Great Group Games to Play During VBS or Mission Trips

Group Games for VBS or Mission TripsVacation-Bible-School-11

As the summer heats up, it’s time to think about summer activities for kids.  Whether you’re hosting a vacation Bible school program in your neighborhood or an outreach for kids on a mission trip, group games will make this summer even more memorable.

Team Games

 We all want to encourage children to get along with other kids, so why not gear all the games for that?  You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional team games like baseball or basketball.  Any game can be a good team building game.  Instead of planning individual races for the kids, make them relay races.  With the simple addition of  relay sticks, any race can become a team effort.

Even the old favorite of tag can encourage kids to work together by making it a game of blob tag.  Each child who is tagged becomes part of the blob and has to work with the rest of the blob to expand it.  Encourage critical thinking as well as teamwork by setting up a treasure hunt with clues about what the kids have been learning.  It is always exciting to figure out clues and to find the treasure at the end of the hunt.  You can even hand out small favors or pieces of candy with each new clue to keep children interested in the hunt.

Crafts to build a group

When it comes to arts and crafts why not paint boxes to hold the child’s prizes.  Not only will this give the children places to keep their prizes it will allow them to show their artistic talents.  These same boxes can also be used for holding encouraging notes from anyone who wants to encourage a child.  Set aside some time each day for the kids to write these notes and place them in each other’s boxes.  Then at the end of each day the children can read their favorite one out loud.  Once the summer is over the kids will still have these notes as a reminder of a great summer they had.

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