2013 Survivor Party Challenges and Games for After-Prom Adventures

africa_archHost a Survivor Party featuring games and challenges modeled after your favorite moments on the hit CBS series. Though the latest Survivor season is over, there’s still fun you can have playing at home. Survivor also makes an awesome theme for an after-prom party! For a prom theme such as a luau, tropical prom, or safari prom, a Survivor after-prom makes a natural and fun party for students to get active and stay safe.

Hand out poker chips or other favors representing luxury items or votes at tribal council. The tokens can be saved or used throughout your Survivor challenges, emulating the competitive mood of the show, but within a more constrained situation.

Relay races are a huge part of the Survivor challenges. Create a relay race making use of themed props and your venue space. For example, for a Survivor party in your gym or yard, have the first leg challenge contestants run a three-legged race. For the next leg, you can create an obstacle course, and the final leg can be a sprint or other challenge. Keep the components of the race appropriate to the age of your guests. Remember relay sticks for keeping the game organized.

inflatable spider ring tossGuests can earn more chips or tokens in a gross-out eating contest. Stock up on gummy worms, dirt pudding, boiled carrots (fingers), or halved grapes (fish eyes) to create a contest like the infamous Survivor challenge. The contestant who can stomach the most within 90 seconds wins!

Use Survivor themed favors such as mint tins with a jungle logo, canteens, pith helmets, bandanas, or other prizes to create an incentive for a Survivor trivia scavenger mission. Use sidewalk stars to label your clues and hide them throughout your party space. You can use cones, ropes, or natural obstacles to create a difficult journey for your contestants. Ahead of the challenge pass out an answer sheet with certain spots highlighted. On the stars write a trivia question. When they find the answer and write out the answer, the highlighted letter will be part of a final keyword they’ll have to unscramble to win the grand prize. For example, on the star you might write “Who won the first season of Survivor” Their answer would be R I C H A R D H A T C H. If the H in Richard was highlighted that letter would contribute to the final keyword. The Survivor website is a great place to find questions.

If you’re hosting a Survivor themed after-prom party, retreat, or camp, you might be interested in this Survivor lesson plan. It features scaffolded activities to focus on different challenges and leadership skills. Get creative and adapt it for teens or adults to fit your guests.

Use our inflatable spider ring toss game as a silly, creepy challenge. Call the spider an amazonian tarantula that guests have to fend off to get to the next challenge. They have to land three rings on the spider to move on. We have plenty of other inflatable games for you to check out too!

Check out our other Survivor party Challenges for more ideas or create your own. What are your ideas?

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