The Oprah Giveaway & Taco Bell Make the Party News

Hi everybody, I’m Mary Collins and this is your Shindigz News Blast.


Sometimes Oprah Winfrey just can’t help herself. Last night was one of those nights as she made a guest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and boy she did leave one audience member speechless. “You, you in the blue. You right there. You. Come up here a minute,” Winfrey told a woman in the audience. Mind you, even Kimmel had no idea what was going on, and Winfrey didn’t care. “I want to say this to you,” she told the woman. “You, you get a car!” “Are you serious?!” the woman, Britney, stammered.

Winfrey could not be stopped. “You get a car!” she shouted again as confetti cannons fired. “You get a car! You … get … a … car!” She even had keys for Britney. But Kimmel was confused, insisting that they didn’t have a car to give away. And yet, they did. Britney got to drive home in a brand new Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid, donated by Ford. Winfrey tweeted that she had a blast giving away another car. She said that she sometimes just gets a feeling and has to do a giveaway.

You too can celebrate your next big announcement “Oprah Style” with a Shindigz Confetti Cannon!

Well Taco Bell’s not giving this away but they are making new creations in the form of a waffle taco that comes in more flavors than anyone ever dreamed.

This breakfast snack will be stuffed with more than eggs try chicken and gravy.  their still being test marketed, but if thy pass the consumer taste test, you’ll see them soon.

The cast of the surprise hit Pitch Perfect will be releasing a holiday album this year.

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