Basketball, Bunnies and Little Green Men – Reasons to Party in March

Put away the hearts and lace. Take down the colorful beads. February is out, March is here, and you should be very, very excited about all the opportunities to party! There’s basketball, bunnies, and little green men all waiting to be celebrated in March. Grab your calendar and start planning. There are so many reasons to party in March!

Basketball Blowout

If this season of college basketball so far is any indication of what March will be like, it’s going to be even crazier than the usual 12szdngbkb“madness.” While the official national tournament starts on March 19, there are conference tournaments to watch before that. Your options for a date for your basketball-themed party in March are many!

The most important part of your party is clearly going to be the television. If you don’t have a large screen, hook up a projector and shine the games on a blank wall. Your guests are there to watch the games, make sure they will be able to see it!

Besides the viewing of the game, the other important aspect of your party is the food. Remember that big football party you threw at the beginning of February? Think of what people ate up the quickest. Finger foods are best like chicken strips, chip and dips, cupcakes, nachos, and other foods people can eat without utensils. If most of your guests will be cheering for the same team, purchase some tableware in your team colors, or if you have a mixed crowd of fans of different teams, stick to some neutral basketball themed tableware.

Think of what will make your basketball party stand out from all the rest. If it’s not the game itself, if it’s not the food, it could be the decorations! Take your party to the next level by transforming your guests into a world of basketball! Decorate the ceiling with dangling basketball decorations, or get out all of your team memorabilia and put it around the room and on the spread with all the food. Just make sure none of the decorations block the most important view in the house- the television!

Easter Entertainment

Whether your children’s Sunday School class is coming over or your entire extended family, preparing for an Easter Party is a lot of fun! Easter Sunday comes early this year on March 31.

12szk2dnetwIf your party is predominately for children, go with a bunny and egg theme. You can purchase an entire Easter kit that will save you the headache of having to pick up all the different items you’ll need like plates, napkins, cups, decorations and more. It even comes with a personalized banner! Decorate the place with lots and lots of eggs. Hang some from the ceiling, put them on the walls, and of course, hide a bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy for the children to find!

An adult crowd, or a mix of ages, can still enjoy an elegant Easter party with the right decorations and tableware. Since you’ll clearly be too busy looking for eggs after snacks and/or dinner, you won’t want to be stuck doing the dishes. Get some tasteful paper plates, napkins and cups that can be easily cleaned up after eating. An older crowd might also better appreciate some religious-themed decorations and tableware. For decorations, hang some colorful tissue balls from the ceiling in colors that match your tableware. If it’s family you’ve got coming over, pull out some old photographs from Easters years ago. Use them in frames as centerpieces on the table, or just spread them around the center of the table.

St. Patty’s Celebration

March 17 is not only one of the biggest party nights of the month, but the year as well! St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party.

Make your party stand out right off the bat with a personalized banner. It could be the “Smith Family St. Patrick’s Day Party” or 11szfvrspd“Carrie’s St. Patty’s Day Bash!” Your party guests will know that this party is different the moment they see your personalized welcome banner. Hang some decorations from the ceiling, walls and tables, and make sure that everyone is seeing green! While it should be obvious, make sure your party guests know they have to wear green to attend. Warn them that if they don’t, they will probably get pinched!

Don’t forget green tableware for your party. You’ll need festive plates for all your St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes and finger foods, as well as good cups for the green drinks you plan to serve!  And don’t send your guests home empty-handed. Great favors are ones they can use when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around next year, or ones that specifically commemorate your party like a personalized chocolate lollipop.

There’s no excuse not to throw a party in March. Between basketball, Easter and St. Patrick’s day, you should be partying the entire month!

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