Michelle Kwan, Joy Behar & Tom Cruise Headline the News Blast

Hi Everybody I’m Mary Collins and this is your Shindig News Blast.


Michelle Kwan will be back at the Olympics. She’s going back as a television analyst. Kwan has been hired by Fox Sports to cover a variety of sports for the upcoming Winter Olympics. You might remember it was just two weeks ago speed skater Apollo Ono announced he too would be covering the Olympics in front of a camera this year.

It’s all about Joy Behar this week on the View. After 16 years original co-host Joy Behar bids the show farewell, but not until she takes a stroll down memory lane. It’s rumored Hota Kotb from the 4th hour of the Today show is her replacement.

And here’s a question to get you thinking…What were you doing 30 years ago? Chances are you were watching Tom Cruise. That’s because it was this week back in 1983 that Risky Business hit the theater.

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