Diamonds and Donuts

Hi this is Mary Collins with the Tuesday Party News Blast from Shindigz.

Talk about panic, well that’s exactly what  Kelly Clarkson was feeling last weekend when she thought  she lost her engagement ring. The 31-year-old bride-to-be hit the stage at the 2013 C.M.A. music festival on Saturday without the gorgeous canary yellow diamond, but didn’t notice it was missing until halfway through her  performance at the festival.  The American Idol winner reportedly apologized to her man from the stage after noticing she wasn’t wearing the bling. Luckily for Clarkson, she found the missing ring yesterday and took to twitter to post, “for all of the concerned fans I found my rings.”

Good news for Tim Tebow and his fans,  Tebow just got signed by the New England Patriots. He’s expected to be at minicamp today.

There’s no official word how he’ll be used. Obviously, Tom Brady doesn’t have to worry about losing his starting job. However, the Patriots did release quarterback, Mike Kafka, to make room for Tebow on the roster.

Now that school is out and warmer weather is here fairs are in full swing and all the good food that comes along with them. Take a look at what was on the menu at the San Diego County Fair. Having trouble figuring out what it is?  A Krispy Kreme sloppy joe with cheese! More than 1,000 were sold in two days at $7.95 each.

That’s the Tuesday Party News Blast from Shindigz.

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