Shindigz Party News Blast for Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hi everybody, I’m Mary Collins and this is your Shindigz Party News Blast…

We love parties, great pictures of parties and stories about parties…so we want you to share your pictures and stories with us!!!
And today we’ve got one for you!
Meet Jake Davidson. Tonight, yes on a Thursday is his senior prom and he wanted to go in great style, so back in March he sent a you tube video invitation to supermodel Kate Upton, asking her to his California prom. Kate kindly responded and said she’d check her calendar, but she was booked for tonight.

What did Jake Davidson do? He moved on to Choice B, supermodel Nina Agdal, who can be seen regularly on covers of Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret covers to name a few.
The couple will be on Inside Edition tomorrow night, May 24th to talk all about it.
In other blasts….
Paris Hilton is signing again. She just signed a deal to release an album of house music this summer.
And a lot of baby bumps in Hollywood right now…including 46 year old Halle Berry who’s pregnant with her second child and due this fall.

Be with us tomorrow, we’re talking movies…
I’m Mary Collins with Shindigz, have a great day!

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