Set the Stage with a Personalized Hollywood Dance

Last year, for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, the event planning was a major exercise in project management, as the theater that the awards were held in seated 3300 people and the after party alone required hiring 900 employees. Without a doubt, this year’s Academy Awards (being held in just a few days!) will be just as gala an event. In that vein, I’ve been thinking of ways that you can make your next big party as ostentatious as the Oscars, while maintaining a more Main Street budget.  Start with an eye toward personalizing your party.

Hollywood Stars

Remininscent of old Hollywood and Academy Awards glamour combined, invite your guests to your next red-carpet event in style. Match your invitations with a grand entrance on Hollywood Sidewalk Stars in front of the red carpet and paparazzi. Don’t forget to have your guests photos taken on the way in to the big event, just like the real Hollywood celebs, in front of your official, Red Carpet Photo Op Personalized Standee. A Plastic Red Rope Railing Scene Setter will also help with this look. Your guests will feel like they were at the Oscars!

While the “paparazzi” are snapping their photos, welcome guests with the Grammy winning sounds of Skrillex and LMFAO, or for a more classic feel, get your guests “In the Mood” with Benny Goodman!

A few other classic song ideas are:

  • Howard Keel, Anything You Can Do
  • Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Nat King Cole, Unforgettable
  • Glenn Miller, Rhapsody in Blue
  • Cole Porter, Let’s Do It.

Once you’ve got your guests coming down your red carpet, greet them with some over-the-top sparkly “bling” before they come in through the doors. After passing through beautiful glitter slip columns, make the ladies feel Hollywood G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S with some strings of pearls and diamond rings. Top hats, VIP passes, and gangster fedoras would also all make excellent wearable favors to get guests in the spirit of Hollywood to start the party.

Star style

Use decorating fabrics to disguise bleachers, or use chair covers and sashes to create a Hollywood black tie affair. It’s realy the little touches that make an event sparkle. I can remember truly magical nights in a high school gymnasium that are memorable still, because the event coordinators took the time to transform that oh-so-ordinary place into an impossible fantasy evening.

Personalized playing cards at each table give guests something else to do when taking a break from the dancing and fabulous entertainment. Seated around this star centerpiece (continuing the theme from outside!)under beautiful movie lights, you will create a night to remember of your own in true Hollywood style.

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