Trek to the Stars for Graduation

The beauty of a stars theme for a graduation party is that there are so many directions you can take it. Trekkers, divas, science majors, and recruits headed for basic training are just a few of the young people’s current or upcoming roles for which a stars party might very well constitute a cosmic fit.

Set a slogan based on aiming high, reaching for the stars, or getting ready to explore new worlds. Then, go shopping for decorations and personalized products for a star bash to remember.

The Stars Store and Graduation Store make the best start, but you may also want to visit Hollywood, Patriotic or City categories, too, depending on the specific theme and slogan.

Backgrounds for star parties are generally blue, black or purple with star designs in white, gold or silver. Poly vinyl rolls, flat paper, corrugated paper, backdrop illustrations and gossamer all include star patterns so you’ve no shortage of materials in setting the stage.

Cover large areas with background materials but keep them in mind for coordinated “accessory” decorations, too. For example, you can cover a plain cardboard box in flat paper to create a greeting card box (and check out these DIY ideas for lollipop displays).

Perhaps you have caught on from previous posts that we are fans of gossamer decorating fabric. :0) We feel the bias is well placed as it is ideal for so many applications. In this case, we particularly like gossamer for outdoor venues. Choose gossamer for draping the underside of a gazebo, wrapping around picnic shelter columns or tent legs, or otherwise classing up a canopy, deck or garage.

Emphasize ceilings to encourage attendees to look up – perfect for this party theme, right? There will never be a better time for covering ceilings and/or dangling lots of hanging decorations.

For an evening party or open house, pair Glow Star gossamer with a galaxy of clear Stars Around balloons and add a black light or two for best effect.

Next, it’s time to start personalizing! Plant a likeness of the grad among the stars backdrop and effects as a surprise conversation piece. You have plenty of options in this area, too: Life Size grad standees, photo canvases and giant greeting cards are just a few ways to spotlight the guest of honor.

Do you have a telescope? Use it as a prop. Situate a Big Head standee with the telescope in front of your stars backdrop for a display that will have everyone in stitches.

With colors, slogan and major props settled, you can continue selecting supplies that will coordinate with the overall look and coordinate or match each other. Our “Twinkle Stars,” “Glitter Stars,” and “Under the Stars,” among others, are recurring throughout our product line so you can find invitations, banners and favors – even bottle labels! – in an identical design. Everyone will appreciate your attention to detail.

Are you ready to reach for the Stars party supplies for your star grad? So are we. Start exploring today!

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