New Themes for Vacation Bible School

A summer staple for many American children is attending Vacation Bible School (VBS). VBS usually involves music, crafts, games, snacks, Bible stories and an exciting theme that keeps children coming back each day for more! Some churches literally transform their sanctuaries and hallways into great representations of their VBS theme. New themes for Vacation Bible School are fun for all ages.

Athens Holy Land13szksathn

Create a “Journey to Athens” VBS in your church! Athens was loaded with beauty and mystery, and will make for an exciting VBS theme. Get kids and parents excited about the week of Bible School by sending out invitations. When they arrive, they will be mesmerized by the Greek archways and directional signs. Play some Greek music as people arrive and between activities. On the final day of VBS, send kids home with a treat that will remind them on the Athens theme, like a lollipop or candy jar.

Hay Day Farm

Christians believe that God cares about all living creatures, even farm animals! Have your VBS kids spend a week at Hay Day Farm where they can learn about how God loves even the cows and pigs. On the final day of VBS, this theme is a real blast if you conclude with a Barnyard Bash. Have snacks and music, and even photo opportunities for VBS kids and their parents.

Kingdom Rock Medieval Castle

The Bible says Christians are to put on the Armor of God, so a Medieval Castle theme is perfect for VBS! For the skits you will create, make sure the background is that of a castle with door and window props. On one of the first days of VBS, have kids make their own shields in the arts & crafts portion of the day. Hang the shields up in the hallways for a personalized decoration that kids and parents will love to look at, especially against a cobblestone background. The more you can personalize the better. So make sure signs and banners are made specifically for your Kingdom Rock Medieval Castle VBS.

13szksrudsWestern Roundup

Even the cowboys of the Wild West read their Bibles. Turn your church into a place for cowboys and cowgirls with a Western Roundup VBS theme. Go all out with your decorations like the Western Ranch kit, which includes a stable, fence, and cornstalks. Bring in some real bales of hay to make things seem more realistic.  Use Western Roundup Directional Signs to help kids find their way around the church! A Western Roundup theme is one of the easiest and most exciting themes to have for VBS. Go all out with your decorations and costumes.

VBS themes should make kids feel like they’re someplace special. Even a holy place, like a church, can become something totally different for the week of Vacation Bible School. Take advantage of some of these great themes and get started on your exciting plans for this summer’s VBS!

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