Send Your Class to Paris for Prom

Prom time is drawing oh-so-close; in fact, it’s probably a little too close for comfort for everyone who is trying to manage logistics and a budget, not to mention the excitement of a student body planning committee. Well, they will literally be saying “oo-la-la!” to a Parisian prom once they hear this:

Imagine strolling through a black and white promenade, with pink and gold lights subtly illuminating the way. The evening will be dark and glamorous once the walls are covered in black poly-vinyl to create the illusion of the deep depth of night.

Create a stunning optical illusion by transforming the school gymnasion, conference hall, or rental location from drab to the FABulous Arc de Triomphe of Paris. The Arc de Triomphe is a monument celebrating French military victories and in Paris, is at the Western End of the


Champs-ÉlyséesDuring the daytime, the Arc look like this:

However, at nightime, the Arc is transformed into a dramatic promenade. Use the beautiful Arc de Triomphe background to cover the wall directly across from the entrance area for your prom venue.

Arc de Triomphe Background

Decorate the entrance walkway like the roadway on the Champs-Elysees leading up to the Arc de Triomphe. Use gorgeous strings of lights along the pathway, or wrap them around several well placed black columns along with sheer gossamer. Keep them along the path without being pushy by including some Paris luminaries to create a gentle flickering glow. The illusion of candlelight will help set the mood for a faux-getaway and a truly remarkable evening to remember. Just be careful–the optical trick you’re playing means you’ll have to watch to make sure no one tries to walk up up to the Arc de Triomphe!

Be sure to keep with the theme when you crown the Prom Queen and King. Elegant and dainty Kourtney Peal Tiaras are reminiscent of French royalty. Kings will look equally regal in a metallic black with silver or gold trim crown. Choose royalty sashes to match the exact colors of your Paris prom. Photograph the royalty (along with prom-goers) in front of the Arc de Triomphe or a masterfully placed Eifel tower for the ultimate photo op. Wrap yards of floral sheeting around the base of the impressive Eifel tower to help create the look of Paris in the springtime.

Before everyont leaves for the after party, don’t let them forget to get their customizable favors to forever commemorate the beautiful evening in Paris.These can range from simple candy jars white black gossamer or tulle trim, filled with white candies for an elegant Paris appeal, or mint tins with the Arc or Eifel tower to match your exact prom theme!

Finally, don’t forget to stamp their Passport to Paris as an ultimate reminder of their evening, and as encouragement for the outgoing juniors and seniors to keep spreading their wings.

Silver Lights of Paris Decorating Kit

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