them and broke glow sticks in them it was a very cool effect. I also took different shape potion bottles i had in my Halloween stuff and filled with water and food coloring. Their cups are actually measuring flasks I found.  The little tubes on table are filled with nerds kind of a test tube feel. I also had petri dishes i made jello in and some had nerds in it or other candy for effect.


I decided we were going to do experiments and they could take home instead of junk in favor bags. We made slime and put in these containers and i made the labels on my computer.  (You can also personalize stickers at Shindigz.)

science table

We even had a science show courtesy of my husband and his friend complete with dry ice.

science cake

I usually  make all my cakes but i was a little busy so i bought one this time.

lab coats

All the kids had men’s white button down shirts as lab coats (my friend happen to be getting rid of them). I also baought some adult throw away lab coats for us and bigger kids. They had so much fun in them and in this picture they are doing diet coke and mentos explosion.

favor boxes

I made them all lab badges on my computer for them and the favor bags are black boxes and have their badges and one take home experiment and their safety goggles .they got to take home the things we made as well and their drinking cups.


science sign

We also made lava lamps with oil water food coloring.  It was a huge hit with the kids.  I made this sign for front door on my computer.   It was so much fun I cant wait for my next big idea.

Thank you for sharing your party with us Sarah!


How to Incorporate Real Toys Into Your Toy Story Birthday Party Decorations

Decorating for parties is a lot of fun, but when your kid’s party is themed, you want to go above and beyond the standard crêpe paper and balloons. What better way to decorate for a Toy Story party than to incorporate real toys into the decor? Use these fun tips to sprinkle actual toys throughout the party and give the kids an authentic Toy Story experience.

Create a Toy-Filled Centerpiece

Cupcake stands don’t just have to hold cupcakes; they don’t even have to hold food. To make the ultimate Toy Story centerpiece for your table, grab a cupcake stand or two, then fill it with toys. Sit them on the edges next to each other like they’re looking out at the kids. Toy Story action figures are especially fun but any toys will do to create a cool effect. The cupcake stand itself is Toy Story-themed, so no matter what you have, it’ll work perfectly.


Costume Items Provide Instant Games

Kids love to play dress-up, and the characters in Toy Story offer so much material for impromptu games. Stock up on toy cowboy hats and toy space helmets. These items will look awesome on display atop a table or adorning a wall and will be even more fun when they come down. The kids might reenact scenes from the movies or make up their own scenarios. Make believe is the best kind of fun because the possibilities are endless. To incorporate even more characters, burlap sacks with paper cut out features will do in a pinch for the potato heads, and anything green can become an alien or Rex the dinosaur.


Mini Toys Make Great Place Settings and Party Favors

Give the kids a fantastic last impression of the party by sending them home with top-notch party favors. Start by decorating each place setting at the table with these cool tiny toys which the kids will have a ball playing with while they wait for cake. Then let the kids take them home after the party is over.

A Buzz Lightyear backpack clip doubles as an action figure and a cool way to display their favorite Toy Story character at school. Sheriff’s badges featuring each kid’s name will make it fun to pretend to be Woody or Jessie on the playground. Finally, a cowboy boot pin that blinks will be so much fun in the dark at sleepovers. The pin joins with magnets, so no sharp pins will poke fingers or rip clothes.


Use Toys As Cake Decorations

It wouldn’t be very fun to put real toys on top of a cake (and it might not be especially sanitary, either!). Instead, use edible toys and candles as decorations. Rex the dinosaur and the green alien from Pizza Planet make great themed cake decorations your partygoers can eat. Instead of regular candles, stick a bunch of candles shaped like aliens and little rocket ships atop the cake.

Make your Toy Story party truly special. Your decorations will go above and beyond if you put real toys in the mix. The guests will be delighted, their parents will be impressed, and the birthday boy or girl will love feeling like the movie has truly come to life.


Host an Outrageous Monster High Party

A Monster High-themed birthday party is a great idea for girls — after all, the franchise is all about celebrating individuality and encouraging the differences that makes each person unique. Don’t let throwing a Monster High party frighten you; with a little planning and creativity, your event will thrill your guests and delight your daughter. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Monstrously Fun Invitations

Make Monster High student ID cards for eye-catching invitations. Take a head shot of your daughter and affix it to the corner of a pink tag board rectangle. Stencil “Monster High” in black across the top, your daughter’s name underneath, and the words “Student ID” at the bottom. Write the details of the party in the middle of the card. Alternatively, you can skip the photo and write each guest’s name on the ID card instead of the birthday girl’s. Of course, you can choose an attractive pre-printed invitation, too, if you don’t trust your artistic abilities.


Consider a Costume Party

Girls love to wear costumes and dress up and a Monster High birthday party is the perfect opportunity for girls to let their creativity shine. Choose a ready-made character costume like Catty Noir, Viperine, or Elissabet for instant impact. You could also comb area thrift shops for suitable Monster attire and let the girls put together outfits at your party. Just make sure to let guests know it’s a costume party on the invitations if you want them to come properly attired.


