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Nantucket Ocean View Theme Party or Prom

Recreate the romantic scenery of Nantucket with the Nantucket Ocean View Theme Kit. This kit includes a personalized sailboat prop along with other decorations to turn any event into a nautical paradise.

Complete the look by dressing up your tables with our white round polyester tablecloths and festive Nantucket centerpieces!

To make the venue more authentic, add our Seaside Dock Prop. Not only will this view be a perfect photo op, but your guests will treasure their walks along the sea.

A night so special should be one to remember. As a token of the extraordinary event, give away Personalized Nantucket Favor Kits filled with cookies or candy.


120 In. Round Polyester Tablecloth White

Add a touch of class to your event with our White 120 inch Round Polyester Tablecloth.

Our White Round Polyester Tablecloth is a reusable table cover that will add a touch of color to your event tables. Each White Round Tablecloth is made of woven polyester and measures 120 inches in diameter. The White Round Polyester Tablecloths are machine washable and provide a floor drop on a standard 60 inch round table


Give your tabletops an authentic look and feel by adding Nantucket Centerpieces to the mix!

Add this Nantucket Centerpiece to your party tables to add a festive look.

This Nantucket Centerpiece is easy to assemble and may be dressed up by adding greenery around it.14szctpnpc[1]

Take a walk along the sea on our Seaside Dock.

Create a romantic seaside scene with our exclusive Seaside Dock Prop. This kit will include 50 feet of weathered wood patterned flat paper, (2) 4 foot high octagon pilings and (6) 2 foot high octagon pilings with rope. Assembly required.


DIY Favor Bag Kit

Fill these Nantucket Personalized Favor Bag Kits with candy or cookies to send home with your guests.

Use these Nantucket Favor Bag Kits that feature a personalized bag topper with anchors and a rope to hold your guest’s party favors. Each Nautical Favor Bag Kit contains 40 clear bags and 36 bag toppers. Assembly is required.


How to Become an Event Planner and the Skills Needed to Succeed

If you’ve always loved planning parties as much as attending them, and you have an eye for details, possess strong people skills and a flair for creativity, it may be time to consider a career as an event planner. As the person that is always choosing which birthday balloons to use or the perfect sweet 16 party favors, you’re in luck! The event planning industry is projected to experience growth of 33 percent between 2012 and 2022. With those projections, the need for talented individuals will be in demand.

What does an event planner do?
Before diving into the mechanics of how to become an event planner, first focus on the event planner’s role. Event planners are responsible for all the details for a special occasion, such as a wedding, corporate retreat, fundraising event or any type of convention. These types of special events are complex and require someone who can coordinate everything from securing the venue and arranging wedding decorations, to working closely with service providers such as florists, caterers and photographers.

The event planner’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Personal meetings and regular communication with clients
  • Planning of the event, including a budget and timetable
  • Securing bids from venues and inspecting those venues
  • Meeting with and securing bids from service providers
  • Coordinating all aspects of the event (hotel reservations, transportation, food, entertainment, etc.)
  • Monitoring and keeping the event on schedule
  • Receiving, reviewing and approving event bills for payment


Becoming an event planner
A bachelor’s degree in hospitality or tourism management typically is needed when beginning a career as an event planner. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Many employers prefer applicants who have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience in hotels or planning.” Related degrees in public relations, marketing, business or communications also may be beneficial.

While completing your degree, hands-on experience may be found through volunteering for committee work with campus groups or nonprofit organizations.
In addition to a bachelor’s degree, a Certified Meeting Professional or CMP credential is a recognized professional certification in the industry, particularly for event planners specializing in meeting/convention planning. The certification is offered through the Convention Industry Council. The Society of Government Meeting Professionals or SGMP offers the Certified Government Meeting Professional credential, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Event planner skills
To become an event planner certain skills are needed. Strong communication skills are one of the most important. Event planners must be able to verbally express their ideas and concerns, as well as communicate via email, formal business letters and even through social media. Other important skills an event planner must possess include:

  • Organization
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Grace under pressure
  • Ability to negotiate
  • People-person/customer service

A great event planner also has intuition or the ability to understand his or her client’s emotional state. This is particularly important for wedding planners who must address the stress a bridal couple faces during the months leading up to the wedding.

Hashtag Prom Theme Party or Prom

Be the coolest school around with our trendy Hashtag Prom Theme.  Welcome your guests to Prom by hanging Metallic Foil Curtains in each entrance. These curtains can also be used cover walls or even as a photo backdrop. But, the Black Luminescent Circle Arch, provided in the kit, would be the main focal point of your event. Your guests will love posing by the arch wearing Multi-Color Glow Necklaces. These necklaces can also be used as decoration to make your tables shine. To brighten up your venue even more, use our Round LED Lights as centerpieces. By pressing the button on the bottom, the color of the lights will change. Certainly, these lights will be the talk of the school.

