Host a 4th of July Party- Seven Firecracker Ideas for the Neighborhood

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When you begin planning this year’s 4th of July block party, start by doing some research—look at pictures from last year, chat with your friends, try to figure out just what you could do better this time. You could even see if your neighbors want to team up and host the block party together. By putting a few heads together, you may be able to come up with some ideas to plan the best block party ever!

As your neighbors and you begin the task of making this year’s 4th of July block party bigger and better than last year’s, try splitting up the workload. For example, if you and your neighbors are a team of three: put one person in charge of planning the food, one person in charge of decorations, and one person in charge of activities (whether just for the kids or for everyone at the party).

Fourth of July Party Ideas

There are a few great ideas that can quickly and easily help you and your neighbors plan the block party of the year. Here are seven suggestions to get started:

  1. Why not take care of two things at once? When you’re planning the activities for the block party, plan a cook-off! Whether it’s chili, burgers, or whatever else you can think of—this way, you’ll not only have a great activity planned to kick off your block party, but you’ll have quite a bit of food planned.
  2. Don’t forget all the supplies you’ll need when organizing the food—trays, tongs, spoons… To make your block party planning easier from year to year, buy these catering supplies in bulk (that way, neighbors won’t be mad if you lose their property, either).
  3. Depending on how large your block party is, you’ll want to place a few signs around the area—most likely in the yards at either end of the street (and on both sides of the street) so the partygoers have a good idea of how far the party goes on.
  4. When you’re planning the decorations, don’t go overboard! If your party has access to a few front porches to relax on, hang red, white, and blue bunting from the porch rails. This will aid the guests in determining what areas they are allowed in.
  5. When you’re planning activities, make sure they are kid-friendly! If you plan a cook-off, let the kids be the judges. Many potential activities are very kid-friendly, such as a fun block party parade or chalk art.
  6. USA cakeMake sure to create a few photo ops for your guests! Use a USA cake prop for families to gather around or a Lady Liberty and Uncle Sam couple stand-in to snap pictures with.
  7. Aside from the cook-off, why not try festival-themed treats? Popcorn, pretzels, cotton candy, you could ever serve root beer floats in old-fashioned soda shop glasses!

By planning the event with your neighbors, you’ll be able to pull off a well-organized and perfectly planned 4th of July block party for everyone to enjoy! Use these ideas as a starting point—if you start now, you’ll be able to plan the best block this year.

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  • Hooray for 4th of July parties (and no burn ban this year so we can have fireworks!)

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