Happy Birthday Monopoly – Vintage Game Nights Surge Back!

12SZKC1915The stores are lined with video games. They’re also filled with the newest card and board games on the market.

But never fear! The classics are still there! Monopoly, Candy Land, Twister… some games stand the test of time and aren’t going away anytime soon. Vintage Game Nights are surging back with not only fun game play, but with exciting and colorful decorations as well.

The first Monopoly game was sold in 1935, and since then, more than six billion green houses and red hotels have been made for the famous game. More than 275 million games have been sold, and it’s available in 111 countries in 43 languages. Needless to say, Monopoly has made its mark on the entire world!

Monopoly has become more than just a game for some. It’s actually become a theme for proms and parties! Can you imagine having friends and family over for a vintage game night and literally transforming them into a Monopoly world? The Monopoly Game Night Kit has oodles of giant Monopoly game pieces, a giant board to hang, and even an arch of Monopoly money.

12SZKC1891Perhaps making an even bigger splash on the party scene is the board game Candy Land, which has been around since 1949. We’ve  seen the game box and board change with the times, but the sweetness of it all has stayed the same. A vintage game night turned into a literal Candy Land has the potential to be unforgettable! The Candy Land Kit makes it easy for decorating. With giant lollipops, a Candy Land Game arch, lots of hot pink and purple, this kit is perfect for any event that needs to be made sweeter- whether a vintage game night or a high school dance.

Vintage game events don’t have to mean purchasing lots of board games, there are other popular games that can be played with things you can find for great prices online. Games like jacks, checkers, pick-up sticks and even jump rope are affordable vintage games that would make for a great school party for elementary kids. Set up stations around the gym for each of the games and consider maybe having a tournament of some sort. Use the event to teach kids about another time- a time when video games weren’t in everyone’s household.

Whether a vintage game night in your home or a party at school, you’ll want to keep the themes rolling in every aspect of the event. If your focus is on Monopoly, you might want to stick to the primary colors. Get plates, cups and napkins in red or blue, or a combination of the two. If you’re more focused on Candy Land, go for the pink. If your vintage game event covers a wide range of games, purchase a rainbow of colors for your tableware.

While they’ve never really gone away, it’s clear that vintage games are making a huge comeback in the forms of game nights and parties. Go all out and make sure your event has that extra something that makes guests remember it for years to come.

Happy Birthday Monopoly! You are one of many Hasbro games that continue to sweep the nation and give us yet another reason to party!

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