Hashtag Prom Theme

Brighten up your Prom with this Hashtag Prom 2015 Theme Kit. Use the Black Luminescent Circle Arch adorned with glow necklaces as the main focal point of your event for unique photo ops.


3 inch Round LED Light

These Small Round LED Lights may be set to a constant color or one of two color changing speeds. Each Round LED Light measures 3 inches in diameter and comes with two CR2032 batteries. Use our Small Round LED Lights to create the perfect centerpiece for your Prom, homecoming dance, wedding or specialty event that will make your tables shine.


Glow Panel

Decorate your event with Glow Panels!

This Glow Panel Background will make a great backdrop at your glow event. Each Glowing Panel measures 7 feet 4 inches X 3 feet 10 inches and is made of printed cardboard. Printed on one side only. Easy assembly. Use several of these panels to outline your glow event.


Multi-Color Glow Necklaces

Favors that Glow!

Multi-Color Glow Necklaces will be a hit at your glow party or night game. These 22 inch Assorted Glow Necklaces will glow for 4 – 6 hours once they’ve been activated. Colors included are red, yellow, pink, purple and green. Glow Necklaces are activated by bending the necklace back and forth. The bending will activate the harmless chemicals inside of each necklace. You can wear the necklaces or use them to decorate tables and more.

Students enjoy wearing them.



Metallic Foil Curtain

Decorating Made Easier!

These new Metallic Foil Curtains make decorating large areas a snap! Add a dazzling touch to your Prom with these 12 feet wide x 8 feet high metallic curtains. We used two layers of curtains in the photo shown to create an even fuller look. Sparkle, cover walls, photo backdrop.


The History of the Piñata

The piñata, the colorful papier-mâché creation that can be filled with candy, small toys and other trinkets has a long history. The history of the piñata dates back to the time of Marco Polo, and earlier. Today, the modern piñata makes appearances at birthday parties, Halloween parties, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and more.

Early history of piñatas
According to the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, the piñata traces its roots to China. The famous Italian explorer Marco Polo is said to have seen figures of paper animals covered in colorful swatches of paper and filled with seeds during his visit to China. The seeds flowed out when it was hit with a stick. The Chinese then burned the paper creation before gathering its ashes for good luck.
Historians believe Marco Polo brought the idea of the piñata back to Italy. By the 14th century the Italians crafted “pignatta” for Lenten celebrations. A tradition developed, and within the next century the piñata was in Spain, before missionaries carried the custom to New Spain, which included Mexico and areas that are now part of the southwestern United States, some West Indian islands, the Philippines and Central America north of Panama. The Christian missionaries used the piñata as a teaching tool.
Piñata history: Mexico
Steeped in religious meaning because of its origins from Christian missionaries, the Mexican piñata traditionally featured a spherical shape accented with seven cone-shaped points. Each of the seven points represented one of the seven deadly sins, while the treats inside the hollow piñata symbolized life’s virtuous pleasures. The piñata stick was known as the virtue stick, and it represented how faith had the strength to defeat evil (the seven deadly sins/piñata points). The treats that would spill from the piñata symbolized the hope of everlasting reward. Mexican families soon began including the piñata as part of their Christmas traditions and celebrations of faith.

The piñata today
Today, the piñata is used in celebrations by cultures across the globe. The spherical shape with seven points, originally seen in Mexico, still can be found. However, the animal shapes of the ancient Chinese are popular, as are shapes to symbolize icons of various holidays. The latter may include Christmas trees, a witch for Halloween, or a red, white and blue star for Independence Day in the United States.
You can find piñatas in the shape of your favorite sport’s ball, numbers to signify age (for a birthday) and specially made piñatas for boys or girls to coordinate with your party’s festive theme. When selecting a piñata for any party, be sure to include a stick and blindfold, as tradition dictates that participants must have their eyes covered when taking a hit at the piñata.

Deanna’s End of School Under The Sea Party

Each June, our elementary school holds a party for the sixth graders that will be leaving our school and heading to middle school in the fall.  I volunteered to be in charge of decorations for my daughter’s sixth grade class.  I needed to decorate our school foyer and the cafeteria. The challenge was how to decorate a 35 year old school, on a budget, in a way that the kids won’t feel like they are coming to school, but rather to a party, their party.


