Dora the Explorer and Diego Want to Attend YOUR Birthday Party

It’s possible that no one could bring more excitement and fun to a birthday party than Dora the Explorer and Diego. Since the year 2000, Dora, her backpack and best friend Boots have gone on countless adventures teaching us Spanish along the way in the television show Dora the Explorer. Five years later, Dora’s cousin Diego won our hearts over in Go, Diego, Go!

The exciting news is, Dora the Explorer and Diego want to attend your birthday party! How will you get them there? Through decorations, games, shows and favors of course!


While Dora and Diego can’t jump out of the television to attend birthday parties, they can be found in some awesome party decorations. A must-have for any birthday party is a personalized banner. The Explorer Friend Banner can be personalized and also wishes the birthday girl or boy “Feliz Cumpleanos!” Be sure and create a complete fiesta atmosphere by surrounding the banner with colorful streamers.

While the party should have balloons all over, you’ll want at least one balloon in the shape of one of your favorite guests- Dora! Let the giant balloon float all over the party and it will feel like Dora is actually there! Don’t forget the rest of the gang- Dora the Explorer Happy Birthday Scene Setters will have Dora and the gang on the wall for the entire party.

One of the most important decorations at a birthday party are the ones that are on the cake. The Dora and Diego Safari Cake Decorating Set makes it easy to create a professional-looking birthday cake. The kit includes Dora in a car, Diego in an SUV, one bridge, and three smiling trees. Serve cake and other treats on colorful tableware to match your other decorations. Consider putting some Dora stickers on the cups or get some Dora Stadium Cups for party guests. They also work as a great favor!

Some of the best decorations are those that party guests can wear. Get everyone into the fiesta by passing out colorful beads for people to wear, or even paper glasses, poly leis and bracelets.


Don’t pin the tail on the donkey- pin the watch on Dora! This Dora Party Game has guests try to pin Dora’s watch on her wrist on the game board. Simply blindfold the contestant, and let them take a turn.

12szgamdorNo birthday fiesta is complete without a piñata! The Nick Jr. Dora Explorer Piñata is a rainbow of colors and features Dora and Boots. Fill the piñata with your favorite candy and see who can break it open! It also serves as a great decoration until it’s time to play!

Dora and Diego love to go on adventures, so it’s a great idea to send your party guests on some sort of adventure as well. Have kids at the party bring a backpack with them to the party. Dora always has her backpack with her to help find what she’s looking for. Put kids into groups and have them go on a scavenger hunt, collecting things and putting them in their backpacks as they go along.


One true way to get Dora and Diego at the party is to play episodes of their shows during the birthday party. Play an episode as people arrive, while guests are eating cake, or while the kids wait to be picked up. DVR episodes ahead of time or purchase some of your favorite episodes online.


No one wants to go home empty handed. Fill Dora Loot Bags with candy and other goodies for party guests to take home.

Dora and Diego clearly make any party a good time. Do all you can to incorporate the two into your birthday fiesta!


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