Prom’s Great and Powerful Oz Theme

“We’re Off to See the Wizard…”

With the wonderful wizard of Oz getting a more modern makeover, maybe it’s time to let your high school juniors and seniors get a “makeover” for prom! Transport them to the magical city of Oz, complete with the yellow brick road, fun characters, and the Emerald City!

“Follow the Yellow Brick Road…”

The best way to start your decorating quest is by watching a bit of the movie for ideas! Oz: The Great and Powerful is sure to be very different from the classic Wizard of Oz, so you’ll want to make sure your prom theme is up-to-date! Follow the outline of the movie like Dorothy follows the yellow brick road (in the original) and create a beautiful world for your guests to get lost in.

Start by checking out a variety of Wizard of Oz decorations. If you go with a yellow brick road walkwaydecorating kit as your starting point, you’ll be able to add details a bit easier than if you’d started from scratch. If there’s a space between the entrance of your venue and the entrance of the actual prom, use a yellow brick road walkway to lead your guests to the gates of the Emerald City and into their beautiful Oz-themed prom.

In one corner, create a scene with the famous hot air balloon—it’ll be a great photo op for your guests and it ties both the old film and the new movie together.  In another area, create a small “field” of giant Giant Poppy Standeepoppies on a bright red wall background. Prom guests will be able to gather together in groups and re-create scenes from the original movie as another great way to remember the night. You could also make other great photo ops with balloon apple trees and a few flying monkey standees.

Let your guests take pictures with the greats! The great Oz, Glinda, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Theodora can all make appearances at your prom by way of lifelike standees! Hide the Wicked Witch among the poppies and see if you can surprise your guests; pose the great Oz by his hot air balloon so students can take pictures with him; place good and evil side-by-side with Glinda and the Wicked Witch. The possibilities are endless with fun cardboard standees. You can even place Dorothy and her fun band of misfits in the poppy field or near the apples for another great photo op!

What Will You Get from the Wizard?

Favors are a huge part of every prom. In addition to the awesome photo ops, you’ll want to make sure your prom guests have other ways to remember their trip to Oz. Create gift bags with lollipops, candy bars, mints, and beads for your guests to take home and enjoy. Add a themed Oz frame for your students to use to display their trip.

By using one of the most anticipated movies of the year for your prom theme, you’ll be able to not only create a prom that will intrigue students but also take parents back to when they first saw the original movie. Help create that connection between students and parents during a time in life when those connections rarely occur.

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