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Category Archives: Cake Ideas

Jungle Animal Birthday Cake

Try this easy but immensely kid-pleasing decorated cake for a jungle- or safari-related themed kid’s party. You’ll need: One cake mix Hard board surface on which to build the cake Chocolate icing White icing Green colored sprinkle sugar Cake decorating icing to write happy Birthday or a package of Happy Birthday Pick Candles Small hard […]

Try Your Luck with a Fortune Cookie Cake

The fortune cookie has an interesting history. First used in Japan as a temple tradition, its migration to the United States, subsequent evolution and marketing resulted in a version associated with Chinese restaurants but which is just about as American as apple pie! At any rate, our offering today is a recipe for a Fortune […]

Cake Basics: Assembling Your Cake

Many decorated cakes are too large for standard plates and platters, or call for a more creative display. If that’s the case with your latest creation, prepare a base or “cake board” that’s a bit larger than the cake and echoes its shape. You can use a cutting board or a cookie sheet, pieces of […]

Cake Basics: Mixes and Ready-Mades We Like

Our Favorite Cake Mixes If you have a favorite family recipe, or just enjoy baking scratch cakes, our hats are off to you! However, if that’s not your scene, it’s good to know that many of the problems traditionally associated with boxed cake mixes have been eliminated. It used to be the main reason to […]

Cake Basics: Equipment

Bakeries today are turning out cakes that are ever more gorgeous and creative. However, many of us still prefer the tradition of baking our own cakes to recognize special times in the lives of those who are most important to us. If this describes you, you’ll want to take a look at our cake recommendations […]

Boys and Girls Love to Party with My Horse

Whether you put them in a barn or corral them in the backyard, birthday boys and girls who love horses will love the My Horse party. Have (or help) your child choose a slogan for the party to set the tone and make it his/her own: “Horsin’ Around Birthday Party!” “Riders Rule at Taylor’s Horse […]

A First Communion is a Joyous Celebration

Is your household celebrating a First Communion this spring? If so, we want you to know that ShindigZ has introduced new items to its catalog of First Communion party supplies. The Joyous Celebration Party Kit features a muted prismatic pastel design bordered with a filigree pattern. This kit, as is true of all of our […]

Make a Splash with Pool Party Food

Serve easy to prepare summer fun beach food for your pool party. Grill hot dogs and hamburgers or go a little bit more elaborate with crab legs and melted butter! Add some cole slaw, baked beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, fruit kabobs or a watermelon bowl filled with the season’s freshest fruit, and […]

Food Ideas for a Superstar Hannah Montana Party

For a Hannah Montana birthday party you’ll want to have food and cake fit for a every superstar guest. Check out these tips for a Star Shaped Cake and Microphone Cupcakes: Star Shaped Cake–What you’ll need: 1- Cake mix Star Shaped pan 1- 16 oz. container of ready-made frosting (Reserve ¼ cup to frost the snowball.) […]

Food Ideas for a Backyard BBQ Bash

Food is the key ingredient for a BBQ themed party. For your menu, keep it simple with classic barbeque foods or ask guests to each bring their favorite cookout dish. Here are some of our favorite recipes. Irene’s Barbecue Chicken Ingredients: 6-8 pieces of Chicken 12 oz. can of Coke Kraft barbecue sauce (3/4 cup […]