I started searching for theme ideas and possible decorations online at Shindigz and Pinterest.  I needed some kind of wall coverings to transform our school foyer’s brick walls and our cafeteria’s walls and stage. I decided to decorate the foyer with an “Under the Sea” theme and the cafeteria that is right off the foyer in a beach theme. I thought that the joint themes would be fun and one both the girls and boys would enjoy.  Our party would be in June at the end of the school year and the kids would be ready for some time at the beach!


Since I needed to cover 9’ walls in the foyer, I went with Shindigzbubbles pattern flat paper that I could hang vertically and cover the walls from top to bottom. I hung the paper all around the school foyer, covering up windows and blocking out the light.  To give the feeling of walking under the sea, I hung Mylar fish, dolphin , and sea creature balloons to the ceiling with fishing wire and added clear balloons for air bubbles throughout the lobby, along with some seaweed looking balloons on the floor.  Our check-in table had a balloon arch over it with a pretty table skirt on the table to really set the mood right when the kids walked in!  As each student arrived at the party and their mouths formed “oohs” and “aahs”, I knew that the foyer was successfully transformed in to an Under the Sea world!


The next challenge was the cafeteria and how to cover the walls and stage. We used the beach room roll and ocean blue room roll from Shindigz.  We used the water roll on the bottom going horizontally and put the beach roll on top.  This enabled us to cover up to 8 feet high on the walls. We did this all around the cafeteria. We also added the set of 3 cardboard stand up surf boards from Shindigz on one end of the stage and the shark attack cardboard standup on the other end. We then tied a shark pool toy from the ceiling to be near the shark bite surfboard. It looked pretty cool. We also put some  “danger, shark attack” mylar balloons tied to a balloon weight on the other side of the surfboard.  For seating, we used canopy tents that families had for sporting events or the beach, and put beach chairs underneath in groups of ten.  This gave the kids a cool seating group to hang out with their friends. We also inflated fifty beach balls and tied fishing wire to them and hung them all over the ceiling. 4B3B8860The party decorations were a hit with all the kids and their parents.  The school was successfully transformed! It was a great send off for our sixth graders and a party that they won’t soon forget!

Black and Bling Fairytale Theme

Make Prom Night really feel like a fairytale with our Black and Bling Fairytale Theme Kit. The Black and Bling Fairytale Frame Prop makes a great photo op for couples.  Add to the fantasy with our Luminescent Canopy Gazebo that your school can use for events year after year. Drape the walls with Silver Taffeta and Purple Gossamer for a splash of color and make your tables shine with Star Centerpieces. Our Bling Fairytale Custom Coasters can be used to both protect tabletops and as a keepsake for all the invited guests.

Black and Bling Fairytale Theme Kit

Choose your background color for this Black and Bling Fairytale Theme Kit.

This Black and Bling Fairytale Theme Kit is a great way to jazz up your fairytale celebration. The Black and Bling Fairytale Frame Prop makes a great photo op for couples.


Purple Gossamer

Our Purple Gossamer is the ultimate decorating material for Mardi Gras and events! The non-woven, lightweight, and sheer purple gossamer makes fabulous background material and creates gorgeous ceilings, beautiful bows, sensational swags, and more! Layer our purple gossamer to create deeper and richer colors.


Silver Taffeta

Use Silver Taffeta to add a bold splash of color to walls, tables, photo backdrops, and more! This high-quality, silver material has a fabulous reflective finish and measures 58 inches wide x 20 yards long. Upgrade your Prom décor in an instant with Silver Taffeta.


Black and Bling Fairytale Custom Coasters

Protect your tabletops with Black and Bling Fairytale Custom Coasters.

For a fashionable look at your next party choose Black and Bling Fairytale Custom Coasters featuring a black background with faux rhinestone sparkles and swirls accenting your personalized text. Each Fairytale Bling Personalized Coaster is made of pulp board measuring 1/16 inches thick x 3 1/2 inches square. Our coasters are sold in packages of 100 and make great keepsake items for each of your guests.


Silver Star Sparkle Centerpiece

Make your event tables shine with Star Centerpieces like this Silver Star Sparkle Centerpiece.


Luminescent Canopy Gazebo

Our Luminescent Canopy Gazebo measures 9 feet high x 9 feet 2 inches wide x 9 feet 2 inches deep and is so versatile that this gazebo can be decorated for any event. This luminescent gazebo includes one metal topper and four luminescent square columns. Lights not included. Assembly required.


7 New Ways to Revamp Your Kids’ Playroom Décor

When it’s time to give the kids’ playroom a facelift, look beyond a coat of paint and a new rug. Whether you’re looking to add a new element or aiming for a total revamping of the space, consider these seven playroom decorating ideas to create a new look for your children’s space.

