Another DWTS Celebrity OUT?

Wednesday’s Shindiz Party News Blast:


If you’re a Michael J. Fox fan, you’ll be thrilled to learn he’s returning to TV on a regular basis this week. Fox, doesn’t want to call it an official comeback because he says he never really went anywhere.  Fox was diagnosed when had early symptoms in 1991.  He has starred in “Family Ties” and three “Back to the Future” movies. He worked another 10 years on “SpinCity” in 2000. The new “The Michael J. Fox Show” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. on NBC.


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is also the injured guy. “Dancing With the Stars” producers say the 57-year-old is receiving medical attention after getting hurt during his most recent performance. He has a partially torn ligament.  We’ll have to see if he’s fit to dance next week.


And I bet you’ve never given any thought about what you wear when you take a trip to the zoo, unless it’s to dress with comfortable walking shoes, right?

But now you may want to add, no animal prints to that list.  One safari park in England has banned all animal prints.  Even animal print bouncers have been hired to enforce the new dress code. Why you ask?  Apparently zookeepers have noticed that the animals were becoming puzzled when they saw guests who were dressed in animal-print fabric.

If someone wears the same pattern to the animal’s coat, they can become over friendly, afraid or aggressive.

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