Beauty Queen Contest Tips for Coordinators

When you’re planning a beauty pageant then there are many details to consider.  From organizing the location, the decorations, and the paperwork to coordinating judges and the contestants, a pageant coordinator’s schedule is a busy one.  Here are some tips to make sure that small details make your pageant amazing.

Thank the Contestants

A small gift for every contestant goes a long way towards encouraging contestants to return next year.  A small gesture of thanks, such as a personalized favor in the registration information, will make your pageant stand out.  Personalized water bottle labels are also a nice touch to the water bottles used during the pageant itself.

Even small tiaras given to each contestant can remind them that they are all beautiful no matter who wins.  These can also be worn as all the girls are shown to create a unified image on stage.

Thank the Judges

You have given the judges the difficult job of deciding who wins and who loses, so they deserve a gift of appreciation, as well.  Giving a personalized gift shows each judge that you appreciate his or her hard work.  Pageant favors also serve as reminders from memories made at your pageant.

To the Victor go the Spoils

The rewards for the pageant should be as spectacular as the pageant itself.  The winner’s tiara is no exception.  It should stand out from the crowd so that the entire audience can see it sparkle.  This tiara can resemble the tiaras of the other girls but it has to stand out.  To go along with the tiara the winner needs her sash.

With the right favors and rewards for the participants and judges your pageant will be as beautiful as the women on the stage.  Your event will be able to raise money for any cause of your choosing and with the help of Shindigz it just might become an annual event.

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