The Tale of the 6 Legged Horse and Customer Satisfaction.

At Shindigz our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and that is reflected in all of our departments.

If we ever don’t live up to your expectations, please let us know.

Now, occasionally we miss the mark and it can produce some hilarious consequences.

We received the following email from Judy,

We just opened the package today… and were surprised by the unconventional Jointed Horse.  Please see attached picture.  Would you refund our credit card for the price of the headless / 6 legged horse?

Click on the 6 legged horse to see what he's supposed to look like!
Click on the 6 legged horse to see what he’s supposed to look like!

Of course we will refund your money Judy, with our apologies.   Looks like we need to teach someone the theme song from Mr. Ed, “A horse is a horse, of course of course…”


We also double checked our website to make sure we aren’t offering any 6 legged headless horses, and we’re not.  Take a look!

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