Shindigz Party News Blast for May 20, 2013

Mary Collins gives us the highlights from the weekend including news from Billboard Music Awards, Prom Season, Star Trek Into Darkness at the box office and the $900 Million Dollar Powerball drawing:

Did you watch the Billboard Music Awards? If you missed it here are the highlights:

J-Lo sizzled in red.

Taylor scored 8,

Prince performed,

Beiber and Selena shared a kiss back stage,

and Madonna… What was she or better yet what wasn’t she wearing? After the show, which was in Vegas this year, there were the amazing after parties, and some are still going strong.

Speaking of parties… you likely saw teens all decked out for the prom over the weekend. It’s the time of year when corsages and limos are everywhere. Did you know the average couple spends over eleven hundred dollars on the event making prom big business? Also in full swing, college graduations, congratulations from Shindigz to all of our graduates.

At the movies this weekend it was Star Trek Into Darkness that blasted to the top of the box office charts. Tickets sales rose well above 70 million.

Speaking of money, we have a winner, although we don’t know who yet, one winning ticket was sold in Florida for the record $590 million dollar Powerball Jackpot.


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