  1. Bring the outdoors in

Look to nature as a way to freshen and revitalize your kids’ play area. One of the easiest ways to add a nature-inspired decoration to a playroom is with a wall decal. Opt for a removable wall decal in a tree design with leaf-filled branches that drape artistically when positioned near a reading chair. Another option is to have a full wall mural (painted) of a forest scene or flowers in a meadow, which creates a statement wall that sets the theme for the room.


  1. Repurpose furniture

Turn your old entertainment center into a new play kitchen as a great DIY project that repurposes a piece of furniture no longer in use. Several online sources offer easy-to-follow directions for creating a custom play kitchen your children will love. Check out the step-by-step pictures at for this fun weekend project.

  1. Custom ribbon window treatments

New window treatments quickly change and update the look of any room. Add some custom DIY kids playroom décor by abandoning store-bought curtains and creating a window treatment fashioned from ribbons. Select ribbons to match the room’s color scheme and/or theme, selecting at least three to five complementary ribbons. Choose two solid colors and three patterned ribbons and cut lengths to fit the window space. When measuring, be sure to add enough length to tie the ribbons (use a necktie knot) securely to a decorative tension rod.


  1. Photo mural

Transform your playroom wall décor with a photo mural on one wall. Photo murals come in a variety of themes and are hung easily with an adhesive. It’s a simple DIY project that helps you create a statement wall and anchors the playroom’s theme.

  1. Wall decals

When paint and wallpaper are too permanent, look to removable wall decals for a quick and easy update. Wall decals require no glue, adhesives or hanging materials; simply peel and stick. They’re available in almost any theme, character, size and color you can imagine. You can even choose customized wall decals that feature your child’s picture or first name initial for a unique monogram decal.

  1. Curtain enclosed reading/quiet place nook

Often the playroom is the space for the kids to enjoy a wild rumpus. However, a quiet space or reading nook is a nice addition to any playroom, allowing the kids to have a special spot for relaxing. Use a curved shower rod as the hardware to attach a whimsical curtain that matches the room’s theme, or create your own from flowing fabrics like shimmera or iridescent chiffon. Add some comfy cushions and a reading light to complete the area.

  1. Birthday art

Revamp the wall art in the kids’ playroom by framing deflated Mylar balloon from the most recent birthday. Your child’s favorite party balloons quickly and easily become adorable artwork that he’ll love looking at long after the birthday party is over. You can also create cute framed artwork from fabulous kid-themed wrapping paper or from a collage of your child’s birthday cards. It’s a great way to personalize the play space.

1920s Chicago Theme

Go back in time to the roaring twenties where gangsters ruled the city with our 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit. Guests will transport to this era by first walking on our Red Aisle Runner lined with Mini Street Lights. The space can be brightened with Black City Street Lights. Your guests will have a ball posing in front of the Mugshot Background and admiring the City Lights Skyline (included in the kit).


Take a step back in time with our 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit.

Our fabulous 1920’s Chicago Theme Kit will take you back in time to the roaring twenties where gangsters ruled the city. Customize the marquee arch to make your event stand out.



Light up the streets or walkway with Black City Street Lights!

This Black City Street Light will illuminate your enchanted evening with flair! Each Black Street Light is made of plastic and measures 6 feet high x 1 feet wide and features a candle bulb that plugs into a standard outlet. Bulb included. Easy assembly.



Show your best side in this Mugshot Background.

Spice up your 1920’s event with the addition of this Mugshot Background that features a tall standee and two signs. Each Mugshot Prop Set includes a one-sided 4 feet 7 inch wide x 8 feet tall cardboard standee and two personalized signs to hold. Easy assembly.




Add a decorative touch to your party with Mini City Street Lights!


Capture the city streets with this Mini City Street Light. This electric lamp post is 1 feet 10 inches high and holds a small light bulb. This Mini Street Lamp will match any city theme and can be reused next year.



5 Tips for Planning a 50th Birthday Party

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids! Celebrate an adult’s milestone birthday with a great party where family and friends can come together to wish the guest of honor health and happiness. When planning a 50th birthday party, keep these five tips in mind for a fun event.
Guest list

The guest list may dictate the party’s theme, venue and overall style. If it’s a surprise party, work with the birthday person’s spouse or significant other in order to include everyone that he or she would want to invite for the special day. For a party that is not a surprise, have the birthday person help with the guest list.
Questions to think about regarding the guest list include:

  • Small and intimate with a few close friends?
  • Adults only?
  • Ladies or gents only?
  • Just family?
  • Coworkers, friends, neighbors, family and pretty much everyone the guest of honor knows?

