Top Six Block Party Cocktails and Smoothies Done Right

Choose Your Beverages Carefully

More often than not, the beverages are the last thing a party planner thinks of. This year, while you and your neighbors are planning your block parties, picnics, and cookouts, take a closer look at what drinks you’re planning on serving. Soda, while as easy option, doesn’t work well with summer heat. If you have kids at the party, you’ll have to have something yummier than just plain water. So, where does that leave you? Try turning to juices, various lemonades, and maybe even some smoothies for your summer get-togethers this year!

Fun and Tasty Summer Drinks

Here’s a list of six great summer drinks to get you started on planning beverages for your next summer party.  With some of these, the key is how youparasol picks present them—serving them in the proper glasses, placing little parasols in the drinks, and so on. These will definitely be the hit at your next party!

  1. Strawberry Lemonade: A timeless classic, not everyone thinks about lemonade or even flavored lemonade during the summer. You could also prepare the strawberry lemonade and then place it in the freezer so that it’s more of a slushy by the time you serve it to your guests!
  2. Cherry Limeade: Another classic, this is one better served over ice than frozen. Include a long stirrer with each glass so your guests can stir their drinks if the flavors start to separate.
  3. Strawberry Banana smoothie: If you’re planning a day-long event, plan to make smoothies for everyone at some point during the day. This way, you can remove the food, refrigerate items that need to stay cool, and bring new food out later. A smoothie is a great way to keep hunger at bay—a great snack for adults and kids.
  4. Crystal punch bowlMango Orange Pineapple smoothie: You could either make a second smoothie option or simply prepare a punch bowl full of orange juice mixed with pineapple juice with some mango juice added and serve it with a ladle.
  5. Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea): A summertime classic that more and more people are beginning to appreciate. Named after the professional golfer who enjoyed the beverage, an Arnold Palmer is made up of lemonade and iced tea—half a glass of each.
  6. Slushies: This takes a bit more preparation. Fill flat serving trays with cranberry juice, limeade, and orange juice and place them in the freezer. After they’ve frozen, scoop them into small clear cups, layer by layer. The clear cups are key—the kids at the party will be able to see that the layers are separated and they can either mix them or have fun eating the punch with a spoon.

These six summer drinks could make up your beverage menu at your next summer party—you’ve got the lemonade, limeade, and Arnold Palmer to go with good food and good conversation, the smoothies as snacks, and the slushies as dessert! Get creative with your mixology and find other juice combinations and smoothie mixes that fit your party.

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