Ghoulish Goodies

A good menu is an essential component to a successful Monster High party. A coffin-shaped cookie cutter can be used for coffin cookies or even to create coffin-shaped puffed rice treats and brownies.

Make individual graveyard goodies by filling a paper cup with chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies with a sugar cookie headstone and some gummy worm candies. Make tasty spiders by attaching pretzel stick legs to a caramel candy center. Finger sandwiches are a fun and easy option.

Add a personalized Monster High label to bottled water for a fun party drink or make a yummy monster punch with blood-red pomegranate juice and ginger ale.

Carry the Monster High theme into your birthday cake or cupcakes with a pink and black frosting and a monster cake topper or cupcake picks.


Great Games Make the Party

The best parties have at least two or three fun games with cute party prizes. Bobbing for apples, a Halloween favorite, is perfect for a Monster High theme. Try the vampire makeup challenge: since vampires can’t see their reflections, have each guest apply makeup without a mirror. Purchase some inexpensive eye shadows and liners, mascara, blush, and lipsticks and turn the girls loose. Give a prize to the girl with the best makeup.

Another fun activity is Fear Squad try-outs: let guests take turns being Cleo de Nile and inventing a Fear Cheer. The other guests have to duplicate the cheer or get eliminated. Have a dance-off or play the Monster High theme song and have the girls dance and then freeze when you stop the music. The last person to stop moving is out.

End your party with a Monster High piñata stuffed with brightly colored candies, stickers, beads, and bracelets. Don’t forget a swag bag for guests to take home their piñata loot and other party favors.

Go bold with your Monster High decorations and food; your birthday girl and her guests will have a blast.


Score With Soccer Party Food Ideas That Are Sure to Win Over the Crowd

You may be following your favorite team as they make their way through the World Cup. Or you might have kids who play soccer or simply love the sport. Either way, your soccer-themed party isn’t complete without themed food. Not only will your food table look so cool it enhances your overall decor, your guests will also appreciate the creativity that went into preparing the food. Check out these five food ideas:

Soccer Ball Cake

Bake the sportiest cake around by making it in the shape of a soccer ball. Start with a handy soccer ball cake pan, then jazz it up with black and white icing in the iconic hexagonal pattern. Decorating the cake is just half the fun – the other half is the presentation. Place the cake on a rectangular plate on top of some green paper. Set up tiny goals at either end and you’re sure to score a major goal with partygoers.


Stadium Snacks in a Cup

You don’t have to be a master chef to create a great soccer-themed snack for your guests. Fill soccer ball cups with stadium foods like popcorn and chips. Throw some french fries in the mix, too. They will look great set up in rows on a table and the small portions will keep your guests satisfied without ruining their appetites if you’ve got cake or a main course coming.


Soccer Candles Make Great Food Decorations

These awesome soccer ball toothpick candles will work great in a cake or as decoration on individual cupcakes, but why stop there? You don’t have to light the candles, just use them as decorations! Stick them in cheese cubes to add flair to your fruit and cheese plate, or use them to spruce up donuts or donut holes. They would look great atop green icing, so get creative with your desserts!


Sporty Plates and Napkins

You’ve done so much work to create themed food to really make your party score. So, give your plain paper plates and napkins a red card and throw them out of the game. Stacks of festive plates and napkins that follow your sporty theme will not only make your table look good, but they’ll amuse your guests as well. If you want to go all out, drape your food table with some green tissue paper grass to make it look like a soccer pitch. You could even get tiny goals to put at either end. When setting up your food, presentation is half the fun.


Soccer Ball Piñata

If your soccer party is a birthday party for kids, they’ll love hitting a piñata and collecting the candy once it comes out. If you want to make it into even more of a game, lower the piñata so instead of hitting it with a stick, the kids are kicking it just like their favorite soccer players. Just be sure to have everyone stand back in case someone gets overenthusiastic!

Every soccer fan at your party will love these clever food ideas. Plus, they will look so cool, people won’t be able to help heading towards the food table and sampling all the delights and delicacies. With the best food to enhance the theme of your party, you’ll always be on the winning team.


How to Host a Great Soccer Birthday Party

Hosting a birthday party for your son or daughter is easier when you’ve got a unifying theme. If your child plays soccer —o r is just a soccer fan — why not throw a soccer birthday bash? Here are some great ideas to get your party started.

Set the Scene with the Invites

While there are lots of pre-printed soccer invites that get the job done, it’s often helpful to send custom personalized invites that help guests know what kind of party to expect. Phrases like, “let’s kick up some fun,” tell guests your party will likely have some outdoor athletic activities and games, so they come dressed to play.

