Scrabble Spells Out New Theme Party Fun

It’s Time for Game Night!

With the Scrabble and word game craze sweeping the nation, why not throw a game night party featuring Scrabble? Honor the original word game by not only centering your game night around it, but also by basing your decorations on it! You can come up with all kinds of fun games with your Scrabble decorations, but first you’ll need to figure out what decorations you’ll want to use.

Before the day of your party, take a survey of your guests to see what the favorite board games are. That way, you’ll be able to have all the favorite games on hand for your guests to play. You could even organize a small competition if your guests are up for it. You can create different game stations and use the first letter of the name of each game as a way of numbering your game stations by posting the letter on each respective table.

Spell Out Your Plans for a Scrabble Party

You’ll want to get a personalized banner so your guests know where your party scrabble cutout setis. Hang giant letters or a giant Scrabble cutout set around the party room–you could even spell out high-scoring words on the walls. You can also use the giant letter standees to spell out fun messages for your guests. You could use the letters to remind them “No cheating” or “Play fair” or make other funny messages throughout the game room. You could also place them in your front yard, spelling out “Game Night” or “Welcome!” There are many more ways to use giant letter standees. Creativity is key!

The best way to create a game night competition is to make a few stations with a specific game for each round. For example, round one can have all the stations with one game, round two will take the winners from round one and will be a second game, and round three, the championship round, could be the Scrabble competition. Make it so each station has no fewer than four people so that the games move at a quick pace and your guests can make it through all the rounds to see the winner.

Because game nights usually involve snacks, set out bowls full of pretzels and potato chips and other salty snacks. Then, to counteract the salty, bring out personalized lollipops and candy bars for your guests to snack on. Don’t forget to stock up on plastic cups so everyone can wash the salty and sweet snacks down with a refreshing beverage!

Don’t Forget the Goody Bags!

As with every great party, you can’t forget the game night goody bag! Put together fun take-home bags for your guests that include a few more lollipops Game Night Favor Boxand candy bars to start. Add some stickers and keychains to help your guests remember how much fun they had at your party. Also, if you’re looking for a good present for those who win your game night competition, you could have a few travel mugs on hand to use as prizes.

These are just a few ways to make a memorable game nigh for your friends. You can also check out Clue, Candy Land, and Monopoly for a few other great game night ideas!

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