If hosting a large 50th birthday party, be sure to set a budget and consider co-hosting with a friend or family member.
Funny, causal or elegant

While some people enjoy the idea of celebrating a milestone birthday, they don’t like the over-the-hill or old fogey themed parties. Know what the guest of honor prefers before selecting a theme: funny, casual or elegant. For those who love to laugh at themselves and their age, a fun-filled Ole Fogey or Vintage Vixen theme may be just the ticket.


A casual 50th birthday party may be as simple as a backyard barbecue, Sunday brunch at a favorite restaurant or an adults only game night. Elegant options include a formal dinner at an upscale restaurant, a Wine & Dessert party and a cocktail party with mini-bites buffet.
Theme and décor

The guest list, budget and style of party will influence your choice of theme and décor. For an Ole Fogey theme, consider a party pack that features a classic wood grain pattern accented with a fun moonshine-style label on the plates and napkins. The party pack has everything you need, from tableware to streamers, balloons and a personalized banner.
Fun themes for a 50th birthday party also include:

  • Casino night
  • Carnival
  • Mardi Gras
  • One Night in Paris
  • Western
  • Hollywood Style
  • Luau
  • Retro
  • 1950s (for a new 50 year old)

Coordinate all décor to match the theme. For a One Night in Paris party feature a Parisian standee as a photo prop for the guests to help create pictures for an album of memories. Have flower leis for each of your guests for a luau party, or bandanas for a western theme.
Food and drink

Coordinate the food and drink with the theme. Great food ideas for a luau include grilled shrimp and pineapple kabobs and any drinks served in festive coconut cups. An elegant cocktail party to celebrate a 50th birthday must have a signature drink for the guest of honor. It doesn’t have to be a new drink, it can be an exotic recipe that she’s never ordered but contains her favorite alcohol and flavors. Another option is to personalize the bar with customized wine bottle labels designed just for the 50th birthday bash.

Invitation etiquette

People have busy schedules, so it’s essential to send out the party invitations early. On average, it’s best to send invites four to six weeks before the party date. Request an R.S.V.P. date of two weeks before the party and give guests more than one way to respond: by phone, email or even social media. If the guest of honor has requested no gifts, include this on the invitation.

Extra Special 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Men

That special guy is turning 50! It’s a milestone birthday and deserves a fantastic celebration. Planning a memorable event for his half-century marker is easy with these fun 50th birthday party ideas for men. Consider a manly-style theme to tie all elements of the party together, from the invitations to the decorations, food and party favors.
Cheers and beers

For the beer-loving man, this is a great theme that sets the tone for a casual, fun-filled party that will be enjoyed by both genders. Customize the invitations to read: Mark is turning 50, join us for cheers & beers! Personalize his favorite brand of suds with customized beer bottle labels and fill the food table with his favorites like wings, mini sub sandwiches and an awesome seven-layer dip. Décor can feature a personalized beer bottle standee, ideal for a photo op prop, a beer mug inflatable cooler, and balloons and streamers in gold, white and black.

Classic car theme

Any car guy will love this theme for his special 50th birthday celebration: You’re not old. You’re a classic! Look to a color palette of bright red with silver (chrome) and ’57 Chevy blue accents. Include a statement piece like this sleek roadster standee, perfect for photo ops during the party. Use matchbox-sized toy cars as 3-D props on the food table that can feature finger foods such as slider-style sandwiches, vegetable platters and the birthday guy’s favorite chips and dip.
Mustache bash

Everyone from men to women and kids alike, will enjoy a festive ‘stache bash to celebrate a gent’s 50th birthday. As a theme party, the Mustache Bash offers a ton of great possibilities that include a funky photo station where everyone can don a ‘stache and have a picture snapped, as well as mustache wall decals, mustache party supplies and a spectacular mustache arch walkway to greet your guests as they enter the party. Opt for a mustache-shaped birthday cake or cupcakes with mustache toppers. Arrange the cupcakes in the shape of the number 50 to complete the theme.
Vintage dude

50 years falls into the vintage category for many things, so give your guest of honor a party that celebrates his new vintage status. The Vintage Dude theme for a 50th birthday party features a red, black and white color scheme and is available in a full party pack that includes everything you need, from tableware to decorations. Add a birthday cake with a Vintage Dude message, black frosting, and white and red lettering/accents as an eye-catching centerpiece on the food table.

50th birthday party ideas for men are numerous. When choosing a theme for his special party, look to his hobbies and favorite things for inspiration. If you need help putting together a new theme, our party planning experts can help.