Labor Day Weekend Party Ideas

Labor Day Weekend Parties

Labor Day is seen as the unofficial end to summer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have a little summer fun. Take advantage of the three day weekend to throw a summer party. Relive the summer fun by throwing a party that reflects the summer that you had.

Island Luau1f061c

If you traveled to a tropical location remember the fun by throwing a luau. Bring in the tropical feeling by giving your guests grass skirts and leis to wear. Place tropical standees around so that your guests can have their picture taken looking like they are on the beach. Take advantage of the last of the summer warmth and have your party in the backyard surrounded by tropical tiki torches.

Have your guests test their tropical skill by having a hula hoop contest. See how low your guests can go by setting up a limbo pole and fun music.

Summer Carnival

Bring the carnival feeling to your Labor-Day Party. Set up booths for your guests to compete and win prizes. Set up a competition to see which guests have the best aim. Set up a dart board to see who can get closest to the bulls eye. Or set up bottles to see how many can be knocked down with one throw of a baseball.

Serve everyone’s favorite carnival food like corn dogs, soft pretzels and hamburgers complete with lemonade to wash it all down.

Jungle SafariTheme-Parties-Safari-Theme-Party-1c

Bring out the party animal in your guests by inviting them to a safari. Give your room a jungle feel by hanging streamers from the ceiling and setting up palm trees. Scatter some mylar balloons shaped like animals for your guests to find in the jungle.

Set up a photo opportunity for your guests to stand in as Tarzan and Jane so that everyone can enjoy looking like they are swinging through the trees.

No matter what kind of party you throw for Labor Day be sure to remember the good memories you had from the summer and look forward to making more next year.


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