Choose invites with the colors of your child’s favorite team and use those colors in your party planning. If your child and their guests play on a team together, you may want to use team colors in your party. Be sure to send your invites at least three or four weeks in advance, especially if your party falls during the school year so parents have time to plan.


Prepare the Pitch

Once you’ve decided where you’re throwing your soccer party, it’s time to choose your decorations. Your decorations are more limited in an outdoor party, but you can still hang balloons and streamers, put birthday yard signs in the grass, and decorate the food and gift tables.

For an indoor party, you can get as creative as your budget allows. Hang soccer pennants along doorways and walls. Use synthetic grass mats on the goodies and cake table; they’re the perfect backdrop for a soccer ball cake. Cover a wall in the party room with soccer decals or a scene setter. Make clusters of black and white balloons to keep the soccer ball theme.


Score with the Perfect Party Foods

A soccer theme party is the perfect place to showcase a creative touch on the foods you’d typically find at a soccer stadium. Popcorn is a yummy and inexpensive favorite; you can also add a glaze in your team’s colors for extra punch. Hotdogs, pretzels, and nachos are all popular kid-friendly choices. Serve your goodies in striped paper containers just like you’d find at the stadium.

There are lots of options for a soccer-themed birthday cake. The simplest option is to decorate a sheet cake like a soccer field with green icing and field markings piped in white topped with a soccer ball candle. You can also make a soccer ball cake by baking your cake mix in oven-proof glass bowls that can be glued together with icing and covered in frosting to resemble a soccer ball. Individual cupcakes topped with feathered green icing that looks like grass and topped with a soccer ball candy are another option kids will love.


The Goal is Great Games

Soccer-themed games can be adapted for indoor or outdoor parties. Try soccer bowling using empty soda bottles for pins. Have players kick the ball to knock down pins; score just like regular bowling. Play airheads with black and white balloons; players must keep their balloon in the air using only their heads. A summer favorite is the water balloon obstacle course where guests have to dribble a water balloon around cones and other obstacles without breaking their balloon.

Be sure to send guests home with a soccer-themed swag bag and great memories of your child’s special day.



Crabby Patties Don’t Sound Good? Find Great SpongeBob Party Favor Ideas Here

Kids love themed birthday parties, and SpongeBob is one of the most popular characters on TV. So what could be better than a SpongeBob themed birthday party for your child’s special day?

Of course, an excellent party requires exceptional party favors. Fortunately, there are more options than the typical Crabby Patties. Check out our great selection of SpongeBob party favor ideas.

The SpongeBob Swag Box

If you’re short on time and looking for the perfect collection of trinkets and goodies every child will appreciate, this pre-packaged box of SpongeBob favors is just the ticket. The bright yellow box includes a SpongeBob stadium cup, key chain, icon ring, stickers, party hat, and individually wrapped candies. Hand these to guests when they arrive to help get the party started—or save them for a parting favor to surprise guests on their journey home.


Giant Shark Mouth Photo Stand-In

Send guests home with a photo memory of their underwater adventure with this shark mouth photo set. Take a digital photo of each guest with the birthday boy or girl and have a helper print them out during the party. Decorate a simple cardboard or magnetic picture frame and pass them out as guests leave. This giant octopus photo stand-in also works well with the underwater adventure theme. Parents love these photo favors of their children at your party.


Personalized Lollipops and Candies

These brightly colored fruit swirl lollipops are a fun treat for kids that are just as tasty as they are colorful. These lollipops are also available in a plain white variety and in rich milk chocolate; buy some of every flavor and let guests choose. Miniature personalized Underwater Adventure chocolate bars are another awesome option; pile them in a sand bucket for a quick and easy table decoration.


Beach Bucket and Shovel

These turquoise and yellow beach buckets are perfect SpongeBob party favors. You can put a little sand in each bucket and bury packaged candies and trinkets for guests to uncover when they get home. To make them really special, put a real starfish or two on top–it’s sure to delight your guests. They also make a cute and convenient lunch bucket for party snacks; put a sandwich, chips, and juice box in each for an easy party picnic lunch. Add a personalized sticker label for a special memento of your child’s party.


Colorful Fish Water Squirters

Why not try something different and fun for your SpongeBob party favors? These perky plastic fish water squirters work well with the Underwater Adventure theme and are great for outdoor water play during the party if the weather permits. Your guests will play with them long after the party’s over, too; they make wonderful bath toys. These little squirter fish pair well with a bag of gummy fish candy in a brightly colored favor bag.


SpongeBob Mylar Balloon

For a quick and fun party favor, give each guest his or her own SpongeBob mylar balloon. These sturdy colorful balloons are over two feet tall and tough enough to last for weeks. This is a no-fuss, no-mess party favor that’s easy on the hostess—and the party budget. Plus, mylar balloons are always a hit with the kids.

Don’t settle for run-of-the-mill party favors at your child’s SpongeBob bash. These fun favors are affordable, attractive, and sure to please your guests.