How to Decorate A Cupcake Theme Birthday Party


First, let’s watch Shindigz Party Planning Pro Wendy and Mary as they show us how easy it is to transform your kitchen into a Cupcakery!

There were a lot of sweet ideas in that quick video!

Start with a Cupcakery that you’ve personalized at Shindigz website.

Cupcakery Bakery Prop
Cupcakery Bakery Prop

Add a cupcake backdrop and a couple giant cupcake standees to complete the transformation.

Of course you need to send out the personalized cupcake invitations and how about adding a sweet personalized lollipop to each one!

Be sure to include a personalized cupcake banner to welcome your little bakers to the Cupcake party.

As your young Cupcake party guests arrive, have them decorate their own cupcakes and be sure to include a bakers hat and adorn it with a pink tiara!

Cupcake themed personalized water bottles!
Cupcake themed personalized water bottles!

A few more ideas that Wendy and Mary mentioned include the Personalized Cupcake Themed Water Bottles, that you can decorate with these straws and ribbon from Shindigz.    Cupcake wrappers can also be personalized to match your theme and the cupcake stands are awesome way to display and serve your sweet treats.

Personalized Cupcake wrappers and Cupcake stand from Shindigz
Personalized Cupcake wrappers and Cupcake stand from Shindigz

We’ve created a Cupcake Party Store filled with nearly everything mentioned here and in the video.  Be sure to bookmark it, save it in your favorites, add to your Pinterest party board or simply start shopping today with Shindigz!


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