Personalize Your Cocktail Party

Ladies, grab your little black dresses! Gentlemen, get out your suit jackets! With spring just around the corner, it’s prime time to throw a cocktail party. Don’t just throw an average cocktail party, though, make it personal. Personalize your cocktail party and your friends will think you’re the party planner of the year!

This isn’t a keg party at a frat house. Cocktail parties are elegant, classy, and they are full of sophistication. Your invitations should give off that same vibe and sent at least a few weeks in advance. Invitations should be tasteful and reflect the atmosphere of the party. Something in a neutral color with a little bling would be nice, or even an invitation with a martini on it. Afterall, it is a cocktail party!

Make sure you’ve either stocked the bar with spirits or have requested that your guests bring a bottle. Once you’ve decided on your spirits, you need to decide what your mixers will be. Have at least four or five options for your party guests. Consider a regular cola, diet cola, a lemon lime soda, and ginger ale or tonic. Sometimes soda bottles can look tacky next to the fun and attractive liquor bottles, so make the soda bottles your own with a personalized label! If not everyone is into true cocktails, you’ll probably also want to have wine and beer available. Personalize those labels as well, and your friends will really think you’ve outdone yourself!

Cocktail party guests probably won’t be expecting any sort of meal, but it’s always a good idea to have some finger foods for guests to munch on throughout the party. Make sure to have plenty of napkins for your guests (personalized napkins, of course). Spilled drinks and messy fingers don’t go well with nice dresses and suit coats.

Take your cocktail party from great to fabulous with personalized decorations. Get a personalized banner made that matches your invitations, that way when guests arrive, it all comes together. They’ll recognize the same design. You’ll want your entire party to seem like it all came from the same kit, otherwise it will look like it was thrown together at the last minute.10SZKSCOSM

Since cocktail parties are elegant, you don’t want to overdo it on the decorations. Something like a giant cocktail standee would be cute, with something fancy hanging from the ceiling. If most of your guests will be sipping on martinis all evening, stand up some giant martini standees. 

Imagine this- your party was a success. Your friends found the cocktail party unlike any they had ever been to because it was personalized and catered to them. From the labels on the bottles, to the banners and the napkins, every inch of the cocktail party was planned with perfection. Just when they think things couldn’t be any better, you send your guests home with a personalized favor. Maybe it’s some sort of martini glass with your name on it and the date of the party. It could read, “The Johnson’s Annual Cocktail Party 4-20-13,” and that way every time they drink from the glass, they are reminded of the blast they had at your get-together.

Other great personalized favor ideas include key tags, magnets, coasters, and more! Favors are a way of saying, “Thank you for coming,” and just another way to make sure your cocktail party is unforgettable.

Anyone can have a few friends over for drinks, but personalize your cocktail party and you’ll have the hottest event on the block!

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