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Category Archives: Business Party

Wow Your Guests! Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Tips

Maya Kalman’s Theme Party Favorites She’s a theme party go-getter. Just read expert party planner, Maya Kalman’s ideas on the Swanky Planner and you’ll see why Manhattan’s award-winning Swank Productions puts the pep into plain. When Kalman plans theme parties, she considers how guests view each event and she aims to impress. “We never do […]

Corporate Invite-Only Parties Need Not Be Boring!

Corporate invite-only parties are a perfect way to entice other businesses to use your services at conventions or local soirees, but they don’t have to be boring! The best way you can persuade another company to use your services is to choose a party theme to jazz things up. Your employees and attendees will feel […]

Sunday Afternoon, Donald Trump Theme Party Ideas

Celebrate the Tender Moments in Life. Host a Donald Trump Party. “You’re fired!” Or, rather your party is “fired up” with the Donald. Cook up a cocktail or graduation theme that will have your friends buzzing. There are so many possibilities for a Donald Trump party that we can hardly contain ourselves:   The GoBama […]

Decorate Your Hotel for Spring Break

Stellar Spring Break Hotel Parties The snowbirds, families, and college kids are coming! Prepare your hotel or resort with inexpensive makeovers. Top hospitality managers know that planning extraordinary lobby presentations and parties impresses guests and secures repeat income. Create A+ “word-of-mouth” advertising when guests tell their friends that your hotel is better. Spring Break Party […]

The Gold Standard Retirement Party

The greatest step in a person’s working relationship with the world is retirement. They did it the old fashioned way, “They earned it.” Make them know you understand that with a retirement party that goes for the “gold.” Start by inviting friends, family, and fellow workers with a custom invitation. A custom invitation is the […]

4th Quarter Business Party Ideas

If you are scheduling a business party in the coming months, follow a process that quickly narrows your focus to facilitate planning. First, establish the overall goal and budget. Is this a celebration of success, an opportunity to entertain clients, or essentially a team-building exercise? Once you’ve spelled out the main objectives of the event […]

Host a Silver Lining Party to Look on the Bright Side of the Economy

The economy may still be rocky and everyone’s a little nervous, to say the least, but that’s no reason to keep you from partying! Host a silver lining party to emphasize the reasons to celebrate in life—friends and family. Start your silver lining party by sending out personalized foil-bright invitations. We’ll print nine lines of […]

Beat the Market Blues with a Wall Street Party

It seems like every day the stock market is climbing or diving…or both. All the unpredictability is really stressing everyone out. Now is the perfect time for a party to fend off the anxiety. Here are our tips for hosting a fun, relaxing Wall Street Party. Welcome guests to your Wall Street party with a […]

Decorations and Supplies for a Fantastic Business Party

You won’t have to wait for the end of the year to experience the thrill this business party is sure create! We’ve gathered everything you’ll need to decorate and celebrate executive style, and to guarantee fun for everyone!  Decorating for this party can be fairly simple if this party will be held at an office, […]

Invitation Ideas for a Business Party Blast

After selecting this theme for your party, choose a slogan to use in your invitations, and to use in tying in decorations and personalized favors to your business theme.  Try one of the following if you don’t have one in mind: • “Rock Out After You Clock Out!” • “Shout Out ‘Cause Work is Out!” • “Business Bash!” […]