Soar to Party Greatness With an Aviator Birthday

Do you have a birthday boy who wants to grow up to be a pilot or a birthday girl who wants a high-flying, birthday party?

Plane Party verses a Plain Party

With the arrival of Disney’s Planes, your aviator may very well be in the clouds this summer.  Start your party with an airplane invitation that boasts of high-flying fun.  Add a banner or yard sign so that your guests will know where the party has landed.

Once your guests arrive, it’s time for the party to really take off.  You can hang gliders from the ceilings and walls.  Not only will these make great decorations; they can be used in a flight competition and they make great favors for your guests to take home with them.

Even the cake can get in on the high flying fun.  Decorate the cake from an airplane cake pan with your aviator’s favorite, frosting colors.  Complete the look with airplane-themed cake decorations.

Aviation Activities

What could be more fun than having your picture taken in an airplane prop?  Complete the photo setting with some aviator sunglasses and a pilot’s hat.  Who wouldn’t want a picture of themselves as a pilot?

Pilots have to practice their flight skills, so offer a flight contest.  Invite older children to make their own paper airplanes or pre-assemble gliders and let young children color their own.  Line up them up and at the count of three, send planes soaring through your yard.  The plane that travels the farthest wins.

Take a couple hours with the kids to watch Planes in the theater, or when it’s available, pop popcorn and view the movie at home.

Thanks for Flying

Award guests goody bags filled with airplane party supplies.  It’s just another way to make your party soar.

For all of your little pilots or for fans of high flying party fun your aviator birthday party is cleared for take off.

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